complicated difference part 17

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You just got back home from the stores. You went in the house and were walking up to that last door that you havent opened yet. You just started to turn the handle.

Created by: pixystixlove94 of Complicated Difference
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  1. You walked up to that last door, grabbed the handle, and turned it, pulling the heavy door towards you. The space in front of you revealed a spiral staircase leading up to yet another door. You instantly became curious and took a few steps in this small place, turning to close the door behind you. You start walking up the stairs slowly, cautiously, barely being able to keep yourself from lunging forward from all of the curiosity built up inside of you. You reach the door at the top of the winding stairs.
  2. You reach for the handle, noticing a very strange looking keyhole, shaped like a triangle. You dismiss that and start to turn the brass doorknob, but you can't. It's locked. You try again and still no luck. You look around, trying to see if there's a key laying anywhere, and you don't see anything.
  3. You decide to go back downstairs, and once you get there you see that Erik's been calling for you. He's standing there, looking at you, "Where have you been?" he asks. "Oh, I was just checking things out," you say, but before you could explain any more Erik cuts in, "Well, come with me, I wanna show you something." You follow him out of the house and toward the town.
  4. He takes your hand and leads you to this gray wall made of stone. Once the huge, wooden doors open, they reveal a massive area of just grass, rocks, and obstacles. You see people using their powers. "This is the training area, _____. Everyone comes here to train, since you aren't allowed to use your powers outside of this place unless it's an emergency," Erik explains, "And I brought you here because we still aren't done with your training."
  5. Both of you go to an empty spot in this large training field and you sit down. "So," Erik starts saying, "I'm going to help you with teleportation. You've basically got the main part down, but I'm wondering if you could teleport other things as well. So here's a small box I brought with me, hold it and try to teleport." You do as he says; it takes a little longer than normal, but you feel the shift in the air and you open your eyes. Now you're on the other side of him, like you planned. He turns to look at you and you look down, the box is still in your hands. "Great job!" Erik exclaims.
  6. "Let's try this with something a little different..." Erik says, pausing to think, "Oh! I got it, hold on." He gets up and jogs away. You just sit there and wait, wondering what he's doing. You hear his footsteps behind you, and you turn to look at him. "Here she is," Erik says, "This is Rosie, she runs around town whenever she pleases really, everyone loves her," he adds, giving the small dog to you. You just look at how adorable she is and pet her.
  7. "Okay, try it now," he says. You're a tiny bit nervous, since you've never done this before. You focus anyway, holding Rosie tight. A few seconds later you're a few feet behind Erik, and you still feel something warm and soft cuddling up to you. "Wow, that's really cool," Erik says, adding, "Hmm, I wonder if you could do that with a human... Take my hand, try it with me." You're a bit hesitant, since you're unsure of what will happen, but you set Rosie down, close your eyes, and give it a try. You have to push your energy outwards, and you're struggling with it. You can feel your power covering him, and now you just have to focus. Within a few seconds, both of you have teleported. Though it took a lot of energy out of you, and now you're exhausted. "That was amazing! I could feel your power over me, and I've never done something like that before!" Erik says, "I see you're exhausted though, that must have taken a lot out of you. Let's get you back home, it's getting dark anyway."
  8. You and Erik stand up and start to walk toward the doors, when you noticed Rosie was following you. You glanced at Erik, and then felt a few raindrops hit your arms and face. "Does Rosie have an owner?" you ask Erik. "Not that I know of. I see her around all the time, but I never see her with anyone, she probably sleeps wherever she can find a place..." Erik replied. "Well, it's starting to rain and I don't want to leave her out by herself, you think it would be okay if she stayed with us?" you ask. "Yeah, sure, that would be great," Erik said, with a smile. You pick Rosie up and cuddle her to your chest. She falls asleep in your arms as you and Erik walk back to the house.
  9. It starts raining heavily by the time you get to the front door. Both of you hurry inside and you set Rosie on the floor, letting her look around the house. Paul comes out of the living room and Adam comes out of the kitchen, and they see Rosie. Adam runs over to her as fast as he can, which makes you laugh a little. They both pet her and play with her for a little while. Adam has his huge grin and Paul is actually smiling.
  10. All of you go into the kitchen and see that Adam cooked dinner. It smelled wonderful; you've been hungry since training ended. All of you sat at the table and ate, and Adam even set some food on the floor for Rosie. All of you talked about a lot of random topics and laughed about funny stories. After dinner was over with, you went up to your room, with Rosie following behind you. You took a nice, long shower, and got dressed into whatever you felt like wearing to sleep in. Once you walked out of the bathroom, you see Rosie sleeping on the bed. You crawl under the covers and go to sleep.
  11. You wake to the sound of your door creaking open, slowly. You feel a breeze moving over you, and you sit up a bit, looking at the door to see what's happening. You see...
  12. Who do you like?

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