The Kinfolk of Ancient Greek Heroes

Hey, I am going to be the barista next week at our café, I hope you will sit with me while we remember our dearest and nearest friends throughout our lifetimes.

If you don't know anyone else in the café, I will be pleased to introduce you. It is a great way to meet others at Hour 25. They are all such amazing people doing amazing things.

Created by: William Moulton of Hour 25
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  1. Callirhoe was the mother of which three-bodied male monster slain by Heracles?
  2. Haemon was the son of which "ruler" of Thebes?
  3. Homer belittled, ridiculed and libeled which Greek "hero" in the Iliad?
  4. Which Odyssean heroine would weave dream images during the day; that night after night she'd unravel what was woven;
  5. Achilles lifted the redoubtable helmet, and set it upon his head, from whence it shone like a star, and the golden plumes which the smithy-god had set thick about the ridge of the helmet, waved all around it. Which smithy-god made the helmet?
  6. Idomeneus was descended from the Sun-god, the father of Pasiphae. The rooster is sacred to the Sun and proclaims when he is about to rise. Which sun-god was the father of Pasiphae?
  7. he says he will utterly destroy the city with god’s will or without it, and that not even conflict with Zeus...will stand in his way. The god’s lightning and thunderbolts he compares to midday heat. For his shield’s symbol he has a man without armor bearing fire, and the torch, his weapon, blazes in his hands; and in golden letters he says “I will burn the city.” Who is this wild man attacking seven-gated Thebes
  8. She is the chiefest of Tethys' daughters and one of the eldest. She is also an infernal river-goddess. Who is this daughter that sprang from Ocean and Tethys?
  9. I am the mother of Hector and the wife of Priam. Who am I?
  10. Which daughter of Cadmus is the mother of Dionysus?
  11. I am the wife of Alkinoos and beloved Queen of the Phaeacians. Who am I?

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