Hogwarts love story part 4.2

So yeah here is the next part... sorry this one is short... Hope you enjoy either way.... ok this is going on forever.... I'll make the next one longer....

yeah I've said it all in the previous paragraph so this is redundant...... yeah so hope you enjoy the quiz... comment and tell me if you have any ideas of what you want to happen....

Created by: Ginger_Person

  1. So here is a quick reminder about what happened where we left off... At the end of the feast just as everyone is heading back to their common rooms, somebody (i didn't say who) tapped you on the shoulder... All caught up now?
  2. It's Cedric!!! "Hey, _________" "Hi Cedric.... How are you?" "Fine.... I guess...... Anyway I heard that they are bringing back the triwizard tournament... That's why we aren't having Quidditch this year..." "That's great... Not to be disrespectful but why are you telling me this?" "I dunno' I just wanted to talk to you, and it wasa good current event that was....... current." "That's great Cedric... but I'm really tired, do you mind if I?" You gesture in the direction of your common room. "Sure, why don't I walk with you?"
  3. whatever you are thinking out loud you say "Sure." (you don't want to hurt his feelings) The walk is awkward at best... you don't talk but when yuo get to the door of your common room Cedric stops and turns to you, "I really like you, ______" Then he kisses you on the cheek. Before you can say anything he turns and walks away, leaving you standing in the middle of the hallway with what is no doubt a stupid look... Do you actually like Cedric?
  4. The next few weeks pass without anything happening... You are doing great in school by the way... When after supper one night it is announced that there will be two groups of guests visiting Hoggwarts and they would participating in the triwizard tournament. When it announced that only wizards that are of age (17 for those who haven't read the books) can compete there is much disagreement from the houses. Are you relieve by this rule or not?
  5. The way to sign up is by putting your name in a goblet filled with magical fire... Those who wish to participate have a week in which to volunteer... (Doesn't count, you just need to know these things)
  6. After the week is over the three champions will be chosen.... The first is Fleur Delacour (beauxbatons) the second is Viktor Krum (Durmstrang) And last is Cedric Diggory... How do you feel about that?
  7. Just as everyone is getting ready to leave the great hall another piece of paper shoots out of the goblet. Dumbledore grabs it out of the air and reads it out, "HARRY POTTER!!!" There is a rustle through the crowd, no one quite believes him but he repeats himself loud and clear and every drop of doubt is wiped from the crowd mind. Harry Potter is now the fourth Champion.
  8. ok, so I realize that the last two have been incredibly short but I think that this is a goosd place to end this quiz... so sorry, but on the up side it means you get more quizzes and more often... so yeah.... sorry
  9. Have you read the books? (all of them?)
  10. ok, i'll start the next one soon..... sorry about this one being so short...

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