Paranormal Love (part 38)

Hi guys, welcome to part 38 of my Paranormal Love series! I'm sad. Weekends are way too short and I'm procrastinating on my homework again. Surprise, surprise.

Recap: After staying in your room all day, you decide to venture out to get some food. Afterwards you go to the lab to check on Chris and Jace. Neither one of them is awake (as far as you know) Without realizing it, you touch Chris' stitches.

Created by: Firey_Soul
  1. ***Your P.O.V.*** You suddenly realize what you're doing and quickly take your hand away from Chris' stitches. If Chris woke up, he'd probably think you're a total creep. You did NOT want that to happen. "Maybe I should check on Jace now." you think. You walk over to Jace and see that he looks the same way as Chris. This time you avoid touching Jace's stitches. For some reason, you feel the need to go back to Chris, so you do. You stare at Chris and sigh. Since he couldn't hear you, you figured you might as well say what was on your mind. You put your hand on top of Chris'. "Look Chris," you begin. "I'm sorry for hurting you like this, I didn't think you felt that way about me, I mean I know you liked me but..." your voice trails off. You take a deep breath before you start talking again. "What I'm trying to say is that I like both of you but in different ways. The same goes for Bryan, Ethan, and Nick. This is all my fault and I feel like crap for it. Please forgive me because I can't make up my damn mind." That pretty much sums up how you're feeling.
  2. ***Chris' P.O.V.*** After hearing ____ say that, I just HAD to do something. I slowly opened my eyes. "Do you really mean that, ____?" I asked in a quiet voice. _____ jumped and quickly took her hand off mine. Her expression was a mixture of surprise and relief. "Chris, how long have you been awake?" _____ asked. "Oh, long enough." I replied. _____ was quiet for a moment, but she never took her eyes off mine. "And yes, I do mean that." she said. "I forgive you." I said only because that was the most appropriate response I could think of.
  3. I still wasn't entirely convinced that ____ wasn't totally in love with Jace. There must have been something going on to make him this protective of her. "Are you mad at me?" _____ asked. What I wanted to say was; "Yes! Yes I am! I'm mad that I got into this mess, I'm mad that I can't just have you to myself and I'm mad that you're not in my arms right now!" However, I decided to answer with my mature and logical side, so I actually said; "More mad at myself for letting my protectivness and emotions get the best of me."
  4. ***Your P.O.V*** You feel stupid for flat out asking Chris if he was mad at you and even more stupid that you can't think of the right thing to say back. Luckily, you don't have to. "Um, can you untie me?" Chris asks. "Uh, sure." you say and begin to free him from the rope. Chris sits up on the table and cracks his back and neck. "Is Jace okay?" he asks. You give him a strange look. Since when does Chris care about Jace? You ignore that thought and say "I don't know yet." "Oh," Chris says. An awkward silence falls between you and Chris. You both fix your eyes on Jace as if expecting him to do something. To your surprise, you see his eyes open a few seconds later.
  5. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** Light flooded into my eyes as I slowly opened them. This place didn't look familiar at all. I've woken up in some pretty strange places before, but never in a weird mad scientist's lab while tied to a table. I noticed I wasn't wearing a shirt and I had stitches in my side. Wait, stitches? Oh yeah... thanks a lot, Chris. I wonder who helped me though. I turned to my side and saw Chris and _____. Crap. What the hell am I supposed to say now?
  6. ***Your P.O.V.*** You have a hard time reading Jace's facial expression, so you decide to not even try. Jace starts with; "Where am I?" "You're in the lab, Jace. Are you okay?" you ask. "Yeah, I'm fine. And what lab? What's going on here?" Jace questions. You explain to Jace that Nick helped him and Chris. There's a short pause afterwards. "But I don't get it, why would Nick help me. He hates me." Jace says. "Nick doesn't hate anybody," you say although you're not 100% sure if that's true or not. "And besides, I wasn't just going to leave you like that." Jace doesn't smile, but the look in his eyes says 'thank you'. "and, uh... a little help here," Jace says, indicating the rope around his wrists and ankles. You untie him and he sits up. You look at Jace's eyes notice that there's hardly any amber, they're just dark brown. You wonder why they change color so often. You also wonder why Chris isn't saying anything.
  7. Jace looks over to Chris. Chris bites his lip nervously. "Jason," he manages to say. "Chris," Jace says back. There's a moment of silence. Both boys look like they're searching for the right words. "Uh...sorry," Jace says quietly, looking Chris in the eyes. Chris sighs. "I'm sorry too, bro." he replies.
  8. ***Jace's P.O.V.*** I seriously didn't know what to do next. I truely am sorry, but I wasn't about to give up on _____. I wanted to leave, but that might give Chris the idea that _____ is his, and she's not. She's MINE. Well, actually I guess it's really up to her to decide, but I'd like to think that she's mine. On an impulse, I decided to just say "I'm going to leave now." I didn't want to face Chris tonight. I can deal with it tomorrow. I still had a bit of teleporting magic left, so I teleported outside the front door.
  9. ***Chris' P.O.V.*** So Jace just teleported out of here...Nope. He's not getting out of this THAT easily. I'm not done talking to him. I quickly turned into a vampire and used my super speed to get to the front door, just leaving ____ behind. Jace was already walking away, "Jace! Wait!" I ran up behind him and grabbed his wrist. Jace turned around. "What, Chris?" he asked firmly.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry this part was a little short but it was driving me crazy and I just wanted to be done. I'm having one of my short attention span days arrrgghhh!!!!!! Who do you like?

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