A Royal Fairytale Love Story

Ok this quiz is about you Princess ______. Who has 3 suitors in line to be your husband. Your father is doing a contest and whoever wins your heart marries you.

Your decision is important so the majority of my fans who vote for a prince or lord who they like ill count up the result in the comments and whoever wins is your husband!!!

Created by: keke14
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  1. Hi my name is ______ and i am a princess of my country Maldonia. I am 17 now and I'm in line for the the throne when are turn 18 next year. I have 3 suitors that will be in line for the role to be my husband. My father King Williams will help the boys along as they stay at the castle. My ball is held this Wednesday and ill meet my suitors.
  2. Ok today is the day of your ball what do you wear.
  3. You enter the ball and see a blonde haired blue eyed boy your age. He walks up to you and says hi beautiful I am Prince Cameron he kisses your hand gently you two start dancing you ask him what makes him think he will win your heart. He grins and says by loving you not just because you are the princess. You blush and he reaches for your lips. As his lips touch yours he kisses you passionately. You kiss for 15 minutes until he lets go. You smile at him. He spins you into Prince Leonardo's arms. He smiles at you and you blush. He has brown hair and green eyes and you make small talk with him
  4. Well Leo *Prince Leonardo nickname* it was nice dancing with you you said calmly. He kissed your hand and spun you into Lord Christin hands. He smile and said hello princess ______ nice to meet you. You blushed and said hi Lord Christin. He smiled at you and lifted your chin. Your beautiful don't be nervous he said. He kissed your lips softly and you smiled between the kiss. When the ball is over he says bye and spins you toward Prince Cameron. The prince offers to take you to your room and you say .......
  5. Prince Cameron kisses you good night and you say ill never forget today. He laughs and says your beautiful and I love you... come eat breakfest with me. You share one more kiss when......
  6. B*tch get off my man says some girl.. Prince Cameron holds you on him. Princess your such a slut she said. Omg know she didn't you thought. Get out Sally prince cameron yells. Your father comes to your room and is shocked. Sally out now your father yells. Daddy its ok.... you say shyly. I think the princess should go to sleep. Prince Cameron kisses you one more time and then leaves
  7. When you wake up the next morning Prince Leonardo is at your door. Hello Princess ______. Hi Prince Leonardo what brings you here. You twirled your blonde hair in a flirty way. Hey your a part of the royal family right... um have you seen gardenia. No we don't have one in my kingdom. You smiled and pulled his hand to a wall. You turned the gear and lights sparked up. Prince Leonardo smiled brightly and you two walked in. He smiled when he saw the garden fairies. They flew around you and you turned into the garden princess. Wow um your....your the garden princess Prince Leonardo suggested. You smiled at him and then singed to the plants. They grew higher than before. Soft music played and you two danced. He then kissed you but someone came in. It was.....
  8. Ok its your mom and boy is she mad. Mom we were just looking at Gardenia's most cherished plant "the diamond tree". Your mom calmed down a little and told you your fitting is about to begin for your winter dress. You smile and exit along with Prince Leo and your mother. Leo kisses you gently and the runs to his room. You and your mother walk to your room silently. You hear yelling but try to ignore it.
  9. You go in your room with your motherand she fitted you. These young men really enjoy your company your mom says. Mother its so confusing they've all kissed me and ya know its its... sudden your mother finishes for you. Yes exactly sudden I like all of them and I want to be fair so..... pick with your heart your mother said. You smiled when you saw your mother was done fitting your dress. Your maid came to clean your room. Hagrd take a break you smiled. Thank you your heigness. Hagrid walked out happily. You smiled and went down for breakfast.
  10. Ok that's the end stay tuned and to resolve who your gonna marry comment who you'd like to marry whoever has the most votes win I gotta get votes today because I'm making one today and gonna start a new series after part 20 with your daughter whos 16

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