My Journey As A Demigod (Part 2!)

Tammy' s getting used to the fact that she's a real live demigod. But she's not sure with all these strange nightmares starting to happen. Is this normal? To other campers' thoughts. It is. Find out!

TO DAUGHTEROFAPOLLO: I'm glad you liked my cliffhanger! Btw, thanks and I like your name too! Haha. I also read a couple of your stories and they're really good! Hopefully they'll get published someday chicka. Don't stop writing!

Created by: SeaGirl
  1. "Hail Tammy Neill, daughter of.... DEMETER!" said Chiron. Everyone looked around. I raised my eyebrow. "Demeter? Goddess of harvest and cereal?" I asked. Chiron nodded. "What was the big whole scene with the clouds?!" I shrieked. I looked up and saw that it started to all fade. Chiron and a guy with elfish features locked eyes. 'What were they hiding?' I thought. "My child, sometimes that happens. There's a possibility that Demeter has convinced Zeus to do this whole... Scene" he said. I sat down slowly. "Great... New kid and their already keeping secrets about my life." I muttered under my breath. Chiron must've heard me say it since he said lights out for all of us. Everyone sighed and went to their cabins disappointed. When I was about to follow the Hermes Cabin, Chiron stopped me. "Tammy, you will be permitted to stay in the Demeter cabin from now on, Katie over here will show you." he introduced me to a girl wearing a green tank top with a white cardigan, blue jeans and yellow converse sneakers which matched her daisy necklace. "Hey, Tammy. I'm Katie, let's go to our cabin shall we?" she said.
  2. ----------------- I took a good look at my new cabin. The roof looks like it was made from just grass, there was a small garden at the side of the cabin with little flowers starting to grow. It was painted green with yellow paint for the rails and the door. "Welcome to the Demeter cabin, I'll show you your bunk." said Katie. We walked into the cabin and she pointed to a lower part of a bunk bed with neatly folded clothes and a bag of supplies. "The Hermes cabin stole them for you at the camp gift shop, as a goodbye gift." she said. I looked at the supplies. "They.... Stole from the gift shop?" I asked. Katie nodded. "Yeah god of thieves. Not a big fan of that cabin. They placed chocolate Easter bunnies on our roof." she said bitterly. "Oh" "Yeah... But once you get used to camp, you get used to the pranks." said Katie. I looked around the cabin, my other cabin mates were setting up for some sleep. "Tammy..." said Katie. I looked up, "Yeah?". "Im gonna tell you some stuff about you know... Being a demigod. C'mon, let's go outside for a minute." she said. I nodded and we went out to the front steps of the cabin.
  3. "First of all, most demigods have some kind of power that matches our godly parent. Like Demeter, I have the power to make plants and crops grow faster. You see?" Katie asked. I nodded. "Next is that outside of Camp, monsters will sense your aura and try to attack you, so its best if you keep some kind of weapon with you. Next is that you might get um... Nightmares." she said. I raised my eyebrow. Don't we all get nightmares from time to time, I thought. "Nightmares?" I asked. Katie nodded sadly, "Yeah, it's pretty normal for a demigod I guess. The more worst the situation is, the nightmares get worst."
  4. Great. Nightmares. Better yet, demigod nightmares. This place keeps getting better and better. "Oh, is that it?" I asked. She nodded and we both went into the cabin to go to bed.
  5. So, my nightmare started like this. I was in a dark cavern... Much like a throne room but less gold and more darker. A boy probably about 13 with black hair, pale skin and dark brown eyes talked nervously to a man sitting on a black throne. But the thing is, the throne was facing the opposite direction as the boy's face, I couldn't see what he looked like. "We must act now. She has arrived father." he boy said. The man on the throne laughed. "Do you think I worry about that foolish daughter of Demeter? Helpless. So helpless, the Great Prophecy must be wrong." he said. The boy hesitated. "But it hasn't been-" "SILENCE!" the man boomed. "Y-yes father." the boy said. "Send reports to Alecto. We must take control. All these years of fighting for our rights... All gone, we must act now! Now leave!" The man said. "Yes of course." And the boy left. "I'm sorry to ruin your little spying Ms. Neill. But I'm going to have to break it up. Now awake!" He shouted. I woke up screaming. Katie was shaking me trying to wake me up. "Whoa! What's wrong?" She asked. I looked at her frightened. "I..." I muttered. She nodded. I knew she understood. I mean... All demigods do right?
  6. ----------------- After breakfast, I got my camp schedule and saw that this was a free hour for me. I walked around camp and found the forges. I never paid much attention to it since I didn't really have an interest in you know, forging magical swords and weapons. I took a small peek and different swords and weapons. They all looked beautiful really, the design and everything. But deadly. "So are you?!" a voice shrieked. I turned around frightened. "What did I scare you?" a guy asked. He was that Latino guy at the Hephaestus cabin AND that guy talked to Chiron when I got claimed last night... "No. And I'm Tammy. I was just taking a look around." I said. The guy smirked. "Nice to meet ya, I'm Flaming Valdez. Leo to you." said Leo. I raised my eyebrow. "Flaming Valdez?" I asked. "Yeah?" He said. Leo laughed. "Okay, what's so funny? Every time I meet someone they laugh and it's just so frustrating!" I blurted out. "Whoa! Chill hot stuff. It was just a joke, by the way do you have a boyfriend?" He asked. Seriously, I thought. A boyfriend? I just met him! "Um. I just met you... Besides I have to go now.. So erm bye." I muttered. I hope my face wasn't as red as I felt. Leo smirked and said goodbye. As I left the forges, I heard him mutter; "Oh she's hooked on Team Leo" I managed a giggle and ran off.
  7. I went off to go find something to do for the last 20 minutes of my free hour. What am I supposed to do? As I was thinking someone came up behind me. "Hey Tammy." I jumped and turned around. "Why does everyone keep scaring me?" I asked. A girl laughed. "All being part of a demigod, scared." She said. "I'm Danielle, daughter of Hecate. Chiron sent me to get you so we can pick a weapon for you to use." She said. I laughed nervously. "Weapons? Me? I can barely throw a football and you want me to carry some 2 million pound sword?" I shrieked. Danielle laughed again. "I don't know where you got those numbers but its okay. There's always, ALWAYS a weapon for each half blood. Now c'mon." She said. I followed her towards a shed next to the strawberry fields. I looked inside and it looks nothing like it seems from outside. Different javelins, swords, knives, and other war toys were everywhere you looked. "Whoa..." I gasped. It looked liked the forges, but without the weapon making tools and stuff. Danielle showed me a bronze sword. "This is celestial bronze. It kills monsters and turns them into dust. Try it." She said. I grabbed the sword and try to swing but instead I knocked over a couple of knives from a shelf. Danielle picked one up from the ground. "Try this one. Usually the Demeter cabin likes using knives as a weapon. I caught one of your siblings using it as a gardening tool... Anyways here." She said. I looked at the knife. I had feeling that this wasn't the kind of weapon for me, so I told Danielle no. "Really? Well okay then... How about..." She rummaged through the weapons. A spear on top of one shelf caught my eye. "Hey, what about that one?" I asked. "A spear? I don't know Tammy.. They're usually hard to work with." She said.
  8. Danielle grabbed a ladder and took the spear from the shelf and handed it to me. I made sure this weighed just right. Perfect, I thought. "I like this one." I told Danielle. She nodded and told me she had to go to the Pegasi stables. I took out my schedule and checked what I was gonna do next. Archery. I walked over to the archery range and grabbed a bow and 8 arrows. How hard can this be?
  9. Remember when I said, that archery couldn't be too hard? Yeah wrong. Seriously, how can the Apollo campers do this? Well... I guess their father is the god of archery but still. As I was grabbing another arrow to shoot, Mr. D came up to me. "You. Teresa." He said. I sighed. "Yeah Mr. D" I said. He took a sip from his diet coke. "I believe you have sword training? Corpse breath here will show you. That's all." He said and he went off. I looked at the guy called Nico. Strangely. He was the boy from my dream...
  10. DUNDUNDUN. Shocked? Comment and rate! Hope you like this part. Next part will probably be up in 2 or 3 days! Thanks for reading! :)

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