Super Love part 1

So I started this new series! Called Super Love! I hope you like it. I tried me best! I really did... Anyways if you haven't already then go check out a one direction love story!

It's by Jhawkgirl12! Which is me, of course! So I actually like this series! I hope you like it too! Comment for part 2! Have fun reading! :) :D XD ;)

Created by: Jhawkgirl12

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  1. Hey! So I have written a few love stories here and there, and I decided I wanted to do an every-other love story! Where the guys and you have super and powers and Yadah, Yadah, Yadah! So enjoy! ;)
  2. 'BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!' your alarm goes off. You try to press the snooze button but it doesn't work. Eventually you give up and throw the alarm clock on the floor. It finally shuts up. You groan. "Another Monday morning in this living hell hole." You mutter. You get ready for school. And out the door you go! You end up missing your bus. "Great." You say sarcastically. You jog all the way to school since its sorta far. This isn't the first time missing your bus so you know your way.
  3. When you get to school you walk straight inside. No one was there since you were late. You ran to your locker, grabbed your things for home room, and took off. You were turning the corner into the hall where your home room was at when you run into someone. You look up to see two blue eyes. "Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry I was in a hurry." You say quickly and walk past blue eyes without even looking at him. You rush into home room. "Hello Ms._____. Care to join us?" Your teacher Mr.Wiseman says. He gestures to a seat and so you sit down.
  4. First and second period go by quickly and now is Art class. You loved Art specifically, but hated the people that were in it. Like Lily. She was a popular stuck up snob. You weren't exactly what you call 'Cool' in school. You had really only one friend. And even she was beginning to ditch you. You walk into art class quickly and take your seat. "Hey dog face." Lily says. You just try to ignore her and work on your daily drawing. "Speak!" Lily yells. "Shut-up." you mutter. "good doggy! Here's a treat!" Lily says with a smirk on her face. Then she whipes a paint brush over your mouth. That's when you lost it. You started slapping Lily and cussing at her. Everyone in the class had there eyes in you two.
  5. **Time Forward** "Ms._____. What do you have to say to yourself?" Your principal yells. "I'm sorry Lily for trying to hurt you in anyway, shape, or form." You mutter. "You are dismissed." Your principal says. You walk out of his office and look up to see who his next victim is. To your suprise you see blue eyes. He actually has short blonde hair and a fairly good body. He gives you a smile the walks into the office. You just continue in with your day. And soon enough, it's the end of the school day.
  6. Instead of just taking the bus you ditch that and walk home. You had a lot going through your mind anyways. Suddenly someone taps your shoulder. You turn around to see someone with bright emerald eyes and brown flippy hair. He was a little taller than you and had the cutest smile. 'Well whose this hottie?' You think to yourself. Suddenly green eyes smiles and laughs. "Hi. I'm Grant." He says. "Uhhhh. Hi?" You say. Grant laughs. "And you are?" He asks. "_____." you manage to say. "So I'm sorta new here and I guess I don't really know anyone. I was maybe going to try to get to know you." He says. "Oh. Ummm okay. What do ya wanna know?" You ask coming back to reality. He was just SO gorgeous! 'Dont screw this up.' You think. "Well I guess we could start with where do you live?" He asks.
  7. "Why do ask?" You ask. "Listen, I think your really hot and I actually know you more than you think." Grant blurts out. "What?!" You yell. "I'm sorry. That just came out!" Grant says. "that's okay. So you really think I'm pretty?" You ask. He smiles and says "of course."
  8. You two walk together talking for a while until you reach the street to your house. "Bye. I'll see you at school." You say. He waves and continues on with his walk. When you get home you sit on your bed in your bedroom and stare at the wall. A million questions run through your mind. Like 'How does he know me more than I think? Why was HE talking to ME? He really thinks I'm pretty?' you ask yourself. I guess you could ask him at school tomorrow or something.
  9. **Time Forward** (next morning) Today you actually make it to the bus and take your usual seat in the back. Normally nobody sits by you since you don't really have a lot of friends. And your only friend Brooke doesn't take the bus. Besides, you don't even think that you two are friends anymore. After a couple more stops someone taps your shoulder. You turn around to see a shorter, yet muscular, brown hair, brown eyed guy. "Hey um, is this seat taken?" He asks. "Nope." You say popping the 'P'. Brown eyes laughs and sits down. "I'm Justin by the way." He says. "I'm _____." you reply. The rest of the ride is sort and silent. Every once in a while you look over and see Justin staring at you. You can't help but blush a little, and Justin does the same. When the bus stops infront if the school you both get off and say good-bye.
  10. Your walking to your locker when you run into blue eyes. "Why do we keep meeting like this?" He asks. You both laugh and start to walk down the hall together. "So um I never really got your name." Blue eyes asks. "_____." you reply. "Mines Alex." He says. You start to turn into home room hall when Alex grabs your shoulder and turns you around. "Sorry but um I was wondering if you were maybe free today?" Alex asks. "Yeah." You reply. 'Just stay cool.' You say to yourself in your head. "Well do you maybe want to come over and hang out or something?" He asks. "Sure. Where do you live?" You ask. "Well that's a long story so could I just meet you at your house after school?" He asks. "How do you know where I live though?" You ask. "ummm, school directory?" Alex replies hesitantly. You nod and go into home room. The whole time you were thinking about how three amazing guys just met you and seem to somewhat like you! 'This is not normal!' You think mentally.
  11. **Time Forward** (After school) Your about to go onto the bus when you look over and see Grant walking home. You turn around and head off in his direction. You needed some answers, NOW. "Hey Grant!" You say when you catch up. "oh. Hey ____." Grant says. "So um I was just wondering about somethings." You blurt out. "Okay? What were you wondering about?" He asks. "Well I was wondering about how you know more about me than I think?" You ask.  "Well I'm not really aloud to say. Could you maybe come over today and I'll explain everything? It needs to be in private." Grant asks. "Well I was going to go over to Alex's house. I'm not sure if you know him but he asked me this morning." You reply. Suddenly Grant gets really mad and starts to run. "Grant?" You yell. You start to chase after him, but it's no use. It's like he has super speed or something! You shake it off and walk the rest of the way alone.
  12. When you get to your house Grant and Alex are outside. "Grant? What are you doing here?" You ask. "______, I can't let Alex do this to you. Your already too important to me." Grant says. Alex attempts to punch Grant but Grant runs super fast around Alex and behind him. Grant throws Alex to the ground. "Alex! Grant what the heck are you doing to him?!" You yell. "_____. We have something we need to tell you." Grant says, he comes over and faces you. He tries to give you a hug, but you just push him away. "Don't even try." You say as you turn and run. But Grant easily catches up to you. He picks you up and throws you over his shoulder. "Let me go!" You scream. You kick and punch and try to escape as much as possible, but it's no use. Eventually you give up and just dangle. Suddenly Alex gets up and grabs a hold of you. He carries you like super man would carry a lady. Suddenly Alex zooms up into the air. You scream and grab onto him tighter. You look down, you see to be flying!
  13. CLIFFHANGER!!! So that's it for part 1 of Super Love! I hope you liked it! If you do then I will continue with the story! Thanks!
  14. Oh and btw... Who do you like?

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