Paranormal Love (part 31)

Hola peeps, welcome to part 31 of my Paranormal Love series. This is the part devoted to Nick, the hot blonde werewolf. :) I hope yall like it. Ethan is up next. Btw, actually Idk when I'm going to end this series. There's probably not gonna be more than ten parts left.

Recap: It's 2 in the morning and all the guys went to bed except for Nick. You and Nick are watching TV (sorta) You get tired and end up falling asleep on him.

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. ***Nick's P.O.V.*** I was just barely awake. My eyes were half closed and I was staring straight ahead at the TV, not thinking about anything. I almost closed my eyes all the way, when I felt ____'s head on my shoulder. I looked over to see that she fell asleep. I smiled. She looked so cute when she was asleep... and when she was awake. She was just cute period. I put my arm around her and held her close. "Night, ____." I whispered, I swear I just saw ____ smile a bit after I said that... or maybe it was just my imagination. I didn't think much more of it, because soon I fell asleep too.
  2. ***TIME FORWARD*** Morning. ***Your P.O.V.*** You don't remember having any dreams or even that you fell asleep with Nick. You are somewhat awake, but haven't opened your eyes yet. At first, you thought you were in your bed. But your pillow felt waaayyy different! It felt warmer than usual, and firm... and muscular... and not like a pillow at all. You open your eyes and see that you are on the couch in the living room, and you're lying on Nick's chest with his arms around your waist. (Well, that explains why your pillow felt different! xD) But holy OMG, Nick's chest was super comfy! Nick was still asleep and you were too comfortable to get up, so you just stayed there, listening to the quiet rhythem of Nick's heart. The grey T-shirt he was wearing smelled faintly of some sexy cologne. You've always wanted a guy like Nick. One who's sweet, protective, muscular, has amazing hair and eyes, and smells good. You felt very lucky that you were in his arms right now... and also lucky that you have Chris, Bryan, and Ethan too. Jace as well. They were all amazing in their own ways. "I have so many hot guys in my life. I don't care if it's selfish, I wish I could just have them all..." you think. But of course there is one guy in particular that you like a bit more than the rest, right?
  3. You snap out of your thoughts when you feel Nick move a bit. "____," he says sleepily. You look up at Nick, "Hey." you reply. He gives you a small smile. "Did I fall asleep on you?" you ask innocently. Nick laughs softly. "Kind of." he replies. "It's okay though, I don't mind." "I don't either." you think and smile to yourself. Nick hugs you tightly. You don't say anything, you just hug him back. The hug lasts for a while. As much as you don't want to, eventually you get up and go to your room to get dressed and everything.
  4. You come back downstairs to find Nick sitting by the kitchen counter drawing in his sketchbook. He had changed into jeans and a white v-neck that was just a teeny bit see through, showing off his amazing body. His dirty blonde hair was a bit messy, but still super cute. You find yourself staring at him, but then remind yourself it's not polite to stare. "Hey, Nick. What are you drawing?" you ask. You remember a long time ago, you've asked Nick that question, he said it was a surprise, but he never did show you. Nick's hands are mostly covering his drawing. "Uh, Hold on. You'll see in a minute." Nick says, with his eyes fixed on his drawing. He effortlessly swiped the pencil across the paper for about 30 more seconds, then he held up his sketchbook for you to see.
  5. Okay, so it's none of those crazy choices I put in the answers. Actually, it's an AMAZINGLY perfect anime drawing of you. "Ya like?" Nick asks. "LOVE! That's the best drawing I've ever seen in my life!" you exclaim. Nick flashed a gorgeous white smile. "Well, good cuz this took me forever to draw, I had to start over a few times until I was happy with it. But of course this drawing is nowhere near as beautfiul as the real thing." He gives you a flirty look. "But if you like it so much, it's all yours." Nick says tearing out the sketchbook page and handing it to you. You smile. "Thanks, Nick!" you say. "I'll be right back. I'm gonna go put this in my room." You rush upstairs and tape the drawing to your wall. "Perfect." you say to yourself and go back downstairs.
  6. You take a seat next to Nick and notice a note on the table. "What's this?" you ask, picking it up. "Oh, Allissa wrote that." Nick says. Written in Allissa's neat and small handwriting was: Hiya _____ and Nick. Chris, Bryan, and Ethan went to see that movie marathon that you two called "crappy." Anthony and I just wanted to get out of the house. So yeah, looks like you guys have the whole mansion to yourselves today. Have fun, but not too much fun. ;) Love ya! -Allissa "Oh, Allissa." you say rolling your eyes. Nick smiles, "She is pretty funny though." he says. "Yeah, I agree. But she's kind of a hypocrite for saying stuff like: 'have fun, but not too much fun' then frenching Anthony whenever she thinks no one is looking." you say. Nick laughs. "Perhaps you're exaggerating?" he says. "Hey, I thought you were on my side." you joke, sticking your tounge out at Nick. "Trust me, I am." Nick says briefly putting his hand on your leg. "Anywho, since we have this whole day to ourselves, what do you want to do?" he asks.
  7. You smile mischeviously. "I bet I could beat you at Mario Kart AND Super Mario Bros." you say. Nick raises an eyebrow. "Oh, really?" he says. "In that case, bring it on! But just to warn you, you have NO idea what you're up against." Nick flexes his arm muscle and kisses it, making you laugh although you secretly thought that was really hot. "You don't need guns to play the wii, Nick." you tease. Nick smiles. You both walk into the living room. "I'm so gonna win this." you think as you both start playing.
  8. ***TIME FORWARD*** 3 hours or so later... "YES!!!! I WIN!!!!!" You shout slamming down the wii remote. "I told you I could beat you! Oh, what now?!?!" You continue gloating and do a little victory dance. "So modest, ____." Nick says rolling his eyes and smiling a bit. "My eyes hurt from looking at the screen so much. Wanna take a walk?" Nick asks. "Sure." you reply. "It'll take you're mind off of how badly you lost." you tease. "I didn't lose by THAT much." Nick says defending himself. "What ev." you say, then change the subject.
  9. You and Nick walk pretty far, even out of the forest that the mansion is in. You guys end up in some fancy neighborhood that looks vaguely familiar, but not really. It's weird because hardly anyone is outside or driving by in a car. You and Nick are just talking about random stuff and looking around. You look up at the sky, some grey clouds were rolling in. You feel a cool breeze run through your hair. "It looks like it's going to rain." you say. Nick looks up at the sky too. "Yeah. We better head back." he says. You and Nick turn around and go back the way you came while continuing your conversation. You're about halfway through the fancy neighborhood when you start feeling drops of water on your skin. The drops get heavier and heavier and within minutes, it's pouring rain. Nick looks at you, "What do you say we run the rest of the way?" he asks. "Okay." you say. "Take my hand." Nick says holding out his hand. You grab Nick's hand and you guys run until you get into the forest again. The trees keep you guys a bit more dry, but the ground is muddy. You and Nick slow down and keep walking hand in hand through the forest. Soon you two are on the front steps of the mansion (which are sheilded from the rain.)
  10. "That was fun!" you say smiling. "Totally." Nick replies. You look at Nick. His hair is hanging in his eyes and it looks light brown from being wet. His white v-neck is clinging to him and showing the outline of his six-pack. It took all your willpower not to stare. You and Nick are standing about 6 inches away from each other. You brush the wet hair out of Nick's eyes, revealing the bright, beautiful violet. Nick smiles warmly at you. You gaze into in his exotic eyes. "You have amazing eyes." you say. "You do too, ____." he replies, almost in a whisper. You put your arms around his shoulders and he moves a bit closer to you. Nick breaks eye contact breifly to look at your lips. You know what's going to happen next, so you just let it. Soon you feel Nick's muscular arms wrap around your waist and his soft, warm lips press against yours. You also feel his rock hard abs touch your stomach for a second, it makes you smile through the kiss. When you guys finally pull away, you and Nick both look happy. "That, was awesome!" Nick says. You laugh softly and nod. You and Nick take off your muddy shoes and go inside. You found that everyone was home. Chris smiles. "Looks like you guys got caught in the rain." he says. You and Nick just simply say "Yeah." Fighting the urge to grin.
  11. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!! Not really the most suspenseful, but whateves. Better for you guys, so you don't have to stay up all night wondering what's going to happen next. xD I hope you guys liked this part (even if you're not team Nick) So, who do you like?

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