Powerful Love part 1

This quiz is based on Scary Love I love that quiz it is so awesome but this quiz is good too please take please please please please please please please!

Please please please please please please please please please. Please please please please please please please please. Please please please please please!

Created by: wolfgrl45

  1. (your name is Adriane) I woke up one morning to my alarm. As I glanced out the window, I thought I saw the face of a boy with messy brown hair and dark eyes, but it disappears.
  2. I was walking down the sidewalk and bought some ice cream. When I turned around, I ran straight into a boy. The ice cream cone smashed onto his olive green army jacket, which matched his eyes. He walked away, tossing his black hair and scowling.
  3. I decided to go home. I was walking. When a guy ran out of nowhere and grabbed me. I screamed and the guy was thrown backward, but he got up. "Get away!" I yelled. The guy grabbed me, but I wriggled free. I fell into the street. I saw a boy with black hair and golden eyes before the world went black.
  4. I woke up, wondering where I was. It was quite possibly the strangest place ever. I was lying on a bed with sheets that were changing from red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to pink and back. The roof was arched and stone. One wall was stone, while the others were made of color changing cloth as well. A very realistic statue of a boy was in the corner. Suddenly it moved. "Hi," the boy said. "Sorry I knocked you out. My name's Zach." He flashed a cocky grin.
  5. Zach pulled me through the curtains into the main room. The room was a cave sectioned off by curtains. A group of kids sat in a circle in the center. Multicolored gems glowed in the ceiling. But strangest of all, the view was not of tall trees on the ground, but of clouds and below.
  6. A girl hurried over. "You're awake," she cried. "I'm Tammi," she added. "Adriane, meet Monique, Cici, Scarlett, Chace, Jake, and Sam." They all nodded. A girl with apple red hair and green eyes walked up to me. "I'm Scarlett, Tammi's sister, and we are a group of Sky-Gifts." She lowered her voice. "Stay away from Jake because he's MINE."
  7. "What are Sky-Gifts." I asked. A boy that looked like Zach except with silver eyes answered. "A Sky-Gift is a person with special powers, though we all can fly." "Besides flying, all of us has a different powers," a girl with light brown curly hair and pale green eyes chipped in. "I'm Monique, and I have telekinesis as well as flying." She made a beanbag chair, also color changing, move over to me."Sit," she said, "and I'll explain." I sat down. "The Sky-Gifts have been around for eons. We live on clouds, obscured from human view in peace. Until you came."
  8. "What do you mean?" I asked. "When you came along, so did a boy named Tyler. He was ambitious from birth, and he talked about ruling all Sky-Gifts. We thought it was all just talk until last year, someone poisoned our king. Because he was so eager to take his place, claiming he was trying to do what was right, Tyler was the prime suspect. With no solid evidence, he was released. Now, the royal government knew that Tyler was a fit, powerful Sky-Gift with the greatest power of all: the power of fight. He was appointed as assistant to the queen and her new husband. His only condition was that he was given you as his wife when he was of age. Well, you didn't want to be his wife, so when the guards were chasing you, you fell." Monique paused. "How old was I exactly?"I asked. "11, to be exact," said Monique. "But how come-" I started. "We had your mind wiped," Tammi, joining us. "We couldn't let our secret get out. We knew you'd tell everyone." "Anyway," said Monique, "The shock kept you from flying till the very last second. You couldn't figure out where the cloud was, so you were stuck. It took four years for Tyler to track you down. He's dangerous. All he wants is power and you and he'll do anything to get what he wants." "What does he look like?" I asked. "He has brown hair and dark eyes," said Tammi.
  9. "I saw him looking through my window this morning," I said. "Oh, she means 4 days ago," said Tammi. "I was out that long?" I asked. "Yeah. But Tyson was looking through your window. That's not a good thing. He must know somehow that we were planning to extract her," said Monique. "We must have a spy in our midst." A girl with jet black hair appeared out of nowhere. "Who's a spy?" she asked. "We don't know," said Tammi. "We just know that someone tipped Tyson off." The girl, whom I figured must be Cici, looked serious."That's bad," she said. "When will she start training?" asked Tammi. "I don't know. I'll go ask Sam." She vanished.
  10. The foods we ate were strange, but good and familiar. "What's my power?" I asked. "You mean you don't know?" asked Sam. "Mind wipe," sang Cici. "Right." "Your power," said Jake, "is psychokinesis and invisibility." "What's psychokinesis?" I asked. "You know telekinesis?" asked Chace. "Well it's a more violent version. You can control people's limbs as well as inanimate objects." "My power," said Scarlett dramatically, "is metamorphisizing. I can completely alter my appearance with just a thought." "I teleport," said Cici. "My power is that everyone believes what I say." Tammi blushed. "Shapeshifting." Zach. "Super speed." Jake. "Telepathy." Sam. "Strength." Chace.
  11. Suddenly, there was a crash. Strong arms grabbed me and I was lifted into the air. Chace was holding me! Suddenly, I felt a lurch. Tyson was slamming into Chace. Chace tried to resist, but he let go of me. Tyson grabbed me and bound my hands. "Fly," he demanded, letting go of me, but held on to my ropes. We landed after a while, in front of a huge cave. Tyson untied my hands, then grabbed me, his lips pressed to mine. "You're mine now," he said.
  12. As a good quiz/story writer always says, CLIFFHANGER!!!!!

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