The Girl Who Lived part 43

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Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The next couple days seemed like a blur, but before I knew it, the day before the party was here. It was around 5 but it would be 7 in the evening when I arrived. We needed to work all night and then in the morning to prepare the foods and at night right before the food is served. I checked myself in the mirror. My eyes were that green and my hair was so brown it had appeared black. There was some faint calling that I couldn't entirely hear. I propped open the door and heard the words a little better than before.
  2. "Scarlet, your ride is here." Mrs. Weasley called from downstairs. I grabbed a pack of elastic hair ties to tie my hair back so it would be out of the way and of course my vintage purple lace ribbon. I threw on my purse which held my spare clothes and fancier clothes for that evening. I would pretty much be staying overnight at Malfoy Manor. I hurried to the stairs and slid down the railing. This was my fastest way to get downstairs. I continued sliding down taking advantage of gravity and even on top of layers of duct tape keeping the railing together. I remember a faint memory from earlier last year, the twins and Ron had shown me how to slide down their railing to get downstairs quicker. The twins went, then I and lastly Ron. Everything had been fine until Ron went. He wasn't going as fast as we were, not because he was holding onto the bar but because of friction, lots of it. There was this noise it made, kind of like when you go down a fire pole and that noise is produce because of too much friction. He also stopped several times on the way down, and it certainly wasn't on purpose. Eventually halfway down, there was this screech and the railing began to break. Not completely but more like a fracture. We used black duct tape to hide the evidence. I remember Ron saying that he needed to lay off the pumpkin bread and I agreed. I was brought back to the present when I jumped off the bottom of the railing. I headed out the front door to find a car waiting for my arrival. I got in and the chauffeur began to drive towards Malfoy Manor. I took a cat nap on the way there so I was well rested when I got there. We finally arrived and I was led to the kitchen that I had become so familiar with and Draco stood outside the door leaning against the frame.
  3. "Glad you could join us." Draco said. "You look well rested and dressed." He said pointing at the collared white shirt and black pants that I was wearing. These were probably the 2nd nicest clothes that I own including the gown he had bought me. "You will be catering the event, sort of. I mean, you have the Malfoy chefs at your disposal and you all will be preparing meals for tomorrow but you will be serving it, that's the job of the waiters. I'm going to write down a number and tell me what you think." He pulled out a notepad and began writing down his number on a sheet of printer paper. Draco handed me the paper that he had folded and given me. I gasped at the insane number for the catering job. The number was insane. This would be enough to feed me and all the Weasley's for almost half a year. It was amazing. "I take it the number is good enough." He said.
  4. "What's on the menu?" I asked, wanting to know what to prepare.
  5. "Well, spaghetti in some type of exquisite sauce, Salmon, iceberg wedges without the dressing so the lettuce won't get soggy. Lastly, some type of dessert. You can decide. None of our guests have any allergies so it's okay to use anything you want."
  6. "Sounds great. I'll get cooking." I entered the kitchen to see the faces of half the servants I'd known and the other half must be new."Hello, I will be the executive chef in charge today and a bit of tomorrow. I'm Scarlet. Together with all of us working, I think we can accomplish great things. First off is dinner. You can't eat on an empty stomach. I brought some foods for dinner." I called in Fred, George and Ron who had come along, taking a different form of transportation and bringing the meals I had prepared. The brothers wouldn't be allowed in unless they were helping do something, so I took Ron as an assistant while Fred and George worked outside, helping set up tables and everything else. I would have made them all my assistants but, Draco had assigned me to train a newbie and said I didn't need four assistants. Before the twins went to work, I had asked a favour of them. The three brought in 6 inch sandwiches for everyone. I walked around and passed out plates, they were glass but weren't fine China. Maybe I had too big of a stack because as I was carrying the plates, my foot slipped on the solid flat floor and the plates were thrown into the air, going in all directions.
  7. "Watch out." A new voice said, diving to catch the plates that were a foot away from the ground. He happened to catch all but 1 plate which I caught with my left hand.
  8. "Nice save." I commented. He stands, puts the plates on the granite countertop and offered me a hand. "Thanks." His face was oval shaped and his hair went to his shoulders. There were red streaks in his dark brown hair outlined his face and was pulled back in in a ponytail. His eyes were a dark brown but not to the point of the almost appearing black. He looked like a kind person now but on the street I wouldn't wanna mess with him.
  9. "I'm Scarlet, executive chef for tonight." I said introducing myself and picking up the plates he ha placed on the countertops. He took the from my hands.
  10. "I've got it. I think it would be so much easier easier if I passed out the plates." He began passing everything out. "I'm Q. Parker, newbie."

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