The Girl Who Lived part 51

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  1. The Grim Reaper glided closer as if it was floating on thin air. By this time, I didn't have any feeling left in any part of my body. I felt a slight warmth flowing through my fingers. They say that when your about to die from the cold, you feel a certain warmth. When I enrolled into Hogwarts, I never expected to die from freezing to death like a Popsicle
  2. The Grim Reaper or Dementor as Draco had called it, halted in it's tracks. Maybe tracks isn't the right word. It didn't have feet and it hadn't stepped physically on the ground so there actually weren't tracks. A dark fog that surrounded the Dementors along with the aura that they brought with them, seemed to lessen by the second.
  3. It seemed as if there were some kind of magnetic pull that was pulling them out of the compartment and out of the train entirely. Although, the fog wasn't appearing outside. Eventually, the Dementor disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared before. These creatures hadn't appeared outide the train like I thought that they would along with the fog.
  4. Where had they disappeared to? I felt that same tingle of warmth that I had felt earlier. Several waves of heat spread throughout my body along with gradual flow of returning senses. My eyes felt moistened again, they weren't frozen open like they had been minutes ago. In time, my sense of touch returned. I could feel the warmth from Neville's hand in mine and I'm sure he could feel mine in his.
  5. When Neville and I had thoroughly been thawed out, we sat back into our seats. Draco still stood in his corner completely thawed out, and it seemed as though he was looking into the soul of something that we didn't have the capacity to see. "Draco. The dementor's gone." No response. I knew exactly what would make him wake up from this situation.
  6. Work with what you've got. I whispered my brilliant idea in Neville's ear. At first he was hesitant, but I convinced him. Neville waddled over to Draco and gave him a huge bear hug. They stayed like that for a minute until Draco pushed him off. "Get you're hands off me Longbottom!" "And he's back to normal. Thanks Neville, I figured that it would certainly wake him up.
  7. "What do you mean back to normal?" Draco asked. "After the Dementor came in, you haven't moved the slightest bit." "Oh, and was poor mudblood Scarlet worried about me?" I liked him way more when he was frozen like that and wasn't so arrogant. "Actually, I'm sure that your father would try to sue me and shout something along the lines of 'my lawyer will hear about this!'."
  8. "I get what you mean. Luckily I'm not a bit like him." Draco said. I wasn't too sure if he had been joking or not but, I didn't want to say anything that would tick him off. When talking to him, it seemed as though I was stepping around eggshells. The train soon pulled up to our stop. We got off the Hogwarts Express and hopped in a horse drawn carriage to get closer to Hogwarts.
  9. I shared a carriage with Neville while Draco shared a carriage with his cronies. The smell wasn't too fresh coming from behind the horses but, I loved how the atmosphere felt so classy and old fashioned. All I needed was an outfit to match. "Neville, are you excited about your classes this year?" "Only Herbology. I fear having Snape as a teacher. I have a feeling that he's out to get me."
  10. We continued to have a lengthy conversation mostly based on teachers and gossip on other studen's in Hogwarts. Eventually, our conversation became such a time killer that it took all of our travel time in the carriage to Hogwarts. I've come accustomed to this place. Neville and I exited the poorly smelling but classy horse drawn carriage and entered the wonderful and grand Hogwarts.
  11. PART 2
  12. The grand staircase and hallways still the same. In a way, Hogwarts felt like home, with a huge extended family. I entered the Gryffindoor common room with my belongings in both hands and headed up towards the completely unoccupied room that I had to myself. After packing everything away, I was herded downstairs in the dining hall by the teachers.
  13. Dumbledore had been standing in front of his huge chair with ornaments attached to make it appear fancier. He went on about how the Dementors would be guarding Hogwarts while Sirius Black was still on the move. There's a new teacher, Professor Lupin and Hagrid was assigned the new Care of Magical Creatures teacher.
  14. I attempted to pay attention to the lengthy slow words Dumbledore was saying but i'm just never in the mood to sit still. My eyes shifted from Dumbledore to the twins. A natural tendency I have now whenever I'm bored. They will do anything for a laugh and they're always up to stuff. This time, they were putting mentos in the coke of people's drinks when they weren't looking.
  15. Difficult to believe this went almost completely unnoticed but it did anyway. Ron was paying the food on his table more attention than anything else, shoveling it into his mouth as if someone was going to come in between him and his food. "Ron, you can chill, there's plenty of food to go around." Ron stopped his food shoveling and looked over at me.
  16. He attempted to say something with all that food in his mouth. To a normal person right off the street, it would come off as some kind of gibberish. To me, it's Ron language. He was saying something along the lines of "No there's not. At my house, there isn't that much food to go around." I should really invent some kind of Rosetta Stone for Ron.
  17. For example, if Ron said 'mmph.' it would probably translate to 'how are you doing today?'. "Ron, you can relax, there's plenty of food." I continued on. "Harry, what do you think of the new teachers?'" Harry turned my direction. "I'm not too sure about Lupin, but I'm excited for Hagrid being our Care of Magical Creatures teacher. Although I'm not too thrilled to be in Snape's class again. I'm so sure he's out to get me."
  18. "It's not bad if you're paired up with Malfoy. Snape favors him." I started. I already knew Drac's and Harry's distaste for each other so I knew that when talking to Harry that I shouldn't be calling Draco Malfoy 'Draco'. "I can't trust him as fat as I can throw him." It's hard to be friends with both of them. I stayed quiet, knowing that if I defended Draco in this situation, that Harry and I would have an argument.
  19. Dumbledore finished his lengthy speech and we were dismissed to our common rooms. I talked to the twins and soon headed up to bed. I dreamed of being invited to the party at Draco's house and the dress i wore, how it swished. The dancing, the food and just about everything. It wasn't the fanciness of the party I remember, it was the fun i had.
  20. I dreamed sweet dreams of dancing with Draco and Parker. How the event seemed almost magical. Not because everyone was a wizard. When I stepped on Draco's foot several times. I would never forget how Fred and George purposely spilled wine all over Pansy Parkinson, and I'm sure that she never would either.
  21. I smiled at the few memories I had where I could never have had been happier. I thought of the other events that happened in my first two years. I can't help but wonder, if Mr.Weasley hadn't brought me to the Burrow with him, if I hadn't met Harry, Neville, Ron, or the twins, how my life would be like now.

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