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  • thank you. I think that it's too much to write in specific chapters. I write about a page of writing and then I decided to end the chapter wherever I think it should end. I know for a fact that a majority of HPFF's (harry potter fanfics) start with third year. I wanted my story to be different from the others, not just like all the others. Plus, I needed the first two years (yes, it is only that much more difficult to write)to set up for the bigger plot later. I needed to add little details around this time which are going to become a bigger/ more significant part later.

  • It was short (yes, I prefer length) but hopefully, next editions will make up for it. :)

    It's interesting you're starting from the first and second years because it has become a standard for Harry Potter fanfics to start at third year, not that I'm complaining. That is why I think it is difficult to write these years but I see, you are going very well with it.

    I'm eagerly waiting for the next parts! (:


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