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Ladies--want to know just want your friends truly think of you? Let's have the gloves come off and the cat-fights begin because in just a few minutes, you're going to want to take off the earrings and step into the ring. Let's get ready to rumble!!!

Callous, hateful, spiteful, shallow, lonely, angry, stupid, jealous--what are your friends really thinking? Take this quiz and find out! Think you're too good for this quiz? Chances are, then, that everything they say about you is 100% true. Shame on you!

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It's 7pm on a Saturday night and you've got nothing to do. Do you
snark at your friend's offer for hanging out? You would never admit to needing someone this late on a Saturday!
stay at home and complain to others on IM?
use the time to buy more STUFF online?
You've just been in an auto accident. What do you do first?
Try to call your boyfriend, but he doesn't pick up, so you cry.
Fly off the handle on the other driver, regardless of fault, because THEY'VE damaged YOUR car.
Start calculating the total damage cost, plus incidentals for the shoes, facial, and massage you will JUST have to get now.
When faced with the option of hanging out with someone smarter than you, someone as smart as you, or someone less smart than you, who do you pick?
None--they don't understand my kind of intelligence.
Any of them--so long as whoever I'm talking to is looking at me!
As smart or less smart because I'm absolutely certain I can bluff my way into looking so much more smarter than whoever I'm talking to.
You've got the opportunity to hit the road with 3 of your closest friends. What is your role on this trip?
I'm the driver because, OMGWTF, I have the best car!
I'm in charge of music because I have the biggest CD collection and best tastes!
I don't take road trips anymore.
You're asked to appear at a career fair to speak at length about what you do for a living. What does your presentation look like?
I use PowerPoint, a laser pointer, and a laptop projector.
I have headshots taken and autograph each one before passing them out to everyone.
I buy a new suit from Bloomie's, get new pumps from Neiman Marcus, get a makeover at my spa of choice and then show up to the presentation 10 minutes after I'm supposed to start.
Popping the question: do you want your man to surprise you or not?
I need to have complete control of the situation, right down to the height of the tapered candles, so he better clear it with my assistant first.
Either way, I suppose... Each could be appealing.
I'm the one that popped the question when I told him what ring I wanted and when I wanted him to give it to me. That's surprise enough for me.
Cats or dogs?
Ew, catbox.
The right dog looks good on me.
Cats. At least two. I don't mind if things start to smell a little too strong.
You and a good friend have had a falling out. How do you react?
Slam that b----'s name all around until NOBODY wants to be her friend.
Question all of my friends as to their exact loyalties.
Buy stuff! Then, tell all my new friends what I bought and give them the choice of taking the old stuff off my hands. STUFF!
Do you get jealous easily?
No, but I still think she looks entirely too fat in those pants, even if she does claim to be a size 8.
No, I can buy whatever I want, when I want. And isn't it clear that right now I don't want?
Jealous? Whatever.
Last one: of the three possibilities, which one is closest to the worst thing you've ever done?
Led someone on and then betrayed them just for the fun of it.
Accused my boyfriend of infidelity just so I could feel better about myself when I dumped his sorry ass.
Bought a bathing suit, wore it to Cancun, and then returned it when I was done--for a full refund.

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