Cafe Kids (Part 1)

Hi! I'm Elle, and I decided I'd try making a story quiz even though most of them died in 2010. There's a very high chance I'll forget about this in a week or two, but I need the writing practice so here ya go. Hope you enjoy!

So the basic story is that you used to live in LA, but you moved to a random other town because reasons. You meet boys, and girls, at a cafe in the town's downtown. Will you find love? Will you make it to Monday with the help of hot dudes? Will you get bored of reading this and skip to the quiz? Who knows! Have fun~

Created by: sortofellle
  1. "Wake up! We're at the new house!" Your mom shakes your shoulder, and you try to make sense of everything. You remember the move, and the drive up to Whoknowswhere, California.
  2. You and your mom used to have an apartment in Los Angeles, where you'd hang out with your friends and have fun every weekend. But your mom decided to move to a suburban area next to a forest, three hours away from LA.
  3. "So, where d'ya wanna explore first?" Your mom asks after you've settled in a bit, smiling at you.
  4. "Uhm, maybe we could go downtown? Start at the center?" You answer cautiously. Your mom nods, and the two of you hop in the car. What are you doing on the way there?
  5. You soon discover that the downtown is compromised of a few restaurants, an In'N'Out Burger, a bookstore, a CVS, and some coffee shop you haven't heard of before.
  6. After grabbing some food at a nearby lunch place, you decide to split with your mom and explore the rest of the downtown alone while your mom makes a few work calls. Wandering around, you notice a boy waving at you. He's about your age, with copper-colored hair, a smattering of freckles, and bright green eyes.
  7. "Hey, I actually haven't seen you around before! Are you new here or something?" the boy asks as you wander over to him warily. He runs a hand through his hair, giving off a friendly grin.
  8. "I actually just moved here." You answer. "Ah. It's nice to meet you, my name is Adrien." He replies, shaking your hand. His face seems to have taken on a pink coloring.
  9. "You should come to the cafe. I actually help run it! Some of my friends do as well, and if you're new, you should meet them." He says.
  10. You follow him to the cafe. Manning the counter is a platinum-blonde haired boy, with a dress shirt and blue sweater on. He seems less unruly, and gives you a shy wave. "That's Elliot," Adrien remarks.
  11. Further into the store, there's a boy wearing an apron and air-guitaring to the beat of the music playing on his speaker. He glances through his jet-black hair, with a few curious purple streaks, and gives you a once over. "Hey, Adrien," He gazes at Adrien. "Took you long enough to arrive."
  12. "Cool it, Blake. This is my friend, be nice to her." Adrien says. Blake rolls his eyes, turning to you. "I'd say nice to meet you, but I'd be lying," he grins, and you raise an eyebrow. "Ha, ha, ha. Very funny." you say, and he chuckles before turning back to his air guitar.

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