The Girl Who Lived part 48

Yeah, so I've realised that my writing has gotten a lot weaker since earlier in the story. So, to make up for that, I have decided to make up for that, I'll write 2 parts in one story that will count as 1 chapter

Oh and by the way, if you really don't like the subject of what I'm writing about or think it's stupid or annoying,you don't have to read it. I mean really. Lastly, these 2 part stories will be updated possibly once a week.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. After Parker left, Lucius Malfow waltzed over. "I hear that you're Draco's little date. Listen up." He began, leaning towards me with his hands on the table. "Draco is a Pureblood." His grey soulless eyes searched my face. Looking for hesitation, for a weakness.
  2. "He doesn't belong with Mudbloods." His voice sharp. "Draco is the sole inheritor of the Malfoy estate. He needs to be with someone who can higher his status, not lower it. He shouldn't be with a mudblood, he's too good for that. And he absolutely shouldn't be with an abandoned parentless talentless person like you." He continued searchinng my face and actions rapidly.
  3. "Did it ever occur to you that I might've been asked?"
  4. "I bet you were paid to go out with him since he hasn't found anyone worthy enough and he knows you will anything for money. Where did you get that ensemble that you're wearing? I bet he sent it. You're no better than Fantine from Les Miserables. Doing anything for money." His voice sinister and threatening.
  5. "I'm surprised you can even read. What? Did you read the synopsis on the internet? I bet the book bored you to tears." I answered back.
  6. "Listen here." Lucius Malfoy said grabbing my silver necklace and gripping it tightly. "I can squish you like a bug. No one would notice." His grip tightened as he grabbed more of the chain nearly cutting off my air supply.
  7. "You dimwitted adult. You think they wouldn't find the body?"
  8. "With a little bit of money, anything is possible."
  9. "Wanna bet?" I asked staring at him The atmosphere had become so tense while we had been talking.
  10. part 2
  11. The tension had been buitl up immensely. The atmosphere had definitely changed since we had been talking. Although in the eyes of a stranger, I would've looked like someone who was courageous. On the inside I wasn't. I was scared for my life. Showing the enemy your weakness is never good. I could never show that I was truly afraid.
  12. "Wanna bet?" I had asked raising an eyebrow. Lucius had seemed taken aback at my comment. From before, I could have sworn that if he had stared at a sheet of paper for long enough, he would've been able to burn a hole through it just from the intensity of his eyes.
  13. Lucius had been taken aback by my comment, therefore losing the mental fight we had. His grip loosened on my necklace but if I moved my neck around too fast, the chain would snap. Mrs. Malfoy came over.
  14. "Lucius darling, you need to go check on the waiters. I hear that there has been a mix-up on the table cloths that will be used for later." Mrs. Malfoy sauntered over waving her pointed finger over at the house. How could someone as nice as her end up with him? She was the nicest person when you talked to her alone. But with her husband, she was as terrible a person as he was. Well, maybe not quite. No one could be as mean as Lucius.
  15. "They can't get anything done right. I'll fix this." He ran towards the mansion shaking his fist in the air and yelling many profanities that weren't appropriate for pg-13 readers. When he began to run, he hadn't ungripped his hands from my necklace and had snapped the chain when he began to run. Mrs. Malfoy stood next to me and giggled.
  16. "I know he can be very off putting but he is a good man when he takes a liking to you." "I don't think 'off putting' is quite the word." I muttered. "So I hear that you're here with Draco." "Yes i am. Is there anything wrong with friends hanging out with each other?" "No, there absoloutely isn't. Although, I'm not entirely sure I would call it that." "What?" "Friendship."
  17. Hey, so the last paragraph is just a bunch of dialogue meshed together since I was just lazy and it shortened the amount of questions.

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