Powerful Love part 2

Sorry this took so long. You can't make one of these quizzes every day. I'm glad the rest of you liked my first quiz so much, so here it is: part 2 of the series.

I know I said that part 2 would be the best one, but you can be the judge of that. If you haven't read part 1, do so, or you will miss a lot. So here it is.

Created by: Zoey

  1. Tyson dragged me into the cave. Inside it was well furnished with cavernous rooms. He led me to a room. "It's for my queen," he said.
  2. *Back at the cave* "How did he know?" fretted Cici. "Someone must have tipped him off. How else could he have known she was up with us?" said Tammi. "We need to organize a rescue party," said Chace. "But who will go?" asked Scarlett, carelessly examining her nails. "I'll go since it was my idea," said Chace. "And I'll take Monique, Jake, Tammi, and - Zach was doing crazy things to get his attention- "Cici." Zach looked furious.
  3. I woke up, yet again wondering where I was. Then I remembered I was stuck in Tyson's cave. A weird looking toad like creature hopped up. "This way, ma'am," he said in a squeaky voice. He bowed hastily. Toadie led me to a large cavern with a huge table in the center. Tyson was the only one sitting there. He got up. "Good morning," he said, and before I knew it, I was against the wall and his lips were pressed to mine. Tyson had an odd charm to him, sort off like the charm bad boys had. Part of me wanted to sit down and get to know him, to have him kiss me again, but the other part of me was utterly repulsed by him and wanted to get away as soon as possible. Toadie guided me to a chair by Tyson. He smiled as I sat down. "I'm Tyson, and I was cheated out of kingship. This is my cave, my home, and you are mine now," he said.
  4. The days pass by and I began to feel hopeless. When would they rescue me. Finally, one night there was a huge crash. When the dust cleared, I saw Chace's arm outstretched. He grabbed me and I was flying through the air in his arms. "What the heck is going on?" I asked. Tammi was on Chace's right side, Monique on his left, Cici looking back, and Jake looking forward. "It's okay," said Monique. "We got you. The cave appeared and we flew in. Chace set me down. "Be careful, be watchful," he said; then kissed me.
  5. I was back at the cave. The upsides were obvious: Monique, Cici, Tammi. Downsides: Zach was acting really weird and Scarlett was acting as if I didn't exist. One day, Jake walked up to me. "You're going to start training tomorrow," he said. "Who will train me?" I asked. "We'll alternate," he answered, "but Tammi will start."
  6. The next day, I woke up to Tammi shaking me. "Time for training," she said. It was way early. The only other person up was Monique. "Hey," she said. "I wanted to watch." I tried to smile, but it turned into a yawn.
  7. "Why are you up this early hour?" I asked. "I was trained last," said Monique. "The getting up early seemed to stick with me." "Where do we train?" I asked. "You can fly well, right?" asked Tammi. "I guess," I said. "Well, we're going to the atrium."
  8. "What's the atrium?" I asked. "It's where we train if we're strong enough fliers," said Tammi. "Actually flying there is considered an achievement." "So, are we going to go?" asked Monique. "Sure," I said. We began flying. I just followed Tammi. Monique watched behind us. It really was a long flight, and by the time I got there, I was panting. But the atrium made me catch my breath.
  9. It had an open roof, which was no surprise, but it had several columns, each a different color and animal carved on it. The columns traded animals and colors every five minutes. There were huge statues, about fifty feet tall. But to the right was something that shocked me...
  10. Did you like it?

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