Mysterious Love Part 4

You are 17 and you live in the city all your life. You will be dealing with problems that occur in friendship, love, school, and work. It is your chance to make your last year of high school the best you'll ever have!!! In this story, you'll meet Josh, Mike, and Matt.

This part is obviously about the aftermath of the party. So you went to Josh crying. How will he react? You almost kissed Mike. What's going to happen to you two?So Matt fought Jack off for you. Why did he do it? Find out in this part and I hope you enjoy. Also, read your results in the comments. They're all wrong.

Created by: Fairygal

  1. *Recap: You went to April's party, finding that what supposed to be fun turns to chaos within a few minutes. Jack (AKA creepy guy) had made unwanted advances towards you but you were saved by Matt. After, he leaves you confused and alone, clearly hiding something from you. If that isn't bad enough, it looks like Mike have an interest in you! It leads to a fight between you and April, forcing you to go to Josh for comfort.*
  2. The emotions in you are overwhelming. They are spilling out of you; you not even trying to stop the feelings that spread throughout your body. You cling onto Josh, trying to absorb what you can from him. With him, you feel safe and comfortable, not afraid that you'll be hurt by him. He is so understanding. Even though you burst into the store without warning, cry into his chest for what feels like eternity, and held him like you would to a significant other, he has put you above all else. Like what you did wasn't weird at all. Caught up with your own sorrow, you haven't noticed the pain on his face. The pain of seeing you in this state. He whispers encouraging words in your ears and rubs your head. You pull yourself slowly away from Josh, still feeling the heat you two shared. You looked at his shirt to see that you have left behind tear stains. You give him a sheepish grin and apologize for dirtying a shirt of his again. He laughs. "It's okay. It's like my last shirt. I could just change to another." You look at him to see a twinkle in his grey eyes.
  3. At closing hours, when all the customers have left and it's time to clean up, you and Josh are sitting beside each other on a counter. Out of nervous habit, you fiddle with your fingers as you tell him about everything. The fight between Matt and Jack... The making out of Mike and April... And encouraged by Josh's complete attention on you, you tell him about your almost kiss with Mike... You can still remember the way Mike had looked at you before you guys almost kissed. The look he gave you was so sincere and loving, you can't help but feel tingles.
  4. Josh sits there, absorbing everything you've told him. He looks at the ground in deep concentration before his face turns to you, his gray eyes lighted up by flecks of blue and purple. You see that he is clearly struggling to say something. Knowing that he usually isn't a person who has trouble with his words, you know that what he's saying is going to bad. Very bad. You prepared for the worst. "______... I think of you as a great friend so I must say this. You aren't going to like this but... I don't think you should be around Mike anymore."
  5. You stand up abruptly in disbelief. "What?! Why!" you ask. " I can't believe you would actually say this to me. How can you just tell me not to see Mike? You do not own me!" Seeing you getting angrier with each passing second, he tries saying things in a different way to make you understand. "He keeps hurting you. Don't you understand? He made you cry, _______. Cry." He gestures to the tear stains on his shirt before continuing. "Do you think that he's worth crying over? Well, I don't. Don't you know that it makes me sad to see you coming in before with tears on your face? You are a great person _____ and I don't want to see you hurt. If you go after him, you'll be in even more pain. But Matt? He protected you. He clearly cares for you. Mike just doesn't seem to be treating you the same way." You stand there, speechless. You never thought Josh felt so strongly about this. Actually, you never thought he could be this serious. His voice just now seems to be.... What is it? Quivering? You look over at Josh. He is looking down at the ground, his bangs covering his face and his hands clenching into fists. "Will you, ______?" he asks, his voice cracking a bit. What do you think?
  6. You start seeing your past moments with Mike in your mind. The way he smiled at you when he caught you staring at him... The sad look he gave you when April dragged him out the store... The way he teased you for being scared of him... The closeness you felt with him when you almost kissed him... The emotions start piling up inside of you but you know that you have to say something. Josh is waiting for your response. You don't know what to say but you ended up saying, "I don't know, Josh. I need some time to think about this." With that, you walk out of the store, leaving Josh to watch you. Leaving him hurt and confused. Leaving him worried that you won't be his friend anymore. Leaving him alone in his sadness in the middle of the night.
  7. You never realized how dark it got outside. It is pitch black. The only light is coming from the dim streetlamps out in the street and the tiny glow from the store windows. You know that if you come home right now, your parents would be really mad at you. You don't really want to see that so you decide to go to McDonald's instead. It turns out that you're very hungry since the last time you ate was in a tiny snack before the party.
  8. You go in and order a cheeseburger, fries, and a drink (or something else if you like). The place is pretty dreary but somehow bright considering the time of day. It is empty obviously and you feel somewhat lonely. You sit by the windows as you stare at the view. The darkness is lit up by the red and white twinkling lights, leaving you with a loving feeling for the city.
  9. You see some occassional men and women walking here and there but they are irrelevant to you until two special people cross underneath the light of a streetlamps. They are Matt and Jack.
  10. You are hurt as you watch them walk inside an alley. How can Matt do this to you?He helped you just hours ago! In your mind, you are debating whether this is just a misunderstanding or not. A few minutes later, you see two silhouettes walking out of the alley and go separate directions. One is heading towards you (not you really but McDonald's). You sunk low in your seats, hoping that he won't see you. A couple of seconds later, you hear the front doors and footsteps. Your body stop in fear you'll be caught but fortunately, the footsteps seem to be getting further from you. You hear the cashier ask him what he wanted. He said an extra large fries. At the voice, you peek over the table. Then you see Matt. You gasp in fear and surprise at his face and ran over to him. He is bleeding and all bruised up. You are angry at the cashier for not caring about his present condition.
  11. "What happened to you?" you ask him. Realizing that it's you, he stares hard at the food menu but says nothing. You ask him again louder this time but his eyes do not dare meet yours. Instead he says that it's nothing and hurries to the washroom to get cleaned up. You ask for a pack of ice so that you can put it over Matt's bruises. Then you carry Matt's food over to your table. You are ready for an hour of interrogation before school starts. When he comes out, he sits down at your table and you two eat silently. He ignores your angry glare, and instead, focuses hard on savouring the food. While you watch his constant fidgeting and avoiding of your eyes, you realize why he's in this pain. "Is it Jack who did this to you?" you asked him quietly.
  12. He says nothing but you take it as a yes. You ask him why Jack did this to him. After a moment of another silence, he gives a huge sigh and pushes his bangs off of his eyes, revealing their beautiful forest green colour. He reluctantly tells you: "It happened half an hour ago." He gives a nervous laugh before continuing. "Yes, the party was still running but it ended when I left. Funny thing that no one called the police. It was five in the morning and..." He stops when he sees you glaring at him for his long rambling. "Sorry. Got carried away there. Well, long story short, Jack was talking about the many things he would do to you that you don't wanna know. So I sort of went after him. We fought and now I'm like this." You place the ice pack on his bruises, your hand slightly touching his skin. He must have felt it because you hear him holding his breath. "Does it hurt?" you ask him. He answers, "No. It's the opposite really." He looks at you and chuckles when he sees you blushing. You lightly punch him on a spot where he has no bruise. He says ow but you know he's lying because of the obvious smile in his voice. You are touched of the fact that he does things for you even though you only know him for an hour. He is so sweet, fighting and protecting you. You thank him.
  13. "It's no big deal. I would do this for a friend," he says, muttering shyly. It is cute to see him get right after his quite bold flirty comment. His bangs are covering his eyes and yet, he doesn't look bad. Despite his *cough cough* appealing appearance, you can't believe that he would say this. "Really? No big deal? But I've only met you yesterday," you say loudly. Right away, he responds, "I believe that you should do anything for a friend no matter how recently you met him or her. If I see that he or she is a good person, I'd help them with a problem either big or small." You think that what he said really shows off his kindness. He pretty much complimented you, saying that you're worth gettig hurt for. He is loyal to his friends and could be depended on for help. Maybe Josh is right about him after all. You look over at Matt. His body seemed to have deflated when you questioned him on his actions for you. You realize this so you say quickly, "I think of you in the same way, too. To thank you, let's do something together. Maybe later on today?" You give him a huge smile. As he sees you smile, you think that he got a little red but you're not sure. He quickly replies that he would like to. Maybe meet him here at five. You've never seen him smile so big. He seems to jump with excitement (not literally) when you asked him to hang out. You agree. When you look behind him, you see the clock. You stand up abruptly and yell, "Oh my gosh, there's only half an hour left before school starts! I really got to go but remember to meet me here." You rush to the door. Before you could touch the handle, Matt yells, "Don't worry. I won't forget, ______. It's too bad that we don't go to the same school together. If we did, I would get to see you everyday." How did he manage to get you to blush at the last second? You don't know.
  14. You rush all the way home. To think that you have to run this much again when you go to school. It's not a pleasant thought but you'll have to. You pass by April's house and all the memories of the past night rush out in your head. You force them down. You can't afford to think about it anymore. You're moving on. Your house is coming into view and you're relieved that you don't have to run any further. Obviously this relief stops when you crash into something or someone.
  15. "Hey, Mike. What are you doing in front of my house?" you ask him. He shrugs his shoulders but doesn't say anything. He's still dressed in the same clothes like he did at the party. You can't help but think still that he looks good with his tousled brown hair, blue eyes, purple buttons-off shirt, and black jeans. You blush. He seems to notice this, a smile creeping into face, but he stops and remains solemn. He starts to say something, his hand approaching your face, his mouth pursed, and his blue eyes staring right into yours. You see this as a sign and close your eyes. You wait for the touch of his fingers and his lips but it never comes. You open your eyes to see that he's gone. You turn around to look for him and see that he's behind you, walking the other direction.
  16. You stand there in the same spot, shocked that he left you! Just like that. You don't understand why he seems... different. He wasn't like this before. The last time he just seems so happy and sincere when he was about to kiss you. A frown appears on your face as you watch him walk into the arms of April! He wraps his arms around her waist and pushes her against his body tightly. She hugs him tightly back and over his shoulders, she smiles at you evilly.
  17. End Of This Part!!!! MUST READ!!! Sorry I took so long to write this. I bet that many of you don't remember this series because of that. So sorry!!! Been busy lately so I tried making it up to you by making this part longer. Hope it's good though. I think that there's just too much drama and too little happy parts in this but at least the three guys are in this. I wonder which guy you'll like most. In the last part, the same amount of people like the three but I wonder who it'll be this time!!! If you want the next part, write in the comments please!!! ONE LAST THING!! All the results are wrong. Look in the comments for the right one. Sorry but I originally started writing this quiz with an idea in mid but I abandoned it so... They're all messed up.
  18. Also, I'm not sure if I'll be continuing the "My Tears Are For You" series. Frankly, it isn't too popular but I might since I like writing quizzes, especially historical romantic ones. This is just me saying so...

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