My Journey As A Demigod

Tammy Neill enjoyed her life, really. Everyone knew it, she knew it. Until now. Is this real? All of it? Or is it just a never ending dream she can't get out of?

Questions. Her best friend... Who was she? Most importantly who was her? Who was I? This... Camp. It's too much to handle... Questions. Was she really a demigod?

Created by: SeaGirl

  1. I was on top of the world! Literally. I'm up on Mount Olympus now staring at the 12 Olympian gods in awe. "Well?..." asked Zeus. He was getting impatient, I thought. "I accept." I replied my hands shaking. They offered me to make me become a goddess. HOLD UP! Let's start from the beginning...
  2. Me? I'm Tammy. 13 years old, human.... Or so I thought. You see my so-called human best friend Savanna is some half cow thing from a mythical world. *cough from Savanna in the background* Erm... I mean a satyr. So anyways, she brought me to this camp for demigods? Heard of it? I THINK NOT! So I'm at the gate of the camp right about.... NOW. "Tammy! C'mon let's go! Stop writing in that journal, I hope you know you're attracting a whole lot of monsters right about now." said Savanna impatiently. I sighed. "Fine. But you try hearing that your best friend isn't human and better yet you aren't and there's danger everywhere around you since you know what you really are!" I shrieked. Savanna laughed. "Okay what's so funny about that?" I asked. She stopped. "I'm sorry but can we go to camp now?" I gave up and walked through the boundaries.
  3. As I walked, a ton of people with orange t-shirts walked around taking small glances at me as I walked by them. I tried to ignore the fact that they were using weapons that could get you killed if you took a wrong step. Like seriously, I almost got shot by an arrow if it wasn't for Savanna. "Let's go to the Big House. Chiron will be looking for you." she said.
  4. We went into the Big House and a middle aged man in a wheelchair was playing chess with a guy in a leopard printed shirt and khaki shorts. "Chiron. Tammy's here to see you" Savanna said. "Ah... Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Tammy." he said. Chiron moved his wheelchair towards me and it slowly transformed into a white stallion BEEHINDDDD. (Sorry couldn't help it XD)
  5. "Umm..." I blurted out. Real smart Tammy, I thought. The horse dude laughed. "Surprised? Yes, I am a centaur." he said. I thought for a moment. "Chiron... The guy who taught all those people, you know, in the books?" I said. He nodded. "Heroes, my child. Not people. But yes, I taught many famous demigods. Achilles, Perseus, Orion, etc. Do you believe this?" Chiron asked. "I-I guess. I mean if I am a... Demigod. I should accept the fact that I am one right?" I said. Chiron smiled. He turned to the guy in the leopard shirt. "Mr. D, can you send Katie Gardner to show Tammy around?" he asked. The guy in the leopard shirt sighed. "Chiron, if I had the energy to send a message to get a camper here I would've done it years ago..." the guy reached towards the remote on the table in front of him. "Can't reach..." he muttered. Chiron sighed. "I believe Savanna can show you?" "Oh. Yes! Of course!" Savanna shrieked as she munched on celery.
  6. -------------------- "....And this is where you do Arts and Crafts." said Savanna. I looked at the building. It was shaped like a giant cube with different mirror mosaics covering it. We took a look inside and I saw a bunch of campers with safety goggles on painting golden paint on a giant statue of a girl. "That's Demeter." said Savanna. I looked at the statue once more and walked away towards the fighting arena.
  7. I walked inside the arena, a girl wearing combat boots, camouflaged pants and a bloody red tshirt with a bandana on her head, was pulverizing some dummies. I took a step closer and as the clumsy girl I am, I knocked over a couple of shields off a shelf next to me. The girl turned around quickly, spear in her hand. "S-sorry..." I muttered. The girl raised her eyebrow. "Did you come here to fight me, punk?" she asked. "I..." I said. I stood there frightened that I might be another dummy for her to pulverize. "N-no Clarisse. She's new here, just taking a friendly tour." said Savanna. She grabbed my hand and pulled me away from the arena before Clarisse argued.
  8. After a few more tours of the other buildings, Savanna showed me my cabin. "Here. This is where you'll stay since you're still undetermined." she said. I looked at my cabin, the paint was peeled off and the caduceus on the door, was missing a snake head. "Nice place." I said. Savanna just sighed. "Sorry it's um... Not very appealing but you have tons of company?" she said. We walked inside and a balloon filled with orange paint hit Savanna and messed up her goat fur.
  9. The campers in the cabin snickered while two boys laughed. "STOLL BROTHERS!" Savanna shrieked. They laughed. "Oops. Sorry." they said. I managed a giggle. "I'll see you at dinner Tammy. Your cabin mates will tell you everything." she stormed off and left me with my cabin mates. "Hey I'm Travis, this is Connor. Were the really, REALLY hot camp leaders for the cabin." said the guy named Travis. "Oh... Um hi." I said. The other campers stared at me in silence. "Well! Um here's your spot in the place, make yourself comfy." Connor smirked. He pointed to a spot at the corner. "Welcome to the Hermes cabin. Determined or no?" he asked. "Well... Savanna said I was undetermined?" I said. Some of the campers sighed. "We get a lot of undetermined campers in this cabin, our pops is the god of travellers... Thieves, ton of other stuff." said Travis.
  10. "Oh... Cool?" I said. -DINNER BELL RINGS- The Hermes cabin started cramming through the doorway to get to the dinner pavilion. We got to our seats while Chiron and Mr. D did their speeches. "SILENCE! Now as I was- No! We are not permitted to use the spoons for sword practice Will, Ross." said Chiron, "Ahem. As I was saying... We have a new camper here, Tammy, stand up please." I stood up my hands shaking. I hate being noticed like this. "Um hi." I blurted out. There were some snickers from a table with a red banner at the side. "Oh yes. Undetermined I believe? Yes? Okay then, we will see at the campfire if the gods will show a sign of claim." he said and he sat down. Mr. D raised his goblet. "Alright you brats, time for dinner." he said.
  11. My other cabin mates started asking for food at the plates and cups/goblets. "Why are you talking to your plates?" I asked. They all laughed. "What's so funny?" I demanded. A girl with a green 'SAVE THE RAINFOREST' tshirt spoke up, "How else are we supposed to get our food?" she said. The others plates were filled with different variety of meals, pizza, spaghetti, veggie burgers, etc. "Um... I want a pizza sub from that convenience store 8 blocks from my house." I spoke to my plate. It appeared just as quick. "Root beer" I spoke to the cup, appeared again. 'I could get used to this', I thought. Everyone started going to a fire in the middle of the pavilion, weird thing is, it glowed green. Campers scraped off part of their meals and closed their eyes as if to say a silent prayer. "Boo" a familiar voice said. I jumped. "Did I scare you?" I turned around to see Savanna. "Thanks a lot." I said. She smiled. "Lets go sacrifice some food to the gods."
  12. I got up and looked at the person in front of me was doing and did the same when it was my turn. Scrape some food into the fire, check. Say a silent prayer; 'Hey um... Parent of mine?? I was erm, wondering if you would tell me who you are? Thanks' and then I left to go to my table. Savanna came up to me, "I'll see you at the campfire okay?" she said. I nodded and we went back to eat our dinner.
  13. ---------------- When we were all at the campfire, the Apollo campers grabbed their guitars and lyre's and played cheesy campfire songs. Such as, 'Hercules Saves the Day', 'Zeus Almighty' stuff like that. The campfire grew higher and grey. I was feeling uneasy, wasn't a fire supposed to be you know... Orange or yellow or something like that? Even the other campers were staring at it nervously. "O Zeus Almighty... Have you come to save the day?...." the music died down. The fire grew darker and darker, until it went out completely. The clouds started to grow darker and lighting started brewing. I looked up to see a glowing sign on top of my head. I couldn't figure what it was but everyone stared at me. "Hail Tammy Neill, daughter of......"
  14. CLIFFHANGER. Oops! I think my evil side took over. Wait till the next part! Comment and rate. Thanks! >:D

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