Super Natural Love Part 5

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I have four other quizzes before this. Those who got Freddy on the last quiz, your result was massed up, sorry. It should be: Freddy's becoming a tad braver isn't he? See how brave he is in part five! So, that was your Freddy result.

Now, I suppose you know who the guys are. In the results, I finally put pictures. Also, Dean has become an option. I find that ok! Do you? Well, anyway, I hope you enjoy!

Created by: Rain Maker

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  1. You all hear a rustle nearby. Greg stops and straightens himself. He yells,"SHOW YOURSELF!" A smug voice answers,"Are you sure?" Greg looks angry,"YES!!" A boy your age with amber brown hair, golden-honey brown eyes, and tan, smooth skin appears. Freddy whispers, "Its Dean.." Danny nods and gulps. The two sprint away. Dean smirks, and to Greg mumbles, "Your brother is very fun to torture." You think:FREAK! Greg shakes his head, and grunts. "Really Dean? Really? Is it just me...or do you not have a life???" Dean goes all upset and pulls out a small dartgun."This lasts for hour's eight hours. Another word...and Mark will go nightnight, and so will you."Greg puts his hands up. You say, "Creepy." Under your breath. Greg nods as Dean twirls the dartgun, and puts it back in his pocket. He looks like a phsycopath, and runs off. You....
  2. Greg stares at Dean run off before saying,"Id really like to know what the hell is wrong with that kid. Say? I have an idea. Mark loves cliffs, so maybe something of his is by the cliff." You shrug and say ok while Danny and Freddy are coming back. Greg looks at them with a sense of disgust, "You guys are Freakin wusses sometimes." Freddy and Danny look like this: >:0. You laugh and are thinking...
  3. Greg smiles and tells him he was just kidding. Freddy still seems offended and yells, "WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU SAY THAT AT I TIME LIKE THIS!" Greg laughs and starts walking towards the cliff he had explained. You follow, having a uneasy feeling in your stomach. Danny and Freddy follow, still steamed. You want to run off, but you don't. You arrive at the cliff. Its all jagged with sharp rocks. Its at least a two hundred foot drop into freazing water and razor sharp rocks. Danny says, "If you said that we were going here, I wouldn't have come!!" Greg laughs, but he slips on mud, hes sliding for the edge of the cliff. You...
  4. (HAHA!)*In Deans Lair**Deans POV* So, I got back to the room I was keeping Mark in. I had a feeling that he was going to go insane in that cell. Hes a werewolf, and ive seen him running around like a lunatic before. Sure enough, when I spot him in his cell, hes scratching at the walls, growling in the process. I laugh and he immediately stops. He looks deathly embarrassed. I'm happy knowing I did SOMETHING to him. Ha! I hope he goes crazy. It'll be great if he does, because I'll have the upperhand! Hahaha
  5. Deans Lair*Marks POV* Why did I have to be scratching the walls when Dean walked in! That's stinks. He saw me, and I was embarrassed. I shoved my face in my hands, my cheeks red hot. Dean must've known I was embarrassed, because he laughed hysterically. I adjusted my jeans pant leg and announced the first part of my plan, "I gotta use the bathroom." Dean looked at me suspiciously. "Am I THAT dumb Mark?" I gave myself a facepalm and repeated, "I need to use the bathroom!" Dean let out an exaggerated sigh. He unlocked my cell and let me out. He watched me for a bit. I went into the bathroom, and immediately walked put. I glanced back to see if Dean was there. No Dean! Yes! I took a mad dash for the front door. I almost made it. Somebody jumped out and tackled me. I hit the wall on my head hard. A faded voice asked, "I'm not that dumb Mark. Am I?" I knew it was Dean. Not just his voice faded, everything did. And I blacked out.
  6. *Regular POV* Greg was nearing the edge of the cliff. You stay put, shocked. Danny runs to him while Freddys already up there. Greg falls off the edge. You scream and rsalize he grabbed on to the ledge. Wait. Freddy had grabbed him before he fell! Freddy hoisted Greg up. Greg coughed and said thanks. Freddy just nodded solemnly and walked back to where he was. Greg stands. "Not only do I wanna kicks deans, as.s, but I want this cliff removed!" >;(. Danny laughs, while Freddy crosses his arms, all serious. You...
  7. Deans Lair*Deans POV* Ok, I was so bored for the hour Mark was out. I quickly looked up from a book when I heard him groan. Mark was awake, but he was just laying on the bed, like he was trying to regain focus. He rubbed his head, which did have a big-but-not-super-big bruise. He rubbed his eyes, and sat up groggily. He rested his head on the wall for a minute or two, until he realized he was in the cell again. He looked glum, and layed down on the bed, burying his face in a pillow. I knew he was angry, and sad, and depressed. Oh well! I love doing that to people.
  8. Deans Lair*Marks Pov*I. Hate. This. Dude. He LIKES torturing people, like me! He constantly watches my cell. I'm surprised he hasn't killed me yet! I just want to go home and enjoy a coke. Maybe watch some Terminator. But no! I get ti spend my time locked up in a cell which on the outside beholds the biggest jerk off of all time. He could at least let me get fresh air. Hm. I wondered...I took a grab for the bars, and yanked. I saw a flash, and then sparks. THEY SHOCKED ME! The dumb bars are electric. Figures. Its always something with the dark circle. Dean smiled maliciously as I sat down, looking like I gave up. But...I haven't yet....
  9. *Greg's POV* Lord, that scared me. Thank God Freddy saved me, or I'd be dead. I looked around for a sign of Mark, but got nothing. I looked at _________ who was following us, looking worried. I had something that I needed to say. I started to speak up. "Guys, this is about Mark..." _______ and Freddy nod while Danny says, "What?" I scratched my neck and said,"Hes adopted, and he doesn't know it. Ok. Don't tell him!" ___________ looked at me in disbelief. I couldn't blame her. That's some pretty big news!
  10. Freddys POV:♣ I couldn't believe it. Mark was adopted. And Greg wanted to find him. Event if he wasn't he real brother. as I said, couldn't believe it. I guess ________ couldn't either, because she looked very surprised. Greg sighed and kept walking. We all followed. Did we really have a choice? We kept walking until we came up to this glowing book. Greg stopped us all and mumbled, "Deans spell book..."
  11. In Deans lair♪Bens POV♪I watched those two for a while, and it was pretty amusing. I continued to observe. "Where is your key?" Dean would ask. "In your hole!" Mark would answer. "Your annoying." Dean would say. "I know you are, but what am I?" Mark would reply. Then Dean would get angry and try to strangle Mark through the bars, but Mark backed off when he saw a needle in Deans hand. Dean laughed, "Are we afraid!?" Mark shook his head, jumped onto the bed, and curled so he couldn't see the needle. Didn't think he was afraid of those, but I guess he is. Dean laughed maniacally. Mark was whispering something, but I couldn't hear. Poor kid...
  12. Well, I know ya love me, Cliffidy Hanger. Diddly dooo. So, who DO you like?

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