The Girl Who Lived part 28

Part 28 is out! One day closer to my leaving in 6 days, the countdown begins. I'd like to pause this for a moment and thank some special people who have encouraged me. Thank you Miss Direction, music826, mcqueen and hp4evr for encouraging me to write through their high praise.

They have been so nice to me that, if you have the time, you should take a look at their stories/quizzes. Not only are they pleasant people, but they have lots of potential to become writers today. Thank you all to the 15-25 viewers I have.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. When I got to the common room, I rushed to my room packing a backpack full of supplies. A bottle of water, snacks, a chocolate frog and a flashlight with extra batteries. I also packed in a small umbrella and a change of clothes. I didn't pack the umbrella because I was afraid of getting my clothes wet, it was because in the Forbidden Forest you never know what creatures you'll come across and if you need something to defend yourself with it. An umbrella isn't glamorous but it's better than nothing. Inside my boots I had concealed my wand. Most Wizards or Witches preferred to hide it within their cloak because it's easier to use but I figure it would seem easier to carry around if we lived in the muggle world where magic isn't used and we didn't have to use wands everyday. I returned to the common room when I had prepared everything. The prefects hadn't began patrolling quite yet so the coast was still clear. There was a slight breeze which only lasted for a short period of time. A breeze in the common room is unusual, It didn't seem like a draft, more like I wasn't alone. No sign of Harry or Ron.
  2. "Those two idiots. They must've chickened out already." I picked up a small hardback novel called "˜Romeo and Juliet' and held the spine in my dominant hand. I felt another breeze and the presence of another person. Simply because I couldn't see them didn't mean they weren't there. I concentrated on my hearing more than my other 4 senses. When I felt the breeze again, I heard footsteps moving around the common room. I took the hardcover book and threw it as if I were a baseball pitcher throwing a slider. I threw using all the power I had. Guess working as a servant for the Malfoys all those years had help me build up some muscle because when the book hit my target or whatever was moving, there was a loud thwack and then a scream of pain
  3. "Ouch! What was that for?" I walked over to what I had hit. What I had seen wasn't as horrifying as the scream I had heard but, all I could see was a head screaming, and nothing else.
  4. It was Ron. "Ron, why do you only have a head?" I tried to say this as casually as I could and make it sound as if it were everyday talk but when comes to this, it's simply not possible. When at Hogwarts expect the unexpected.
  5. "I don't. It's this invisible cloak." He pulled something off of him and it looked more like an invisible blanked but I guess cloak sounds better and more mysterious.
  6. "Why were you lurking around here? We're supposed to be following the spiders." I said.
  7. "I can answer that question. We wanted to see how long it would take for you to notice you weren't alone in the common room and what you would do." Started Fred as the twins entered the common room with a camera.
  8. "We took bets on what you would do. We both wagered that you would hit him and make him scream like a girl. Ron wagered that you would just wait. Looks like you owe us 20 dollars little brother." George continued. "Would you like to pay us now or pay interest." Ron pulled out money from his cloak.
  9. "Fine, I never should've made that bet anyway." He handed it to the twins. Harry's head appeared from the entrance of the common room.
  10. "Where were you guys? I told the twins to tell you the meeting place was outside the common room." I gave the twins a look.
  11. "Fred, George did you plan to make a bet with Ron and con him out of his money?" I looked from Fred to George.
  12. "Maybe." They both said making their voices sound innocent. As usual, I was skeptical. "Would we ever do such a thing?" Making their voices and eyes seem so innocent that it seemed impossible they could do that. They were the twins after all.
  13. "Yes." I answered without the tiniest bit of thought. "Remember, you never con family."
  14. "Yeah but Scarlet, his pain is our gain. What would you say if we split the money we con from Ron with you?"
  15. "Okay, deal. I'll make an exception." I agreed.
  16. "Still in the room." Ron commented sounding a little upset we just ignored him for several minutes. He was still holding his arm trying to make the pain go away.
  17. "I hate to interrupt your family gathering but if you haven't forgotten, we need to find the truth." Harry interrupted.
  18. "Come on Ron, let's go." I pulled Ron by the arm I hadn't hit, picked up the book I had threw at him and glanced at the cover. I had read it once when I lived in Malfoy Manor. Since I had thrown it at Ron, it looked a little beat up compared to how it had looked brand new when I picked it up. "I never liked that book." I said as I threw it on the floor again as Harry, Ron and I left for the Forbidden Forest. Unsure of what events would occur.

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