The difference (part 6)

Welcome to part 6! I hope that you've enjoyed my series so far. I'm probably going to end this series soon. I can't tell you exactly how many more parts I'm gonna make.

I'm going to start making a new series after this one. I'd give you a title but I haven't come up with one yet. Plus I still haven't finished this series. Leave you're comments.

Created by: Crazy and quiet
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  1. You and Kyler are back at the cabin. You've gotten something to eat, taken a shower and even had Vince's dad give you and Kyler check-ups. (Vince's dad is a doctor) Normally it would all feel good after being lost in the woods for 24 hours. But it doesn't feel good this time. Vince is still acting a little pissed off and Kyler looks like he feels awkward. Plus, to make things worse, Kylee and Lucas still haven't been found yet. So you've decided to go out to the back yard near a big oak tree with a tire swing. You'd think the swing wouldn't be there since Vince is a teenager. Right now is one of those moments when you wish the rest of the world would dissapear so you could be alone to think. However, the world decides not to leave you alone. Because here comes Vince walking up the hill toward you. "Great, he's probably coming down here to yell at me," you say to yourself. You get on the tire swing and act like you act like you don't see him.
  2. "Hi," says Vince. "Hi." You say it but you don't look at him. "Look,____, I'm really sorry about getting so mad. It was just suprising to find you and Kyler asleep inside a hollow tree. It looked kind of...not...good." You get off the swing to sit down next to him. "I understand what you're saying. That would've looked bad to anyone. We just got tierd is all. We didn'" Vince scootches closer to you. "I know that now. But, to give an example of how I feel, imagine finding me asleep inside a hollow tree stump next to our art teacher." Even though that sounds gross to you, you can't help but laugh. Vince joins in and laughs with you. "So is all forgiven?" you give him the puppy dog eyes. He chuckles. "Yes I forgive you and I forgive Kyler." Since you're both friends again you decide to go and swim in the pool with some of Vince's theature buddies. What you guys really want to do is go look for Kylee and Lucas. The only reason you don't is because you were told not to. Vince's dad called the police. They gave specific orders to let them do the looking so nobody else gets lost.
  3. You try to have fun, but it's no use. How can anyone have fun when two of your friends are lost in the middle of the wilderness?! You look over at Vince who also seems worried. Unexpectedly, Vince asks, "______, do you want to take a walk? There's a coffee shop right down the street from here. We can stop by there." "A coffee shop? In the middle of the woods? By a lake?" "Yeah. There's this old woman who opened one up on the first floor of her house. This road is traveled a lot and she thought it'd be a good idea." You agree to the idea and go into the house to change. On the walk back to the house you can't help but notice his perfect 6-pack. He notices you staring and says, "Respect the abbs." You both laugh then head inside. You get done changing first and go wait for him on the back porch. It's a beautiful day. Quality time with Vince should at least do a little to ease your worry.
  4. It took you a half-hour to get to the coffee shop on foot, but it was worth every moment. It's nice to have a friend like Vince. After finding you asleep in a hollow tree with one of his guy friends and forgiving you that must prove his friendship. You try to avoid conversation about Kylee and Lucas. The police will find them, then everything will be fine. So basically what you talk about is school, and a new play Vince is doing. "Your last play was really good," you say. "Thanks. You have no idea how long I spent rehursing that part." "A lot according to how much the audience loved it." "Who knows. Maybe they just loved Kylers special appearence." You somehow laugh. It was humiliating when he did that! You and Vince are about ready to split a big cookie when Vince's phone rings. It's his dad.
  5. Since Vince doesn't put it on speaker, you can only hear Vince's side of the conversation. "Really?! Are they on their way back?" --- "Great! So they're both Ok?" --- "We're 30 minutes away! We walked here." --- "Ok. We'll wait for you. Bye, dad." He hangs up. "They found Kylee and Lucas?" "Yup. They're on their way back to the cabin." "Are they hurt?" "Nope. Dad said they're just covered in dirt and tierd." You go wait outside and still have time to split the cookie. It's a good thing, too. Otherwise, Vince's dad would've wanted part of it. While you're waiting outside Vince's new play comes up again. He asks you to play the lead female role.
  6. As you're about to agree to be in the play, Vince's dad pulls up in his jeep. "Come on. Everyone's waiting on you," says Vince's dad. You both get in. You and Vince are trying to finish your conversation, but his dad is singing along with the radio the whole way back to the house. Apparently, he's a fan of Lady Gaga. The hardest part of the car ride is not telling him to shut up. The most you do to express your irritation is give a symathetic glance toward Vince. He looks so embarassed!
  7. The minute he pulls into the driveway you flee from the car. Hopefully he never persued a career as a singer. The first thing you do is run inside and up the stairs in persuit of Kylee. You need to know what happened once she got seperated from you! You're on your way to the room Kylee borrowed when you hear gaging coming from the bathroom. "Kylee..." you call hesitantly. The bathroom door comes opened. "Hi,_____," she says with a smile. "Kylee, were just vomiting?" She looks nervouse. "No. I just had to pee. After using only trees for nearly 48 hours you'd think indoor plumbing would sound nice." You let the subject go and go to her room to talk. After not having another girl to talk to for 2 days you need some girl time.
  8. Kylee and Lucas basically went through the same thing you did with Kyler. They had to find shelter, food and had to deal with the rainstorm. Only, you don't tell Kylee about the whole thing about when Vince found you asleep next to Kyler in a hollow tree stump. You don't even want to think about that disaster! Eventually you desert that subject and tell her about Vince's play offer. "You should go for it! Yet again, Vince probably wouldn't recommend anyone else for the part." "What do you mean?" She gives you a teasing look. "You know what I mean." "No. No I don't." "What I mean is the boy loves you."
  9. "Loves me? There's no way. I would've noticed by now." She laughs. "You haven't noticed, but everyone else has." You think about it. How he left class to comfort you the day you discovered Kyler transfered to your school. He wanted you to go to his play. The fact that he invited you on this trip. How irritated he seems every time you're around Kyler... Maybe Kylee's right. Or she could be misreading. You want to ask Kylee for examples, but she quickly flees to the bathroom to vomit. Now that she and Lucas have been found there are some new questions buzzing around in your head.
  10. *Cliffhanger* stay tuned for part 7! :D

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