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  • Ryan Higa,a.k.a nigahiga
    "Nigahiga is so cool. Kev Jumba and Jenna Marbles are pretty funny too."
  • "This is chopinssonata. So, this is similar to the other forum I created. Feel free to ask questions, give comments, give feedback or anythin..."
  • "this is chopinssonata. So, if you have any feedback, questions or anything, feel free to post."
  • try my quiz
    "sure. will you try my quiz too? go ahead and comment if you want."
  • Guitar Hero
    ""what I've done" Linkin park"
  • "gotta agree. played the original pac-man game and video games (mario and star wars). No one appreciates the classics anymore."
  • "no. sounds fun. Da book is amazing."
  • cod black ops
    "pretty fun"
  • help PLEASE
    "Everything works out for the best and good luck is all i have to say."
  • Single Group!
    "yup. You don't need anyone else."
  • "nice job. But is anyone online gonna really tell a stranger that they "like them" and truely mean it? No offense to anyone who does this but..."
  • "joe brooks is pretty good. His song rules of attraction is pretty good."
  • my first quiz/story
    "sure. but will you try out mine? I'm not a newbie but, I still have a pretty low ranking. Please comment as well"

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