A Royal Love story part 5

This is a love story about a princess (who is you) trying to find a husband out of 3 suitors that your father has chosen for you. In this one you find someone who you thought was gone.

Today you go one your date with Sir Francis and during it you find someone who you never thought to see again. This guy makes a new difference in your life and there could be drama.

Created by: spotty dinosaur
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  1. You finally arrive; Francis gets out first and helps you to get out before getting something that was hidden in the carriage. You don't know what it is but you just go wherever Francis is leading you. You seem to be at a big house-smaller than yours obviously-but big nonetheless. It's certainly not Francis'; he is only a knight and can't afford a house like that. You best guess is that it belongs to some Lord or other. Anyway you get inside and can hear the faint sound of music; Sir Francis hands you the package and says "Here a gift for you. Follow me, I'll show you somewhere where you can put it on." You follow him without questioning it. What do you think is in the package?
  2. You get to a room with no one in it. He says to try it on in here and closes the door. You open the package and there, inside it, is the most beautiful dress. It is definitely a ball gown which explains where you are, although you had no idea that there was a ball tonight. The dress looks expensive; it was probably the most expensive dress he could afford. You try it on and it fits like a glove! You walk out of the room and Francis says "beautiful!" and tries to kiss you. What do you do?
  3. You eventually decide that if you didn't kiss Edward then you won't kiss Francis. BUT you were so happy today was amazing;and then the poem that Charlie read to you made you feel romantic. You just got caught up in the moment and you kissed him!
  4. That one kiss filled you with as much warmth as a fire, with so much passion that it could illuminate the night sky; yet it was over in a heartbeat. You yearned for more but by the time you got your feelings in order you were already in the hall. Your favourite song had just begun and you ask Francis to dance. What dance do you want to do?
  5. It's a nice brief dance. Then without saying a word he walks away to a table and sits down; you follow him, of course, otherwise you would be standing alone on the dance floor by yourself. You sit there not saying a word when someone asks you to dance, you look at Francis and he doesn't seem to notice so you go dance.
  6. You're dancing with the unknown man, when you realize that you do know him. He's James! You were once betrothed to James and you were the best of friends; but when you were 10 years old he moved. You start talking and you remember just how funny he is. Then suddenly it occurs to you that you might still be betrothed to James. Then you see a ring on his hand-he must be married. After all he's quite good looking. You look back to the table Francis was sitting on and he's still there alone. James then starts to lead you somewhere; you go with him because you trust him. Then you reach a place where there is no one around and he kisses you! How do you feel?
  7. You start to feel warm inside again and melt in his hands. Soon this little kiss turns into French kissing-but not for long. You soon pull away; no matter how good it made you feel! "Why are you doing this James?! You're married!" you shout at him. "I'm not! I'm engaged....." he says. "What....?" you almost whisper it; and stride away back to Sir Francis. How do you feel?
  8. You never look back behind you-just keep walking straight. You make sure that you keep your emotions inside of you; acting as if nothing had happened. Once you reach Sir Francis he looks up at you-you hope that he can't read your face. You do two final dances together and then you leave. It's still early in the night, you're pretty sure you won't be going straight home yet, or you hope. Where do you want to go?
  9. You arrive once again at an unknown location-but once you get out of the carriage, you know you're home. You reluctantly follow Francis back into the palace; you say your goodbyes and give him a quick kiss on the cheek. You then trot up the stairs and when you're sure no one can hear you, you run to your bedroom. You shut the door quietly but at the same time you slam it because you're angry.
  10. You undress quickly, throwing your clothes angrily at the floor. Tears start to cloud your vision; you angrily yank out the hair band holding together your hair that you spent so long doing. Tears are now rolling down your face as you climb into bed and pull the covers over your face. You then close your eyes and fall asleep, where you can live in your dreams where everything makes sense.

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