The Girl Who Lived Part 55

So, I suppose that this chapter is long past due. I'd had a giant case of writers block for a while and found myself not continuing the story. My apologies.

You may soon find a shift within the story. Not this one, but maybe in a few chapters ahead (I wrote a few chapters and was way too lazy to publish them). You might notice a change in the heroine, Scarlet. I found that when I was writing, I had a difficulty with trying to keep the characters mostly the same as before I had gone on my long break.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. So, he (Draco) requested my presence and I had no choice whether or not I wanted to go. I stood brushing off the crumbs that had fallen off Ron's face, onto the table and onto my lap. I was guided towards the Hospital Wing by them as if I didn't know where that was at all. "so Crabbe, still being forced to do Draco's bidding huh? Why do you even follow what he says, he doesn't seem to be holding anything over you." "Draco and his parents don't hold anything over us like blackmail or anything.
  2. It's just that since his parents are pretty much the Alpha's, and our parents follow them, we follow Draco since he's their heir." "That sounds terrible." "Well, it's much better than watching over Parkinson, she can be a brat. I couldn't stop laughing when those Weasley twins poured wine on her." The three of us chuckled from the fond memory. "That must've been an expensive dress that she had." I said. "It was, and to top it all off, she had just bought it for the special occasion to impress Draco." Answered Goyle.
  3. "How do you know that? Wait, I think I can guess. Once the boss's leave, all the workers criticize them right?" "That's exactly what happened. Her maids told us and we all shared such juicy gossip. How did you know?" "When I worked at Malfoy Manor, we would often spread gossip that we heard during our break." "I forget sometimes that you used to work at Malfoy Manor." By this time, we had arrived at the hospital Wing. "We'll leave you two." "But why?" "Draco's orders." I entered the almost completely empty hospital wing and headed towards the only occupied bed in the room where Draco lay.
  4. "Good, your here. I wanted to know if you would help me catch on some of the assignments I missed during the Hogsmeade trip. Asking you is way better than asking Parkinson. She'd be fawning over me and we would never get any work done." "Actually, I have plans. but when I come back, I'll fill you in on the details." "You, have plans! Doing what, helping the Weasley twins achieve their dreams, or even worse, help that Mudblood Potter."
  5. "Don't you dare accuse him when he hasn't done anything." I'd never liked being angry, it only ruins relationships. but as he continued to talk, I felt my curly ginger hair straighten out out and become the color of hate. Red, the color of angry men. I took a deep breath. "so hows it been without your arm?" "I've been bloody useless without one of my arms. That Buckbeak should pay." he waved his fist in the air quickly.
  6. "Oh, and he isn't?" I said sarcastically. "Not enough apparently. I told my father, he'll make Buckbeak and that Hagrid pay." "Buckbeaks going to be executed thanks to you and your so worried about your precious arm. Hagrid may even have it worse. But your the one who caused all of this." I turned on my heel and left as quickly as I had entered the room before I would become angrier. Directly outside the hospital wing was Crabbe and Goyle who were listening at the door. Who both claimed that they were evaluating a picture hanging on the wall outside of the wing. At this point, I didn't care whether they were listening in or not. I walked out, each step that I took further from the Wing, I felt better.
  7. The next day............
  8. I traveled with the twins to Hogsmeade. "Thanks so much Scarlet! We're glad that you came to help us out." Both of them said while we rode by carriage into Hogsmeade. 'As if I had a choice. The two of you planned this all out before I agreed to it' I thought. But on the outside, I simply smiled at them. At least it was for a good reason. I'd gotten stuck in tons of bad situations with the twins for a lot of bad reasons. But since it's to help them achieve their dreams, I think I'll let this one go. "Scarlet, have you heard about buckbeak?"
  9. "Yes, I'm sure that all of Hogwarts has heard of it. I actually heard it from Oliver who's a 7th year on that day." "There are lots of rumors about it though. Rumors spread like wildfire. I heard that Buckbeak really gave it to Malfoy." "Hermoine, Ron and Harry are all so furious with him. I am too, but they hate him more. I have a feeling that if we don't watch them they might do something they'll regret."
  10. "No need to say 'them', we both know who you're talking about. Harry and Hermoine are both smart enough to know that if they mess with the Malfoy heir, they mess with a bunch of the Slytherin. We'll keep Ron from being his usual impulsive self." They both winked at me and I got a really bad feeling. "So what will we be doing today at the Three Broomsticks?"
  11. "Well dear Scarlet, we'll be doing all kinds of stuff. From cleaning to serving people to persuading people to come into The Three Broomsticks." "Sounds fun...." "Don't worry Scarlet, wherever we are, it'll always be fun." They smiled the biggest smile I had ever seen. It wasn't very happy looking, it was more frightening, like the serial killer smile that you would see in movies.
  12. As we continued to walk in, never had I felt so nervous of what the twins were up to. I think I'll always be curious what the word 'fun' meant to them. We ventured into the completely vacant area. "Glad that you could help me out today. I always ted to get swamped with customers these days when the Hogwarts students have their trip. Its nice to have a helping hand. But I suppose in this case, it'd be 6 helping hands."
  13. The owner welcomed us into the dark, but surprisingly friendly atmosphere. We began setting up the tables and cleaning up the floors. There was lots of gunk on the tables that I'm gonna guess was placed there purposely by some of the customers. Most of it was gum which I spent quite some time scraping it off with a paint scraper and into a plastic bucket. It was quite a gross task, but it wasn't gonna get done if I just whined in the corner about how terrible and gross the job wasn't.
  14. Cause truthfully, it really wasn't that bad. Sure, it may have been stuff that people took out of their mouths and stuck under the table, but there are tons of worse jobs out there. As I continued with work, I began to tally up all the 'little favors' the twins owed me. Every week, the number seems to get higher. "You've been doing such a wonderful job so far. But it seems that we're lacking customers. Would one of you go outside and attract more customers?" It was very true though. The Three Broomsticks did seem to be lacking customers. I nodded and headed outside with a beat up poster with letters that had once been written in a fluorescent green which were now beginning to fade. I waved the poster up and down and I even jumped and even did a few card tricks with the deck of cards that I brought with me just in case I got board. In a matter of time, I gathered a small crowd. Directly outside the store. I was able to convince quite a few of them to go inside while others just wanted to see what other tricks I had hidden under my sleeve. After a bit of more sign-flipping, I finally saw some people in the crowd I knew. Ron and Hermoine. It seemed as though Hermoine was fed up with Ron eating so much, that she was nagging him about it. Something that never gets old about those two. They stayed to watch my tricks and soon after the crowd I had attracted disbanded, the two pushed to the front to where I could speak to them. "Hey Ron, Hermoine. What brings you both here? And the bigger question, where's your other third?" Ron and Hermoine both opened their mouths to speak at the same time. But Hermoine spoke first, while Ron got distracted by wafting scents of food coming from inside of The Three Broomsticks. "I suppose that you mean Harry. He had to stay behind since he hasn't gotten permission from his guardians."That stinks. There's no way the Dursley's would sign his permission slip" By this time, Ron was on the verge of drooling. Hermoine elbowed him. And by the looks of it, she elbowed him hard. I ushered them inside The Three Broomsticks and found them a vacant table. I grabbed a miniature notebook and a pen from the back pocket in my pants. "So, what can I get ya?" "The usual. One of everything" The first time I heard Ron say that, I laughed it off thinking he was only joking."But I have no idea what Hermoine's having." Ron continued. "You're such a pig. I'll have a butter beer please." I scribbled down the orders and returned a few minutes later with the assistance of Fred for carrying everything back to the table. There was barely enough room to fit all of Ron's food on the table. "Thanks Fred. I think it would've taken me about 5 trips to bring all the food." I don't mind it since in helping you. " I was about to ask them something when I got called over to another table. "Oh waitress!" called some Hogwarts students from a table. I turned around. I was the only female server right now so it had to mean me. All kinds of whistles came from that table. It wasn't until later that I realized Oliver was at that table along with a bunch of other 7th years who were elbowing him and obviously teasing him. It was obvious just by looking at his face. He was as red as a tomato.

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