Paranormal Love (part 18)

Hey, guys. Welcome to part 18 of my Paranormal Love series. I spent like all day making this, so I hope you like it. This weekend was wayyy to short. Ugh. I hate mondays. Sorry, I will shut up now.

Here's a recap for ya: Nate, Courtney, and Jessica wanted you and everyone else to go to this cool party. blah blah blah, I'm just using up space, don't mind me.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. Everyone follows Nate, Courtney, and Jessica. You can hear music playing off in the distance. It gets louder and louder, then you see this two story building, (that's where the music is coming from) there are neon signs everywhere and colorful flashing lights. "Well, this is the place." Courtney says/shouts over the music. "People come here to dance, hang out, and just have a good time. And the best part is, it's totally free... well besides the drinks and stuff but that's to be expected." Nate says. You all walk in, the place is even bigger on the inside. The place is dim, but there are even more colorful flashing lights everywhere lighting the place up. There's a packed dance floor, a bar, and people just hanging out.
  2. The guys go off and do their own thing while you and Allissa go with Jessica and Courtney to the bar to get something to drink. "This is a good place to people watch." Jessica says. She turns to you and Allissa. "See any cute guys?" she asks. "I have a boyfriend, you know." Allissa says. Jessica smiles. "Wow, you really have the hots for that boy, so you seriously don't check out other guys because of him." she says. "Well, I try not to." Allissa says. "Eh, what the hell. I guess a little looking isn't hurting anyone." "That's the spirit!" Jessica says. "What about you, _____? see any cute guys" she asks you. "I'll let you know when I do." you reply taking a sip of your drink. You look around, it's easier for you to spot people acting like idiots rather than cute guys. There was a guy attempting to break dance, but it sorta looked like he was scooting his butt across the floor like a dog. You tap Allissa on the shoulder. "Hey, look at that guy break dancing." You say with a huge grin. Allissa sees him right away and you both burst out laughing. "What's so funny?" Jessica asks. "That guy..." you say. "What g... oh my god!" Jessica says and starts laughing too. "Poor guy, he must be drunk or something." Courtney says stifling a smile.
  3. You also spot another guy who's trying to break dance but he looks like he's having a convulsion. You aren't sure weather to laugh or be concerned. Luckily he gets up when the song ends, so you know that he's not really having a convulsion. You also spot a couple of potentially drunk people... or just bad dancers. Oh well, at least they're having fun being spazzatrons. "Hey! That guy is cute!" Jessica says pointing. "That guy over there is kinda cute too." Allissa says. "No, that guy is cuter than both of them." Courtney says. Who do you agree with?
  4. Okay, after reading this over again, the guy that Courtney suggested sounds the hottest to me, so let's just say you picked that one. "Okay, yeah. He's cute." Allissa says. "One of us should go over and talk to him." Courtney says. "hmm...I think maybe ____ should." Jessica says. You feel your cheeks heating up. " thanks. Why don't you?" you say. "Oh. You're just being shy." Jessica says. "I'll come with you." "Fine... I can't believe you're making me do this." you say. You and Jessica get closer to the guy, he has his back against the wall and he's texting. Just then you see Jessica get all pale. "Oh my God, ____. I just realized that's my ex-boyfriend." She says. "How long ago did you guys break up?" you ask. "Two weeks ago." Jessica says. You raise your eyebrows. "Jessica, how could you not recognize a guy you were dating two weeks ago right away?" you ask. "Well... I think he dyed his hair or something, I don't know. C'mon, let's go." Jessica says. You and her turn around but then a guy's voice says "Jessica, is that you?" Both of you turn back around. "'s me." Jessica says sounding kind of annoyed. "Listen...I'm sorry for what happened. I didn't mean it. I was hoping we could get back together." the guy says...sounds like a typical soap opra or something, but he says it so sweetly that if you were Jessica, you probably would have forgiven him for whatever he did. Jessica's look softens. "Okay...I forgive you. And I really did miss you." She goes over and hugs the guy. She turns to you and says "____, I'd explain but I'm kind of busy right now." Then she walks away with the guy. "Well okay then..." you think.
  5. You go back and find Allissa and Courtney laughing about something. "Hey ____, how did it go?" Allissa asks. "Jessica has a boyfriend." you reply. Courtney rolls her eyes. "Oh Jessica..." she says. Just then one of your favorite songs comes on. "I love this song! C'mon, let's go dance!" you say completely forgetting about Jessica. "Okay." Courtney and Allissa say because they like the song too. You find the guys and dance with them, all of them are good dancers and full of energy. You know how when once you start having fun dancing at a party, you can never stop and you don't even get tired, just a little sweaty? (That's always been my experience anyway.) Well that's what happened to all of you. You didn't want to do anything but dance. It doesn't matter if you're good or not, you were having fun. (Atually, you were good, you just didn't really know that or even care.) You take a break to get some water, and you feel better afterwards. Then the guy you like comes up to you. "Wow, _____! You're a great dancer, that was so much fun!" he says. "Thanks [____]," you reply. "You're not too bad yourself." What guy are you taking to?
  6. You and [____] notice a dimly lit staircase. "I wonder where that staircase leads." you say. "I don't know, let's find out." [____] says. You and [____] cautiously go up the stairs. You both reach the top. the room is even more dimly lit that the staircase...and there are couples making out everywhere... you and [____] end up...
  7. Well, whatever you decide to do, you stay at the party until 2 in the morning, then all of you say bye to Courtney and Nate (you can't find Jessica) and go back to the beachouse. Unfortunately, you all have to walk even though you're all tired and it's kind of cold outside. Allissa leans on Anthony's shoulder "Ugh...I'm tired...carry me." You thought that Allissa was joking, but Anthony actually did pick her up and carry her. Sweet boy. You're really glad to be back at the beachouse. You quickly say goodnight to everyone, go up to your room and throw on some pjs. You fall asleep the instant your head hits the pillow.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD*** One week later... Basically every day was super fun filled, Bryan and Nick taught you how to surf (if you didn't already know) and ever since then you've been kind of addicted to it. It was a nice day, and you and Bryan went out to surf. (Everyone else had something else on their agenda.) You were getting better, but you still wiped out quite a bit. But don't worry, Bryan was there to pick you up and dust you off so you could try again. You and Bryan had a lot of fun. Two hours later you and Bryan were walking to get your towels. You noticed a girl about your age sitting on a lounge chair. She had sunkissed skin, medium length natually curly brown hair, and she was wearing cool looking short shorts with a cute tank top. When you and Bryan walked by, she took off her shades revealing her pretty bright blue eyes. A look of shock and awe was written on her face. You were guessing she was marveling over Bryan's hotness... nothing else was there to make her look like that, right?
  9. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** I was bummed when I saw the note ____ had written, but I did respect her wish for a little while. After a few days I just couldn't stay away, I had to check on her, even if it was for a brief second. She was always in bed. A week later, I noticed that she's always in the exact same position, how could I be so stupid?!?! She wasn't there. Unless she was staying in a different room... hopefully not with one of the guys. But I had a feeling she was gone as well as everyone else who lived in the mansion. They must have found out about me and gone somewhere else! I can't believe this crap! I have to find her, but she probably knows I'm Slate now and she won't want to go with me even if I do find her... If only I'd gotten a chance to explain myself. I'm evil, but I'm not as evil as those people she's living with think I am! I just now sent out my highly trained agents to different spots to look for her.
  10. ***Your P.O.V.*** It's night now and you and Chris are watching a movie that no one else likes. You are get tired and you end up falling asleep on Chris. You have a dream about Jace. He was shirtless and in jeans and looking as hot as can be. His abs were just as sexy as the rest of him. His eyes gave you that "stare into your soul" flirty look. He said nothing but motioned you in his direction, then he turned around and walked away. You noticed a tatoo of a red flaming pentagram on the back of his neck. Weird. You were about to follow him, but then you woke up. You were still half-asleep, so you weren't really thinking much of the dream. Chris' arm was still around you, and you were too comfortable to move so you just went back to sleep.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!! Sorry, this was a crappy cliffhanger again, I hope you can forgive me. Who do you like?

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