An Odd Love Story (part six)

This is part six. six. not one. start at one. then read up to here. Thanks! Dakota is the super sweet one with brown hair, green eyes, and tons of freckles all over. Hideaka is the smart one. He has black hair and really cute brown eyes that are framed with glasses. Joshua is the super sexy rocker with red hair and blue eyes.

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Created by: icinoddness
  1. This is part SIX if you haven't taken An Odd Love Story parts 1-5 then do so now!
  2. After you leave Joshua house, your lips are tingling and you can still feel his lips. you go home and go to sleep, your dreams playing your memory of the kiss over and over again.
  3. You wake up Monday, not ready to go to school, but you know you got to. You get dressed in a shirt that has a broken heart heart on it and some jeans. You pull your hair into a braid with a headband. You walk to school and soon Dakota catches up to you. You guys talk until you get to school. He asks you if you'll come over tommorrow. You answer yes.
  4. Excited about tommorrow, you head into biology with a good mood. You actually pay attention too. In chemistry, you and Joshua don't get to talk, but you guys do smile at each other. At lunch, Dakota sits with you and you guys talk about baseball and you ask him about Madison. He says she's doing fine. After lunch you have math, and Hideaka is in this class with you. He sits right next to you. You can't pay attention much in class, he's so darn cute! His eyes, his smile, the way he pushes his glasses back up every few minutes. When the teacher calls on you to come up and solve a problem, you don't even notice it. Your pretty good in math though, and a correct answer saves you from further embarassment.
  5. After school, you walk home. After a few minutes, you hear a knock on the door. You open it and see its Hideaka. "Hi, just wanted to pay you a visit. Mind if I come in?" No, you answer and he comes in. You ask him if he wants something to drink and he answers no. Your mom is in the living room, so you go in your room. He sees how many books you have( alot) and he's impressed. You guys talk and after a while you feel like you've known him forever.
  6. Suddenly, he grabs you and kisses you. You kiss him back. He kisses you differently than Joshua. Josha kisses you softly and gently, whille he kisses you hard and fast.
  7. He looks at you and says, "I feel like we've known each other forever." I feel the same way! you exclaim. You kiss again, and then he hugs you. He smells like apples. He looks at his watch and says "I gotta go." After he leaves, you realise you have a problem in your hands, which boy do you like best?
  8. You go to bed that night feeling weird. You think Joshua is so sexy. You also think Dakota is super sweet and cute, but You feel like you and Hideaka have been friends forever. You don't know who to choose. You fall asleep and have a vivid dream.
  9. You at your house. You look over and see Joshua sitting next to you. Your watching a movie so you watch it. Then, you're about to say something to him, Dakota is sitting there. Weird. You continue watching the tv and then you glance over and see Hideaka sitting on your couch! You're about to ask him what's going on, then you are awaken by a noise. you look in the house but nobody's there. You look in you mom's room and she's not their. You hear something coming from the bathroom, it sounds like someone's dying. You rush in their and find out it is just your mom singing Rolling in the Deep. You groan and go back to bed.
  10. You wake up in the morning, get dressed in recyling shirt with some jeans and sneakers. You head on to school. You sit through biology. You go to chemistry. Joshua flashes you a smile as you walk in. You do a couple of experiments and then Joshua grabs your hand. He holds it until the end of class.
  11. After chemistry is lunch. You eat your food then head to the library. After reading a couple of pages, you hear somebody behind you. You look and see that it is Dakota. Oh hi Dakota what's up? "Hey Carrie, can I ask you something?"
  12. After chemistry is lunch. You eat your food then head to the library. After reading a couple of pages, you hear somebody behind you. You look and see that it is Dakota. Oh hi Dakota what's up? "Hey Carrie, can I ask you something?"

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