A Magical Love Story part 2

This quiz is like most of the love stories that have been created, with magical powers and falling in love with one of four hot boys! This quiz may be based on the other love stories but it has it's own originality!

The boys in the one explain to you why you are at their house, what is so special about you. Please take my other love story series "A Royal Love story" which is completely different to this one.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. They carry you to a library and put you on a chair; whilst you're still unable to move they tie your arms together behind the chair. The boys then stand side by side to each other. They stare at you for a bit and then a really cute boy with ginger hair and what looks to be grey eyes speaks to you. He said "Well Rebecca do you know why you're here?" What do you reply?
  2. "No." You reply. He gives a cute smile and says "You're here because you are the last Dragon Maid. We have been protecting you from someone else as well......" "Protecting me from who?" you reply. "From an evil young King. We'll explain more about this later, but for now this is all you need to know." The last Dragon Maid, huh? How'd you feel?
  3. "Oh and remember we are trying to help you." He finished. Once he finished the man-dog spoke, "By the way his name is Jack (he pointed to the guy who was speaking to you), then next to Jack is Thomas (he has dark blonde hair), you already know Joe and my name is Daniel." When he said his name he winked at you. Daniel seemed just like a puppy full of energy. Do you want to ask a question to any of them?
  4. You decided to ask why Daniel can turn into a human and why you can hear Joe speaking inside your head. Thomas decided to answer this one, "Well babe, Daniel is an animagus, which means that he can transform into a dog at will; Joe is a wizard, that's why he can talk to you from inside your head and he can cast spells. Jack is a God, his eyes change colour depending on what kind of mood he is in-if he is happy they will be blue and he can influence nature except for he can't control love. And I am a morpher, it means that I can morph into anything. Watch this sweetie." Thomas then stands back and morphs into...?
  5. He morphs into a magnificent Bald Eagle and lands on your shoulder. The Eagle stays there whilst you pet him. After a while Daniel must have gotten jealous because he transformed into his dog animagus and barked at Thomas until he flew away and changed back. Joe speaks to you again from inside you head "Dan gets jealous quite easily, you'll have to be careful while you stay here." What do you think he means?
  6. Jack speaks to you again "It's really late, I think we should go to bed now; Tomorrow we'll start training and tell you more about why you are here." They all file out of the room Jack at the end and Joe at the front. You follow Jack out not really knowing where to go but trying to remember the route Jack took when carrying you out from that bedroom. What happened next?
  7. Jack stops before he goes through the door and stands there for a while; the others disappear into the corridor. He then turns around and looks at you, you notice that his eyes are a blue-green. You remember Thomas told you that Jack's eyes are blue when he's happy but, you don't know what green means. What do you think it means?
  8. Green obviously means love because he starts leaning in towards you and kisses you on the lips. You feel the passion-but how would you describe it?
  9. He kisses for about a minute or so, and then gives you one last kiss before going out of the door to his own room. You walk out into the corridor and retrace your steps. You eventually find the room that you were in when you woke up that same afternoon. In the room you notice something new that you are pretty sure wasn't there before. What is new in the room?
  10. There is a massive wardrobe next to the sofa; you open it but it is empty inside. "What's the point in having a wardrobe with nothing in it at all?!" You think to yourself, you close the door and notice that there is a sticky note stuck on it."As you're the next Dragon Maid you have magic. To use the wardrobe close the door and say aloud what type of clothing or shoes that you want and what you want it to look like, then open it and inside it will be what you want." Enjoy. Signed Joe. What is the first thing that you want from the wardrobe?
  11. You ask for whatever you decided(unless it was Pj's) and it came out exactly how you wanted it. You decided next that you were quite tired out by today's events, so you got a pair of pyjamas out of the wardrobe. You went to bed wondering what lies in wait for you tomorrow.What do you think is going to happen?

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