NEVERland series pt 9

Hey guys. Let's brighten up a Monday night with a NEVERland update. The finale is coming up soon and I think I'll write out the endings as a chapter by itself.

The finale will be the next update. Don't be sad, there will be new stories coming up. If you haven't heard of this then read my 'coming soon in November' quiz. It'll inform you on the quizzes coming soon.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. "She took my brothers away from me when we were kids. She brought them to Neverland because they didn't want to grow up. Neither did I, so I went but, I came back. She convinced my twin brothers to stay in Neverland.
  2. "You need to stop her before she destroys the land.". I nodded in agreement and we planned out an escape. I would be transferred to a new facility and then, I would go after Tinkerbell. "Punch me.". Said Angus.
  3. I shook my head in disbelief thinking it was my imagination and I had heard him wrong. I was mistaken. He punched me in the eye with little to almost no hesitation. I did the same and punched him back.
  4. He had the gaurds escort me out, and I knew why. Angus had figured out, that that single punch would up my reputation. I mean, in the bad way. They stopped giving me dirty looks, at least some of them.
  5. They were intimidated by me. I prepared for my next battle with Tinkerbell, planning to use the Excalibur. I would take her by surprise and murder her where she stood and restore things to peace. You continuously plotted to steal the legendary sword back which you did but, it took a whole entire day to simply plan it out.
  6. I polished and sharpened the sword to the point where it could cut through one of the metal bars of my cell. Don't try this at home kids.
  7. Today was the day where I got to escape from this rat hole. I was put in a truck filled with many other perps that I was pretty sure could kill me if I didn't have a weapon on me. Not only did I feel threatened but also out of place.
  8. Most of the delinquents tried to pick me up. One had spiky blond hair and honey colored eyes. Another had strawberry blond hair and forest green eyes. The other two had distinctive jawlines, they sat on my right and to my left.
  9. The one on the right had blond hair and gray eyes in contrast with the other one on the right who had black hair, a brown or maroon hue in his eyes and two different earrings on his ears, If I can remember the names, one was Hunter, Matt, Clarke and lastly Leon.
  10. I picked the lock to my handcuffs annd made an alliance with the crew of delinquents. They seemed perfectly friendly and frightening at the same time. Kind of like your distant relatives who wear honestly too much make-up but you don't have the heart to tell them.
  11. We planned an escape. Sparky would distract the guards while I would lead the group to safety. If I couldn't, then I would be in a huge debt to them, crossed my heart and hope to die. The escape plan worked but, I had to ditch them.
  12. I couldn't afford my cover being blown by people like them. I traveled to the empire state building. I stood at the top waiting. I knew she had sucked all the life out of Europe and was heading here next. I waited patiently until she was inches from my face. I pulled out the Excalibur standing preparing for a fight that would make me stronger or kill me. No witnesses, police or anything stopping me from fighting this time. This was how our final battle started.

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