The difference (part 7)

Thank you for choosing part 7 of "The Difference" series. I won't tell you what it is, but there is a dramatic twist at the end. I hope you'll enjoy:P

If you've enjoyed this series so far, leave your comments. If you haven't leave suggestions as to how to make it better. (Please no mean comments) Stay tuned for part 8!

Created by: Crazy and quiet
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  1. You're running throught the woods. Something is chasing you and you don't know what it is. All you know is that it's big and that it sounds angry. "Stop your running,_____!" It says. "You won't escape me!" You keep running as fast as you can until you run into a lake. "Ha, you're trapped!" says the thing. It's about to over take you when it fades away. You sit up covered in sweat and look at the clock. It's 3:30AM. Thank goodness it was a dream. Unable to get back to sleep, you put on your robe and walk down stairs to the back porch. Hopefully, you won't wake anybody up.
  2. You tiptoe down the stairs. You're about to go out the slider door to the back porch, but you hear two people talking. You can't be sure, but you think one is Lucas. "What?!, he says. "No, it isn't possible! Are you pranking me?" "No, Lucas, I'm not pranking you. I'm telling the truth." Now you've identified the other voice as Kylee's. What the heck is going on with her? "But how can you tell? It's only been 24-hours!" Now you're hiding between the refidgerator and the kitchen island. You can hear them perfectly from this angle. You think you're compleatly alone, but someone grabs you around you're waist. You try to scream but he covers your mouth.
  3. "____, calm down. It's just me." You turn to see the icey blue gaze of Kyler. "Kyler," you say, "Don't scare me like that!" He shushes you. "Do you want them to hear us?" Now he's let you go and you're sitting shoulder to shoulder trying to stay hidden in case they come in. "Wait," you say. "Did you come down here to spy?" "Duh. Why else would I be up at 3 in the morning? So why are you down here?" "I couldn't sleep, so I came down here to sit on the porch. But when I heard Kylee and Lucas..." "You decided to eavesdrop?" He gives you a mischivouse smile. "I can respect that." The two of you sit there and listen to the conversation.
  4. Kylee and Lucas eventually come inside, but they don't go near your hiding spot. "So do you want to keep it secret for now?" says Lucas. "Yes. For now," Kylee replies "Do you want me to get your....snack from off of the table?" "Sure." Lucky for you, the table is across the room from you and Kyler. "What the heck is in this thing?" whines Lucas. "Pickles and icecream." "Kylee, that's disgusting! How can you eat that krap?" Kylee stays silent. "Oh... right." You hear footsteps going up the stairs. You wait until they reach the top to come out of hiding. Assuming that Kyler will go back upstairs, you go out to the back porch. Instead of going back upstairs, Kyler follows.
  5. "So what do you make of that?," he asks. "I don't know," you say. "It sounds to me like..." You don't finish what you were about to say. He heard the conversation. Do you really need to say it? "Like what? You mean...." "NO!" you says. "Not Kylee! She's my best friend. She'd never do something stupid like that! If she did then her life would be ruined!" There is a long moment of silence after you say that. Now that you think about it, a lot of the other girls were talking about how cute Lucas is. Kylee never talked about him like that though. Since both you and Kyler can't stand sitting anymore, you go out to skip stones on the river. You've always loved skipping stones. It suprises you that you and Kyler have that in common.
  6. You and Kyler get off the subject of Kylee and move on to other subjects. It's 4:00AM by the time you decide to go inside and go back to sleep. With everything on your mind, it's amazing that you are able to fall asleep at all. Well, it's not just the stuff on your mind. Kylee was up pacing the floor in the room next to you. You don't have anymore nightmares for the rest of the night. By the time you wake up the next morning it's 11:30. You change into a cute outfit and go downstairs to find Vince sitting at the breakfast table alone. He seems very awake and he looks very handsome with the afternoon light shining throught the window. "Good morning, ______. Did you sleep well?" You sit down across from him. "Yup. I slept like an angle. I didn't wake up once," you lie. "That's good." You look around and notice that Kylee's not there. She's usually always in the dining room this time of day. "Where's Kylee?," you ask. "She's still asleep. She's most likely still tierd from being lost in the woods. She'll be fine by tomorrow." You find it suprising that Vince hasn't noticed Kylee's behavior yet. How could he have not noticed?!
  7. "Vince, don't you think that Kylee's been acting wierd?" "No, I don't think so. She's just been acting like Kylee." You want to ask him more questions, but you decide not to. Instead, you and Vince decide to go back to that old woman's coffee shop. This time you take Vince's car instead of walking. Mainly because he has a cousin that owns a store in the near-by town. After you're done at the coffee shop, he wants to take you there to meet her. "So, have you thought about my play offer?" Vince asks at the coffee shop. Actually, you haven't thought about his play offer at all. However, you answer him like it's been the only thing on your mind.
  8. You say, "Yes, I have thought about it." "And.....," the eagerness in his eyes make your heart melt. Without even thinking, you say, "I'm in. When does play practice start?" "Auditions start the Monday we go back. Don't worry though. I doubt anyone other then you will get the lead." "Why do you think that?" "You're good in front of audiences." You chuckle. "What makes you think that?" "I've seen you do reports in class. You're really good." You end up blushing. "Thanks, I guess. I've never really thought I was that good, but...." "You are that good. You'll be great in my play."
  9. Fourty-five minutes later you leave the coffee shop. On your way to the store Vince's cousin owns, his phone rings. "Great, not again!" You say to yourself. However, your frusteration turns to panic when Vince does a U-turn in the direction of the cabin. "We'll be right over. Thanks for letting us know." Vince hangs up the phone. "What happend?" you say in panic. "It's Kylee. She's in the hospital."
  10. *Cliffhanger* stay tuned for part 8. Leave your comments.

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