How much do you know the royal rumble?

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Are you a WWE Royal Rumble Expert? This quiz is pretty hard, and with the 2011 royal rumble just ended, your brain might be fresh, So go on, give it a go.

Again this is very hard for most people so get set for the WWE Royal Rumble Quiz, Go on give it a go! It's only 2 minutes long and 11 questions are to be solved.

Created by: sam

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  1. Who won the first ever royal rumble?
  2. Which superstar holds the record for the shortest time in the rumble match?
  3. Which State has hosted the most Royal Rumbles?
  4. Who holds the record for the most Rumble wins?
  5. What entrance did Rey Mysterio draw in 2006 Rumble Match
  6. Who returned 30th at the 2008 Royal Rumble?
  7. True of False? The Royal Rumble Match has always featured 30 WWE superstars
  8. In 2005 Royal Rumble which 2 WWE superstars Fell on the floor at the same Time
  9. Name the first Royal Rumble winner to compete for a World Title and Wrestlemania
  10. In the 2011 40-man Rumble who was the first superstar to get eliminated?
  11. Final Question: Who is the only ever to win the royal rumble and a title in the same night?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know the royal rumble?