Super Natural Love Part 3

OK, so this is the third part to my love series. You kinda need to take the first two quizzes before this. It'd would be helpful to do so. Since you hopefully took the first two quizzed,I'm just gonna remind you who the boys are. Oh and CodySimpsonLuv, its ok.

You remember the guys right? There's Greg, Danny, Freddy, and Mark. Here's some descriptions, Greg:A bit rude, has a soft side, Marks brother Danny:Can be mysterious, acts tough Mark:Takes a lot of abuse, anger issues and very shy Freddy:New kid, athletic, helpful, ruthless

Created by: Rain Maker
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  1. So, your words are cut off by a large crash in the hallway. You go wide eyed and run to Freddy, who's closest by. Freddy holds your hand, trying to comfort you. Another crash is heard. After this crash, Mark screams and puts his head under his arms. Your startled, and Freddy holds you in his arms as Greg think....
  2. Another figure, this time in a black robe walks into the room. The boys back away to the corner while Mark is still screaming. The figure grabs Mark by the hood on his sweatshirt, and yanks up. Now Mark is in the air, struggling to breath. Freddy looks nervous and backs away from you. The robed figure takes a hand and puts it over Marks mouth. He whispers something in Marks ear and you see Mark trembling. The figure grabs Mark and drags him out of the room. you say...
  3. ★Marks point of view★ I'm being dragged out of the room, and I could breath, but just barely. I see no body doing anything to help me. Not even __________. I'm so angry. I tried to transform into a wolf, but no! Nothing! I grabthe dudes foot, trying to knock him over. But what happens? He grabs some handkerchief from a pocket in his dumb black robe and puts it over my nose and mouth. I started getting dizzy....and everything went black. Chloroform.
  4. *Regular point of view* Greg falls to hid knees, realizing his brother has been kidnapped by one of the most sinister groups ever. Greg knew who the black robed figure was. Its Dean. A boy their age with a taste for evil. Danny helps Greg up. Greg wasn't so sure who the blue figure was, but he was almost positive he was their age too. Who would want to take Mark hostage. He'd never done anything bad. You hug Greg, to help him feel better. He closes his eyes and water vapor appears around him. You back away. Danny explains that's what happened when Greg was deathly upset. You wonder why, because you know Greg really doesn't like Mark. You sigh and think....
  5. Greg leans onto the wall and rests his head on it. You stay with Danny, a little surprised by Greg's reaction. Tears stream down Greg's face, showing he's truly upset. You start to walk to him, and hug him. He hugs back, trying to seem sweet, even though he's in serious emotional pain. You...
  6. *In a strange building for the Dark Circle.* Dean has Mark tied up. Mark is still unconscious. The blue robed figure(Ben) puts electric arm restraints on Mark. Dean bonks Mark on the head, and Mark woozily lifts his head. Mark realizes where he is and pulls at his arks. Electric current shocks him for about 5 seconds. For Mark, it was as long as a million years. He groans at the pain, and drops his head. Ben and Dean smirk, "You really thought you'd get out Wolfie?" Dean says. Mark lets out an amused grunt, and Ben grabs a knife from the walls. Ben places it near Marks neck, "It won't be funny sooner or later." Mark went wide-eyed, and Dean and Ben walk out. Mark had to find a way out.
  7. *Back in algebra* You and the guys hear the final bell and scramble out of the school. Greg shows you to his car and everyone(But Mark duh!) Enter. Danny says, "Hey Freddy? Shouldn't you be in your coffin." Freddy raises his eyebrows, and then his face looks grim. He says, "Stereotype. I'm a vampire, but I don't stay in a coffin all day. And I certainly don't emerge at midnight and say Good Evening." You all laugh, and for once in a few hours, your feeling relaxed. You....
  8. Greg pulls into his family's house. His parents hadn't arrived home yet. You all go inside and the house is BEAUTIFUL. It has elegant furniture with a modern twist. Electric tan walls and flat screen 40" Tv. You all enter the kitchen and Greg says, "I know. Its nice. My parents are both great real-estate agents." You stare at him and think...(oh yeah, this doesn't effect anything)
  9. *Back with Dean, Mark, and Ben* *Marks pov* I was sitting.g in the room when Dean and Ben returned. Those electric arm restraints were REALLY making it hard to escape. Dean looked at me, with a crooked smile plastered on his dumb face. I smiled sarcastically. Ben messed with a switch to the left of me. I don't know why, but I had to try the restraints again. I yanked as hard as I could on the restraints, and they shocked the heck out of me. Must have been 10 seconds...but it felt like 10,000 years. My body was tingling. Dean laughed, "Idiotic mistake!!"And he was right, because I felt so dizzy.
  10. *Deans pov* I finally had one of them. Mark was so...idiotic and stupid. I stared at his trembling body, and he said in a malfunctioning voice,"W-w-w-whats t-t-t-the m-m-m-matter w-w-with y-y-you?" Its made me laugh. He wasn't going to win. I had nothing to worry about. Those electric arm restraints will keep him from getting away. Ben has to do what I say, or else, I'd kill his dog. Ha! I love power.
  11. *Regular pov* Freddy looks at you and begins talking...."So you see, Greg's going to explain what the Dark Circle is." Greg begins, "The Dark Circle is an organization that wants us dead. Fir no reason. But usually its because we're creatures or have powers. Before they killed Sabrina, she was a witch. A sweet one at that. Well, we have been on the run for a while, trying to find someone who could help us and we-" You cut him off by saying, "-You all met me in the same day! I know!" All of them smile....and at the same time say...."So your helping?" You nod...but are thinking...
  12. Well, a CLIFFHANGER. Who do you like so far?

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