The Journey: Max (Part 2)

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Hello and welcome to The Journey: Max (Part 2). I hope you like this part and yes I know it is a bit short but it will be longer once I get more into the story.

So we will be talking about Max now. Like I said it is a bit short but it will get longer once I get fully into the story now read.

Created by: xbox360fan

  1. So, well I'm guessing you're wondering who I am. My name is Max. My full name is Max Nixon. I really come from America but moved to Italy two years ago. I can only speak English and Italian. I live with my dad, my older brother, and my younger sister. I'm like dating the most beautiful person in the world to her name is Bella. I swear she could be a model if you gave her a chance. Turns out she also has a sister well I never knew she had one so I'm going to find out more about her sister.
  2. Let me tell you a bit about my older brother he is 18 and is going to college at the moment. His name is Cameron. He has jet black hair and green eyes. His personality is kinda on the protective side but he is kinda a joker. He is nice once you get to know him but he can be really mean. He's the type of person that you can either hate or like nothing in between that. Now let me tell you about my sister. She is only 5 and she has long blonde hair and icy blue eyes. She is really nice but likes to run off a lot. Her name is Ash. No her name isn't short for anything. Well that's pretty much it.
  3. So, now that you know that let me get started about me. I have golden brown hair and grey eyes. I'm a bit tan. I'm 6'1 and am a bit muscled. My personality is a bit like this. I only get attached to one person well normally one person. I'm a bit mean at first. I never really liked anyone except Bella. That's about it. Oh, I'm also half vampire... I have the features of a mortal and the features of a vampire.
  4. Oh, I also have a pet Dutch Shepherd named Jones. He only bonds to certain people and so far he only likes me and will attack anyone he doesn't like. I have to keep him away from Bella because she hates dogs.
  5. Ok, this one was about Max. The next one will be the story. This one was also a bit short but I'm fine with that. So if ya want to see what Max looks like then click on the one you want to see. We also will have a photo of his Dutch Shepherd Jones so you can look at Jones to if ya want.
  6. Ok, who do you want to see a photo of now?
  7. Ignore the rest of the questions.
  8. Only a couple more left...
  9. About two more left.
  10. Last one...

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