Paranormal Love (part 26)

Hi everyone, welcome to part 26 of my Paranormal Love series. This time, the story is mostly from your point of veiw. Enjoy! I'm loving the comments! :)

Recap: Chris, Bryan, Ethan, Nick, Anthony, and Allissa break into the castle in search of you, there's a big battle and they are knocked out by Heidi. The story will start off from Allissa's point of view. She wakes up in a dark place, she knows where she is...

Created by: Firey_Soul
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  1. I knew where I was, and I didn't like it one bit. I was in that hell on earth. No, I'm not talking about school, I'm talking about the dungeon in Slate's castle. Even in the day, that place is dark and has a really gloomy atmosphere to it... and not to mention the cells are cold, small, and uncomfortable. I got up off the rock hard bed and cracked my back and neck. Have I seen this before? Yes. Only this time, ____ wasn't next to me. No one was as a matter of fact. I was all alone. I stayed in my dark angel form, I could see better that way. I leaned against the bars. "Hello? anybody in here?" I called out.
  2. I got a response almost right away. "Allissa?" I heard a voice say. A voice I've known and loved since I was 10 years old. "Anthony! You're here!" I excliamed. Anthony was in the cell across from me, he leaned out as far as he could go, his golden-brown eyes cut through some of the darkness. "Are you okay?" he asked. "Yeah. I'm fine." I replied. "Where are Chris, Bryan, Ethan, and Nick?" Just then four male voices responded, "I'm here." "Found them." Anthony said. "Rrrrigght." I said. "So how are we gonna get out of here?" Ethan said. A girl's voice cut in, "Oh, you don't. I'm keeping you here until Slate comes back. Then I'll let him deal with you monsters." Heidi's voice made me want to punch the steel bars as hard as I could, but I didn't because I knew I'd regret it later. "Heidi, when I get out of this cell, I swear to God, you are so dead!" I yelled. "Save it, Allissa. I'm not scared of you." Heidi said. "Well, I'll see you losers later...or maybe I won't. I hate this place." and just like that, Heidi walked out and closed the door behind her. "Ignore her, Allissa." Anthony said. I sighed. "Fine." I said. "Okay, we gotta get outta here now." Bryan said. "And how are we going to do that? Our powers are useless here." Nick said. "Hmmm..." Chris said.
  3. ***TIME FORWARD*** 2 days later. ***Your P.O.V.*** You and Jace are sick of sleeping in a tent, so you two check into a hotel. You spend all day having fun at a small water park (Yes, the mountains have those.) You go down the slides about 100 times, and by the end of the day, you are exausted, so you go back to your hotel room. "Thanks, Jace. I had so much fun today." you say. Jace smiles. "I did too." he says. Jace wraps his arms around you and kisses you. You both sit down on the bed, and Jace turns on the TV. "The Haunted" is on. Although you love the show, you end up falling asleep in Jace's arms halfway through it.
  4. ***Dream mode*** You are at a crowded party with loud music and dim, colorful lights. The place is decorated very nicely and the people are all wearing fancy clothes. Everyone there looks like they're in 9th through 11th grade. (You are actually having a flashback of your 10th grade homecoming, but you don't know that due to the potion still being in your system.) Just then, a slow song comes on and almost everyone grabs a partner. A guy with light brown hair and soft brown eyes asks you to dance. You say yes. (This guy is your date that you found at the last second. You hardly even knew him.) You put your hands on his shoulders and he puts his hands around your waist. You two are almost touching. Normally, that would have been really romantic, but you hardly even knew the guy. You look over his shoulder and you can't help but notice the couple slow dancing near you guys. They look like the perfect couple. They look super happy, in love, and lost in each other's eyes. "Awww." you think. "That's so sweet. And here I am dancing with a guy whose last name I don't even know." You keep watching the couple. Now the girl's face is buried in the guys neck. Something seems really familiar about them. You notice the guy has dark brown (almost black) emo-ish hair and dark chocolate brown eyes. You also noticed that the girl has dirty blonde emo style hair and exotic dark green eyes that almost seem cat like, her black eyeliner really brings them out. It feels like you know them even though you have no idea what their names are. However, you have a gut feeling that they're both A names.
  5. You shift out of that dream and into a new one, this time you are in a school cafeteria. (Your school's cafeteria, you are in study hall.) You are sitting at a table with the same guy and girl from your last dream. You are talking to them when 3 HOT guys catch your eye. There's the guy with black emo hair, green eyes, and lip rings, the guy with brown hair highlighted blonde, dreamy brown eyes, and an angelic face. And then there's that guy with dark brown hair and the bluest eyes you've ever seen. These guys make your heart race although you feel like you know them and are compelled to go talk to them.
  6. ***Dream mode ended*** You wake up for a breif second, but then you fall asleep again having no more dreams. Morning comes way sooner than you expected. Jace is already up, watching TV. You strectch and get out of bed. "Morning, ____. How'd you sleep?" Jace asks. "Mmm, pretty good." you say going over to the mini-fridge and rumaging around in it. You don't find anything good, so you close the fridge. "I had some really weird dreams though." you say. Jace raises an eyebrow. "Really? About what?" he asks. You describe exactly what you saw in your dream. "It's weird, why do I feel like I know these people? I've never seen them in my life." you say. "I don't know either." Jace says. "So, what? I'm not enough for you, so your subconscience creates these random guys?" Jace jokes. "Nah, it's probably nothing. Of course you're enough for me." you say hugging Jace and kissing him on the cheek.
  7. You walk over to the counter still in search of food. You find a box of poptarts and decide to have one. "So what are we doing today?" you ask munching on your poptart. "I dunno. What do you want to do?" Jace asks. "Maybe a hike?" you say. "Okay, sounds good to me, and maybe later we can go swimming." Jace says. You smile. "Yeah, that sounds like fun." you say. You finish your poptart and get dressed. Jace notices you putting on your necklace. "Where did you get that necklace from?" he asks. You try and remember but you just can't. "Quite honestly, I don't know. But I think it's really pretty, so I'm just wearing it anyway." you say. "It is pretty," Jace agrees. "But I don't think you should wear that today in case you lose it." "Hm, well, okay." you say taking off your necklace and setting it on the table.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's night now. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** ____ and I were back at the hotel. "Thanks for yet another awesomely fun day, Jace." ____ said with that cute smile. "No problem." I said hugging her. "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower. See you in a few." ____ said. I grinned. "Want me to come with you?" I asked. ____ rolled her eyes and laughed. "I'll pass." she said lightly punching me on the arm. When I was alone in the room and there was water running, my phone rang. It was Heidi. Well, I couldn't have asked for better timing. "Hello?" I said. "Hey Slate." Heidi said sounding happy. "Hey, Heidi. How's it going with the castle?" I asked. "Good, I'll give you the details later, first tell me how it's going with ____. Is the potion holding up?" Heidi asked. "Um, yeah. About that, she had a dream about Anthony and Allissa, and then one about Chris, Bryan, and Ethan." I said. "Well that's not good. Is she still wearing her necklace?" Heidi asked. "Yeah, she did yesterday." I said. "Well, that could be the problem. Her necklace is bringing her memory back, so I'd suggest that you either get rid of the necklace or make your move." Heidi said. "Well, I guess I'll need to find a way to get rid of the necklace because I never want my time with ____ to end." I said. Then I found myself blabbing on about all the fun stuff we did together and how happy she made me. I didn't even care if Heidi was listening or not, I just kept talking.
  9. After God knows how long, Heidi cut me off. "Slate! Are you freaking serious?" she blurted out. "This girl is making you forget your entire mission. Just take her powers, she doesn't even know she has them anymore, so that won't hurt her and destroy the humans already!" I said nothing. "I swear, Slate. You sound like a lovestruck idiot. What has gotten into you?!?" Heidi ranted. "I-I don't know..." I said at a loss for words. All of a sudden, my mission didn't even seem that important to me anymore... wait, what am I saying?! It's been my goal for such a long time... but what about _____? I'd hate to take advantage of her like that, because I actually have developed some feelings for her. "I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!" I practically yelled in the phone. "Slate. You're so stupid. It's just a girl. Get over her and get on with your life in a human free world." Heidi said with no emotion in her voice. "If only it was that simple..." I said. "Snap out of it." Heidi said and hung up without telling me how things in the castle were going.
  10. ***Your P.O.V.*** You change into sweatpants and a tank top and walk out of the bathroom. Jace looks like he's deep in thought. "Hey, are you okay?" you ask. Jace snaps out of his thoughts. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just spacing out." Jace says with a hint of nevousness in his voice. "Well, okay then." you say. When Jace isn't looking, you put on your necklace. Even though you don't know where it came from, you still feel attatched to it. You yawn. "Well, I'm going to bed." you say. You kiss Jace goodnight and fall asleep quickly.
  11. Throughout the week, you keep having strange dreams about the cute (and sorta mushy) couple as well as the 4 guys. (Yes, you had a flash back to when you first met Nick.) You actually did get their names and you remembered stuff that happened with them. These people began to seem more and more familiar to you, until... one day, it all made sense again. You remembered EVERYTHING that happened... now you were wondering why you were staying in a hotel with Jace. The (hot) demon that wants to destroy the human race. It was in the morning a little over a week when you first took the potion. You just unloaded all your thoughts on Jace right there. "Jace, what am I doing in this hotel with you and where are the guys?!?!" you demanded. Jace actually didn't look that suprised and decided to come clean and explain everything to you. You would have been more mad if he hadn't told you the truth though. "Jace, look. I like you, but I want to go back and live with the guys. If you cared about me, then you would let me do that." you say calmly. Jace sighs. "Alright then... I'll bring you back to the guys." he says with sadness in his voice. "But one thing doesn't make sense to me," you say. "If you gave me that potion so you could steal my powers, then why did you just let it wear off?" you ask. There's a moment of silence before Jace says, "Because, _____..." he begins.
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!! Who do you like?

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