Paranormal Love (part 11)

Hiya! Welcome to part 11 of my Paranormal Love series. Aren't you glad to get out of that dungeon? Also here, you're questions will be answered. And to those girls who like Chris... you're welcome. ;)

You know what bugs me? Okay a lot of things. But especially when my quizzes don't show up on the new quizzes list! That's happened TWICE! I've lost most of my readers, hopefully this will show up. Recap: You had escaped the dungeon and couldn't sleep, so you try and get some answers from someone.

Created by: Firey_Soul

  1. You jump out of bed and walk out of your room. You think about going to the the room closest to you... but, that's Allissa's room. "Nah." you think. The room next to Allissa's belongs to Chris so you decide to try that. You're pretty sure Chris won't mind. You knock timidly and hear Chris say "Come in," You open the door, Chris is lying in his bed on his back. He looks in your direction and is happy to see that's it's you. "____?" Chris says. "Everything ok?" "Not really." you say. "I can't sleep... and I have so many questions about what happened earlier." Chris sits up. "Yeah, I couldn't really sleep either." he says. "So, maybe I can enlighten you." "Alright." you say. Chris motions you in his direction. You were planning to just sit on his bed but it was kind of cold so you get under the covers with him. "So tell me," Chris says. "What do you want to know?"
  2. You take a deep breath. "Well first of all, Allissa told me about this guy named Slate before she got taken away." You say. Chris raises his eyebrows. "What exactly did Allissa say?" he asks. "She said that Slate was the alpha-male of the supernautral beings who are against humans, that he's a demon, that he's the second most powerful, and that I shouldn't to anything he says if I meet him- which I haven't." you say. Chris nods. "That's all true." "So do you know him?" You ask. "Yes." Chris says. "Like we've been telling you, we all used to get along. But even then, Slate was always a badass and very persistant. If he wanted something, he'd stop at nothing to get it."
  3. "And ___, I don't mean to scare you but right now, what Slate wants is you." Chris says. You feel a bit nervous. "Jake and Matt came really close to finding me," you say. Chris seems to sense that you're nervous and he places his hand on top of yours. "They never will." He says reassuringly. "This mansion is protected by a special field of magic, and they have no idea it's there. You and Allissa must have stepped outside of it when you were found." "Oh." you say, "Does this mean I can never leave here?" you ask. "Well, for now you have to stay. Just until we can think of a better way to keep you protected."
  4. "Well. Alright. It's a nice place, so I guess I don't mind being trapped here." you say. Chris smiles. "I don't think you'll be bored." he says with a wink. Chris' eyes look so dreamy in the moonlight. They're bright green, but they still have that "stare-into-your-soul" element to them. "Okay, now is not the time for gushing over Chris." you think. You get on with your questions. "What makes me the most powerful?" you ask. "Your soul is nether light, nor dark. You have all the power of light as well as all the power of darkness. That's really rare." Chris says. "If your power falls into the wrong hands, it could be extremely dangerous. Needless to say, Slate wants to use your power for evil. To destroy the humans and other selfish things." "So are you saying that that all of us living here are the only ones on the light side?" you ask. "No." Chris says. "Actually most of us are on the dark side, but that doesn't make us evil. Some who are on Slate's side are also on the light side, but that doesn't make them good." "So what determies if you are on the light or dark side?" "It's just the way your powers work. For example, you are most likely on the light side if healing is one of your powers, and those who have fire as an elemental power are usually on the dark side."
  5. "Okay, I know that my fire power is one of my dark powers." you say. Chris nods. "So, Allissa is on the dark side?" you ask. "Yes. Along with me, Bryan, and Anthony. Ethan and Nick are on the light side." "Oh, okay." you say.
  6. "Just wondering... how exactly would Slate get my power?" you ask. Chris looks a little uncomfortable. "He'd have to marry you in order to obtain it." Chris says. He looks pretty disturbed by the mere thought. "Don't worry, that won't happen." you say. "Good." Chris says and smiles a little bit. "Could you explain a bit more?" you ask. "See, when two supernatural beings get married, they recieve the powers of the other person. It's not as easy to use as your original power, but it's possible." Chris says.
  7. "Wow..." you say. "Well thanks for answering my questions." "Anytime." Chris says. There's a moment of silence. Chris breaks it by saying "So, why exactly did you come to me?" You blush. "Um, I don't know... you're room is the closest." you say. "I can see why you needed questions answered, but were you feeling scared at all?" Chris asks. "Who me? Nah..." you say. Chris does a cute half smile, "____. Don't lie to me. You should know that I can feel your emotions." Chris says. That makes your blush get worse. Chris makes it less awkward by giving you a tight hug. "It's ok, ____." he says. "And you don't have to tell me why you're here. I'm just glad you are." He kisses you on the cheek. You are excited and tired at the same time. "Well, feel free to stay here." Chris says. You accept his offer. Chris lays down on his back and you are laying on his bare chest. (Just to let you know, he has pants on. don't worry. xD) That night you fall asleep in Chris' arms.
  8. You wake up with Chris next to you. He's still alseep, but when you move slightly, he wakes up and smiles. "Morning, ____." he says and gives you a little peck on the lips. You smile back. "Morning Chris." you say. Chris hugs you and then turns to his side and goes back to sleep. Yep, he's definately not a morning person. You leave and go to your own room. You decide not to tell any of the other guys about that.
  9. You close the door of your room. Then you brush your teeth and take a shower. You do your hair and makeup however you want and you wear whatever you want. You spend a few hours on your laptop at your favorite websites. (yes, you have a laptop, it came with your room.) Then you go downstairs to get some breakfast... or lunch cuz it's noon now. Allissa, Anthony, Ethan, and Bryan were in the living room watching "The Haunted". Nick was in the kitchen making pancakes for everyone. (I forgot to mention he's a great cook.) "Hey ____. How'd you sleep." Nick asks, "Good." you say. You decide to stay in the kicthen and keep Nick company.
  10. After breakfast, the guys decide to give you a day off from training. So what do you do?
  11. ***TIME FORWARD*** It's night now and you've already gone to sleep.
  12. ***Dream mode*** It's a clear and beautiful night. You are standing on your balcony, and you're facing and holding hands with a guy you've never seen before. He has coal black emo style hair, kind of like Chris' but it's slightly different. His hair has blood red streaks at the end. His eyes are really sexy looking. They're dark brown on the outside, but amber around the pupil. He's pretty muscular, but not so much that's it's scary. It's above average but it's still just right. Only says one thing to you. "Don't worry, I'll be back." His voice sounds really sexy. You wish he would talk more. But a second later you wake up.
  13. ***dream mode ended*** You turn over to your side. The glass doors to your balcony are closed... you look through them and see... that exact same guy from your dream, he's looking right at you! You blink, and when you open your eyes again, he's gone.
  14. Oh snap, CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!! Who do you like?

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