The difference: Kylee's Secret Revealed (part 8)

Welcome to part 9! I'm glad that you have enjoyed my series so far. I have gotten a lot of positive feed-back, so I've decided to go on with this series for a while.

If you're new to the series then you should go back and take the other quizzes. If you don't this one won't make any sense. Thanks for sticking with the series!

Created by: Crazy and quiet
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  1. You sprint into the hospital in a hurry. Vince is running to keep up with you. You and Vince were supposed to go back to the cabin, but instead you went straight to the hospital. Is Kylee OK?! You skid to a stop at the front desk. "Ma'am, is there a girl here by the name of Kylee Jones?," you ask the desk lady. "Yes. She's in room 14. Are you family?" You run down the hall without giving her an answer. You'll probably get in trouble for it on your way out, but you don't care. Right now you and Vince just need to find Kylee.
  2. It's not too hard to find Kylee's room. It's one of the first rooms on the second floor. When you get there you and Vince see Lucas sitting on the floor across from the room. "Lucas," says Vince. "Why are you here? I thought that you'd be back at the cabin." "No reason. Just.... concern for Kylee is all. I'm being a good friend." Lucas is a terrible liar. You can tell just by the look on his face that he's lieing. While Vince and Lucas continue with their exchange of words, you're just standing there twiddling your thumbs. You know the real reason Lucas is here... A nurse walks out of Kylee's room. "Test results will be back in an hour," she says. "In the mean time you can either hang out here or go home. I can assure you Kylee is going to be fine." "Can we see her?" you ask. "Sure. It's OK with me." You, Lucas and Vince walk inside to find Kylee sitting on the edge of the hospital bed in a gown. She looks very awkward and nervouse. "Lucas, Vince, is it alright if I talk to ______ alone for a minute? I need some girl time." Lucas and Vince go from the room and close the door without a word. Now it's only you and Kylee.
  3. Kylee gets up and starts pacing the floor nervously. "Come on, Kylee, spill it!" "Spill what?" she has a nervouse look on her face. "Just tell me. I won't judge you." "I...I...." she doesn't finish her sentence and turns away from you. She sounds like she's going to cry. You put a comforting hand on her shoulder. "I'm your best friend, Kylee. You don't have to be afraid to tell me why you've been vomiting and why you've been eating..... strange foods." "Fine! I'm pregnant OK! I made a stupid mistake and now I'm pregnant!" Tears come streaming down Kylee's face in a waterfall. "It happened when you were lost in the woods, didn't it?" "Uh-huh. I feel so stupid!" You let Kylee cry on your shoulder. The whole time she's crying, neither of you say anything.
  4. *In the hallway* Vince and Lucas are just sitting there next to eachother. Although they didn't hear what was said, they can hear Kylee crying. Vince looks wearily at Lucas. Finally he's catching on that something is off about Kylee. "Luke," he says. "Please explain to me what's wrong with Kylee." Lucas looks really freaked out about what Vince just asked of him. He looks up and down the hallway as if he's worried about someone overhearing. Then he whispers to Vince, "Fine, I'll tell you, but you've got to promise you won't let Kylee know I told you." Vince rolls his eyes. "Sure, I promise. Now tell me." "You know how when me, Kylee, Kyler and _____ got lost in the woods we also got seperated right?" "Yeah." "Well, when me and Kylee were alone together we started talking-" Vince cuts him off. "You got her pregnant?!" "So much for explaining!" "Why would you do something stupid like that?!" "I didn't know that this would happen!" "Well, what are you going to do?" "I don't know."
  5. *2 weeks later* School's started back up again. The shock of Kylee's pregnancy has worn off for you, Vince and Kyler. No one at your school knows that Kylee's pregnant, so it's all good. Well, for now anyway. The thing that shocks you is that Lucas hasn't run away yet. Mostly everyone would've expected him to run long before now. So where are you now? You are at lunch with Kyler, Vince, Kylee, Lucas and several other people. Big, group assignments were just assigned to all of you. You are in a group with, Kyler, Kylee and this one preppy cheerleader named Zoey. You were in a group with her for a major project last year. She normally makes everybody else do her work, so she isn't really much of a concern. Not just do you have that to work on, but you're also auditioning for Vince's play this evening. You didn't like the idea of being in his play at first, but after reading the script you've changed your mind.
  6. "Hey,_____, when did you want to meet to start our project?" asks Kyler. With your mind on Vince's play and Kylee's pregnancy, you almost forgot! Gathering your thoughts, you say, "Oh probably tomorrow night." "Why not tonight?" "Auditions for Vince's new play are tonight. I'm trying out for the lead role." A look of dissapointment crosses his face, but it quickly vanishes. "OK, that's fine then. Tomorrow it is." The end of lunch bell rings. "See you later, ______." You go to your locker and get your stuff for your next class without a second thought.
  7. The rest of the days classes go by quickly. You're so bord that you're suprised that you stayed awake through all of them. Finally the bell to end your 6th hour rings. "Yay, freedom!" You grab your bag from your locker and walk down to the auditorium. You aren't compleatly alone because two other people are heading in that direction, too. That doesn't suprise you. After how good his last play was everybody's probably going to want to audition for this one! You walk in to see anywhere from 15 to 20 people lined up on the stage. That's three times the usual amount. You do your best to stay at the back of the line. Auditioning in front of all of these people make's you nervouse.
  8. While you wait for your turn you don't do much. Just read a book and says something to the person next to you in line occasionlly. Sometimes you put down your book to watch peoples auditions. "Wow," you say to yourself. "Some of these people have no acting talent!" Even Zoey tried out and she wasn't that good. She wasn't bad, just.....not good. Eventually as the last person leaves your turn comes around. "It's about time," you mutter to yourself.
  9. "_____, you came!" Vince says. You laugh. "What, did you think I'd skip and say I forgot?" "Actually....." "Yeah, I thought I'd do that at first, too." Vince strides close to you. "Well, show me what you've got." You set your bag toward the back of the stage and start your audition. You've decided to do a scene from the last act. You're favorite part of the play. Once you're done Vince claps and said you were spectacular. You grab your bag and are about ready to exit when you notice someone at the back of the auditorium. It doesn't take you long to identify that person as Kyler. Kyler is sitting in the back row wearing a black hoodie with the hood up, staring at you lovingly.
  10. *cliffhanger*

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