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  • Heyy Max :)

    It's so sweet how he always thinks of Bella and tries to protect her. Which makes me kinda sad that he doesn't even know Alex. He's nice. I want to see more of his brother Cameron xD Which character will be next? Bella might turn out to be nice after all. It's probably just the way Alex describes her. But then, maybe not. Ash is really cute too. Max is just so cute, warm and caring. I wonder what a half vampire can do. The story's next :) Yay. Actually, I'm liking Cameron even more. Please do bring him into the story :)

  • @ivoryleaf Oh, wow dont worry I'll be incorparating the ones I described in any type of way I can. But you will be more likely to see more of Bella, Ash, Max, and Alex. But Cameron will be in there to so dont worry.


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