The Journey: Learning about Ash (Part 4)

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Hi, and welcome to The Journey: Learning About Ash (Part 4). Ya so I hope you like this part, even though It's a bit short. But still hope you like it

Hi, and welcome to The Journey: Learning About Ash (Part 4). Ya so I hope you like this part, even though It's a bit short. But still hope you like it.

Created by: xbox360fan

  1. I didn't feel like waking up at all once I heard my alarm clock. I didn't want to go to school either. In all honesty I felt sick and I was tired and I just felt like crap. I opened my eyes slowly adjusting to the light but I really didn't move and it felt like something was lying down on my stomach. I looked to see Chipper sprawled out both over my stomach and the floor. Did I mention that chipper can form his 9 tails into one which makes it like a super fluffy tail and he can morph his fur colors to make it look like a type of brown color I then sat up scratching Chipper behind the ears. As I did so Chipper lazily looked up at me with his amber eyes. I grinned and pushed Chipper playfully off my stomach which caused him to growl. I could tell Chipper was happy to see me because I really haven't seen him in a week because my mom didn't think he was safe for me so she put him through testing and all which is quite sad.
  2. "Chipper sit" I said and Chipper perked and he obeyed me. That's one thing I love about Chipper he is so obedient and he is the most loyal dog a person could ever have. Yes I said dog cause a fox is part of the dog family. I then went to crawl onto my bed before I realized Ash was still here. Maybe Bella didn't come into my room, well that's a relief now I can learn Ash's past. I was curious though because Chipper would have alerted me unless he knew I brought Ash here. I looked down at Chipper and he wagged his giant fluffy tail while looking up at me. I crouched down "good boy Chipper" I said softly. Chipper then nuzzled me and hopped onto the bed and crawled over to Ash and he licked her face.
  3. Ash giggled and pushed Chippers head away gently. "Hey Ash, how you feeling" I asked while looking at her "fine you" she responded "not so good I feel honestly rather sick" I said. Ash nodded "hey would you like to hear about my past" Ash asked I shrugged "sure why not" I responded and sat down on the bed crisscrossing my legs (basically crisscross apple sauce/Indian style). "Alright well I will only tell you the parts I remember because of you know I was like way younger back then" Ash sad I nodded my head in response as Chipper laid down and rested his head on my lap.
  4. "Well for starters my family originally comes from America, I mean of course you would notice that but anyways my last name is Nixon basically" Ash said before I interrupted her "wait you said Nixon right..." I asked "yes why" she responded confused. I shook my head and let her continue. "Well I have two older brother's one named Cameron who is 18 and the other Max who is 17, in all honesty though I like Cameron better" Ash said while looking at me. I nodded once more while letting her continue. "Well, also my mom died but I live with my dad along with Max while Cameron is at college" Ash said.
  5. I listened patiently waiting for her to finish her story so I could ask her more questions. "Oh, and my brother Cameron he is actually coming back in a few days and I'm so excited" she said over excitedly. I laughed slightly as she started jumping up and down in place as her eyes lit up. "Oh and my brother Max is having a party for his girlfriend..." Ash said "Oh..." I said. "What's wrong?" Ash asked "Well I have a feeling I know your brother Max... He's dating a person named Bella am I correct?" I asked. "Yes he is dating a girl named Bella... She's a rotten spoiled b*tch" Ash growled slightly "She's my sister..." I said while looking at Ash. "Oh, well you're nothing like her... You're way better than her" Ash said "Thanks" I said trying to hide my smile.
  6. "Well you're invited its tomorrow of course... By the way how are you two related?" Ash asked "Oh, we're fraternal twins" I said. "Oh, you're invited then we can actually ruin the party if you would like" Ash said with a smirk "Awesome see you then Ash" I said smirking as well. "Alright you get enough sleep and then we can work on the plan how about let's say tonight?" Ash said/asked "Perfect tonight it is, how about we meet up at that old street?" I said/asked "Yes, well see you then Alex" Ash said and slipped out the window.
  7. Sorry this one was a bit short but I was too lazy to make it any longer plus I need to take my migraine pills...
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  9. Darn thing says I only have ten questions... Oh, well...
  10. And now since this is the twelve question... I will leave you to do whatever...

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