The Girl Who Lived part 41

hey guys I finally found some inspiration for my writing on my weeks of leave. I believe that I have struck a gold mine and can't wait to share it with you viewers.

Part 50 is the next big goal and I can't believe how far I've gotten. It's my 1 year anniversary on GTQ and I can't believe the progress that I've made through only 1 year. And I don't plan on stopping here.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. It had been a long year at Hogwarts and I was finally about ready for a break. It didn't need to be anything extravagant, I just wanted this summer to be at least pleasant. Although I did have the big party that I was expected to attend entirely which I wasn't entirely sure I wanted to do. But I said I would and I wasn't about to run out on my word. It sounded like fun, plus I would be paid as well so maybe this year I'll be able to get people decent gifts this year. After we had gotten off at the station, I could see Mr.Weasley standing in front of a crowd waving at us with so much enthusiasm. They must be happy that we were returning from Hogwarts. There was lots of conversation on the ride back. So many stories to tell, so little time. What I noticed about the Weasley family is that there is almost never a silent moment. Everyone has a different perspective on that. For example while I truly adore the Weasey's and their non stop bickering, some others do not. For example, a certain Slytherin I know simply loathes them. I found their never-ending chatter fun and exciting. Unlike the silence in Malfoy Manor that was haunting.
  2. "Scarlet, how was your year at Hogwarts?" Mr.Weasley had asked. So many events had occurred through this year. I settled for one word and one word only to describe it.
  3. "Eventful." Mr. Weasley gave me a confused look not knowing whether 'eventful' was something good or bad news. It honestly could have been either. "In the good way." I quickly added.
  4. "Why are you in a wheelchair?" He asked. I was sure a letter had been sent to them on my whereabouts but maybe it got lost in the mail. Maybe it was never even sent and this was just my imagination. I sat there curious of what I was going to tell him and apparently so were the twins who were on either side of me. I hesitated to answer knowing that if I had said that a giant serpents tail had smacked me into a thick concrete wall, I wouldn't get a happy response.
  5. "Scarlet's had a long day. I think she needs some rest." Commented George seeing my struggle to answer his father's question. The car ride seemed to drag on and my eyelids seemed to get heavier and heavier. I put my head on the nearest twins shoulder. I think it was Fred but I was so tired my mind may have been confused. When I was near falling asleep I felt as if I was being pulled away from Fred and onto the other shoulder on the other side of me. I continued to sleep and I woke a few minutes later to find that I hadn't had my head resting on George's shoulder but on Fred's. I felt a slight tug on my other shoulder, pulling me slightly in the other direction.
  6. "Stop moving her or she'll wake up." I hear Fred whisper
  7. "This wouldn't be a problem if you hadn't moved her back to your shoulder." George countered in a whisper.
  8. "Well if you hadn't moved her in the first place we wouldn't be in in this situation." The twins continued to bicker and soon it wasn't a whisper or in a hushed tone anymore, it was so loud it made my ears ache. Although since I was sitting in between the two, it may have had been since they were so close. Soon I was being pulled back and forth between the two. I felt as if I were being pulled apart and that they were trying to separate me into two.
  9. "Next one who pulls me will find something rather unpleasant when they wake up." I threatened with my eyes still closed. I could hear the twins adjust themselves and back away a little. They know for a fact that I always owned up to my threats. I never threatened to murder them or anything lethal but, I can make them regret what they've done. We soon had come back to the Weasley house with Mrs. Weasley awaiting us. I gave her a long hug and she ordered all of us to freshen up a little before dinner. She handed me a letter while still at the dinner table.
  10. "It's been waiting here unopened since yesterday. Sent by an owl." I tore open the seal on the envelope and began reading the letter.
  11. 'Dear Scarlet, If you have received this then it means I have worked up the courage to ask you to be a helping hand at the party my family is hosting. This letter is solely to inform you that the event will occur in a week and in order to do preparations, we need your assistance a day before. Considering the predicament that your in, I have decided to send you a gift for you to wear at the party when you accompany me. Sincerely, Draco Malfoy' Below his name there was a date, time and the Malfoy Manor address. I turned to Mrs. Weasley. "Was there a package sent along with the letter?"
  12. "I do believe there was." She went into the closet and retrieved a rather large looking package that was about her height. "My word, I don't even know what's in here. We were tempted to open it. It's not everyday a large package is delivered to our doorstep." I slowly untied the ribbon and ripped the expensive looking paper that covered the box. The twins were happy to help me with that part. It was a box with no label on the outside saying what it was. There was Scotch tape holding the top of the box from opening which the twins helped me get rid of. I opened the box and all of us were amazed at what was inside.

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