A royal love story part 4

This is a love story about a princess (who is you) trying to find a husband out of 3 suitors that your father has chosen for you. In this one you made your last date.

Today you receive a letter from Sir Francis, get ready for a surprise date somewhere. And receive a poem from someone from your castle window.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. At dinner you try to avoid Prince Edward as much as possible after what happened earlier that day. So where do you sit?
  2. You eat dinner and you both seem to avoiding each others gazes, when Sir Francis slips you a note. What do you hope it says?
  3. You open the note; it says "Dear _________ I can't stop thinking about you, please meet me tonight in the town. I have to see you......." How do you react?
  4. You decide that you might as well go on the date with him, anyway if you want to choose a husband you have to get to know all of them! You've been on a date with Prince Edward, going to Sir Francis' tonight and tomorrow night it's Charlie; all you have to do now is ask Lord Robert. How will you ask him?
  5. You ask Lord Robert in the rose garden, so no one can hear. He says yes and that means you're going on a date with him tomorrow morning! are you happy about this?
  6. For the next couple of hours you are readying yourself for your date with Sir Francis. You don't know where he is taking you or what you are going to be doing. You prepare yourself for anything that could happen, what do you prepare yourself mostly for?
  7. Seeing as you don't know what you are actually going to be doing you wear your most casual outfit. Not an expensive dress, but a pair or designer leggings/trousers and a beautiful expensive top. You just about finished getting ready in your room when you hear a knock at your door. You go to open it but no one is there-you hear the sound again, but realise it's not coming from the door but from the window.
  8. You crawl on the floor towards the window and take a peek out of it; carefully you look out the window making sure whoever is out there can't see you. You can't see the person properly but the figure is calling you name, you recognise the voice easily! It's Charlie! You open the window and recites a poem he made for you. What do you think of this loving gesture?
  9. Charlie had just about finished reading his poem when you hear a knock on the door-it couldn't have been anything else. You tell Charlie that you'll see him tomorrow and whilst walking to the door you smooth the creases in your clothes and fix your hair. You open the door and there is Francis only dressed a little bit smarter than you. He only manages to gasp WOW! when he sees you; then he takes your hand kisses it and leads you out of the palace. Where do you hope you are going?
  10. He takes you to a black carriage pulled by 4 white horses. As you see how fancy the carriage is as opposed to what else you could of gone in; you suddenly start to wonder whether you are somewhat under dressed. Anyway the thought quickly passes your mind and you just enjoy the journey to an unknown place.

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