The difference (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of The Difference series. If you haven't taken parts 1 and 2 I strongly suggest that you do. If you don't you won't understand what's happening.

Also, at the end of this one, a new character is being introduced. His name is Lucas. He had brown hair, brown eyes and has strong chisled features. What will happen in this one? Well just read...

Created by: Crazy and quiet
  1. Vince yells into the microphone "Come on,______! Give him another chance!" One of the stage hands puts the spotlight on you. "Great. Things keep getting better and better." Now everyone, including your friends, are staring at you. Someone in the audience yell, "Yeah! Give him a second chance!" Your face is heating up from a combonation of anger and embarassment. Your thinking about running. Instead you yell."You've gone too far this time, Kyler!" "I wouldn't have had to have gone this far if you'd only forgive me!" Even from the balcony you can see his pleading eyes. Well, his and Vince's. "Forget it!" You walk down from the balcony and into the parking lot. You're not running just walking angrily. Your friends follow. You say, "Let's get out of here." You all go back to Kylee's house and gossip about how stupid Kyler just made himself look. For some reason you're starting to feel kind of sorry for Kyler. Realizing the emotion you push it away.
  2. *The next day* It's 2:00. The sleepover just ended. You're on your way home when Vince walks up to you. "Hi, ______. I'm sorry about the whole thing with the play." "Where's your new best buddy?" He isn't my best buddy. I was just trying to keep him on bord with our biology project. He asked me to help him get you forgiveness so I did." "That's all?",you ask in asstonishment. That's all. I swear on my mother's grave." You feel a sick sense of relief wash over you. "I'm glad that's it then." You guys walk back to your house together and sit down on the couch. "So,____,"he says. "You know that these next 2 weeks is spring break right?" You arch your brow in curiosity. "Right." "So my dad is taking me on a vacation to our cabin. He said I could invite as many people as I want to come with us. See, I invited Kylee and most of my theatre friends. You wanna come too?" You jump up and down extatic. "Yes I want to go! Why didn't you ask me sooner?" "Because you were mad." "Oh right."
  3. "When is it?" "We leave tomorrow morning at 9:00," Kyler replies giving a beautiful smile. Then he gets a text. "Oh I have to go. My needs me home." "Ok. See you tomorrow." The instant he walks out the front door you go upstairs to pack. Since the only one you live with is your dad and he lets you do whatever you want you're good to go. While you're packing your mind keeps going back to Kyler and how all the other girls said that he made a fool of himself. Why would he do that to himself unless he really wanted your forgiveness? Finally you can't take it anymore so you call Kylee and ask her. "Wow, you called instead of texting. It must be ergent," says Kylee. "Yeah I have a question that has been on my mind.""What is it?" "It's about Kyler." Kylee starts to laugh. "You think he's changed. Don't you?" "What do you not think he's changed?" "Actually I think he has changed. Vince and I have just been waiting for you to see it." "So what should I do?" "Tell him you forgive him and mean it. After all he did publicly announce he was sorry." "You're right. I'll tell him I forgive first thing when we go back to school."
  4. The next morning comes really fast. Almost too fast. But you don't mind. You, Kylee and Vince get into Vinces car. His drama club buddies are going to meet you at the cabin. For some reason Vince has started driving yet. You ask,"Vince, what's the hold up?" "I sort of invited someone else." This is a bad sign. You glare at him. "Who?" He's about to answer when a male voice from afar yells, "Vince, you're still here? I thought you'd leave without me!" You don't believe who you see walking toward the car. Kyler. You keep your glare turned on Vince. "What?" he says. "It was Kylee's idea!" Kylee laughs. "I figured it'd do you good to tell him you forgive before we get back to school." For some reason, you laugh with her.
  5. Kyler throws his oversized duffle bag into the trunk then gets into the car. For the first twenty minutes Kyler and Vince are just talking man talk. Stuff about their 4-wheelers and "your mom" jokes. Oh and another thing, Kyler has been sitting next to you the whole time. Even thought your sitting far apart it feel unbarably close.
  6. It ends out that it's a really long drive out there. His dad's cabin isn't a beach house either. It's actually a cabin by a lake in the middle of the woods. "Great," you think. "In a cabin in the wood with Kyler." Now you're starting to get tierd. You stayed up late texting and watching The Nanny. (I love that show BTW!) Even though you fight it, you eventually fall asleep.
  7. "_____, wake up. We're here." It's Kyler whispering to you. You fell asleep against his shoulder. The moment you realize you sit up instantly like he has some sort of contagious disease. His face is red. "Sorry. I thought if I shoved you off of me it'd wake you up. You seemed pretty tierd." "And you fell asleep too," adds Vince. Strange. Vince seemed kind of irritated at his statement. Instead of saying anything else, Vince runs off with his drama club friends. You're about to go run off with Kylee and catch up with Vince. Kylee says, "Hey,_____, I'm gonna go look at the...thing in the.... place. I'll catch up with you later."
  8. Irritated you yell after her, "Ok! Have fun looking at the THING!" Kyler laughs. "I'm guessing that wasn't her best excuse." There is long moment of awkward silence. "So, ______ -" "You don't have to ask again. I forgive you." His dazzeling, icy blue, eyes light up. It's as if they've been filled by sunlight. "Really?" "Yes. Anyone who'd get up and publicly announce their appology deserves it." "Thanks! And I really am sorry. About everything." You guys hug, and for an instant it feels like you're hugging an old friend.
  9. You and Kyler end the hug to find Kylee watching you. Not just her but also Vince and a brunette boy. "Is this enough of a show or would you like to record it for later?!" asks Kyler attempting a joke. "Sorry," says Kylee. "I was just wondering if you two would like to go on a hike with me and Lucas." She gestures to the brunette boy. You say "Sure. What could happen?"
  10. *Cliffhanger* Part 4 is coming soon!

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