NEVERland series finale

The finale is finally here. Turns out my prediction isn't going to be longer than delinquents. Oh well, I'm just a lazy bum. Anyway, hope you enjoy this it took me a week to write.

So it's already November the first. Better get started writing the two new series's. I think I'm going to add an addition to the new two ones. This one is called "Please Remember". (It's about a girl and a guy who met. They end up having a special relationship until the girl has to move to another continent. The guy tries to catch her at the airport but gets into an accident on the way which causes him to lose his memories of when they were together. She returns and tries to find him only to see he doesn't remember at all.) Please write in the comments if you want it to become a last minute series. I just thought of it because it's based on my life so please don't judge too harshly.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I watched her intensely as she glared at me. "Look who's come to play". "We both know I can murder you here and now. So why beat around the bush?". "You're already too late. The Neverland you once heard of no longer exists.". "What do you mean?". I mean that since the energy was drained from Neverland, it can no longer support life. It has disappeared into thin air. ". We circled each other like vultures waiting for the battle to commence. In martial arts classes, I learned to never be the first to strike.
  2. If you do, the enemy will find your weak point and use it to their advantage. I would never be able to see Peter, John, Michael or the Lost Boys thanks to Tinkerbell. This shouldn't have been my concern now. I pushed the thought into the back of my brain and focused intensely on her. She made the first move by throwing a bakers dozen of daggers. I triple back flipped but that didn't do me much good. My legs and arms were partially sliced from her daggers.
  3. At this rate, I'll be dead when she uses actual effort. She threw the same amount of daggers she did before except faster and harder. I batted them off using the legendary sword leaving not a single scratch on it. The metal of the daggers broke and some of it flew into my eye causing the eyelid to go swollen shut. Not good. She threw another large amount of weapons at me. Not daggers this time. They were sabers. This time, I managed to reflect the sabers toward Tinkerbell. It slashed her. But instead of blood coming out, it was dust and sand.
  4. She wasn't a person at all. She had run out of weapons and I had now cornered her. She could only do hand combat while I used a sword. Not very fair but life isn't fair. Life sucks and you die. What I was about to do seems so inhumane but, this world is far less than humane. I took the dagger and plunged it into her heart. Sand and dust seeped out of her. A gust of wind flew by and carried her away in dust form.
  5. It was a melancholy moment. I got to defeat Tinkerbell and save the world but, I no longer had the people of Neverland. I felt so lonely when I heard those familiar bright voices that made me want to rise up and give them a hug. Those remaining of Neverland had survived. "How are you guys even here?". "We found a loophole. We can never return to Neverland.". "Why did you guys choose to come here of all places?". "We missed you". They pulled me in for a huge bear hug. It was nice to have them around even if they were slightly annoying. I knew I would be with them for a long time.
  6. THE END
  7. WAIT! There's still more. I've never really done this but, I'm including different endings within this quiz. Told you there would be a happy ending.
  8. John Darling After Neverland was destroyed, John became a professor at one of the top universities in the country. I could never have had been more proud. After his first year of being a professor was over, we officially moved in together. Nine months later, he proposed. I can definitely tell you I said yes instantly. I didn't need to think at all to know that he was the one for me. Nine months later we had twins. It's quite a hassle with his job and everything but, we manage to get through our lives. We visit Michael, Peter and the Lost Boys often. Sometimes I bring the kids to visit Michael's day care center so they can play while I chat with Michael. Michael and John both miss Wendy dearly. They talk about it with each other. I'm now writing a few novels on the side about our little misadventures in Neverland while I watch the kids. I can at least write one page while the kids nap.
  9. Michael Darling When Neverland was destroyed, Michael didn't know what to do. He eventually got back up on his feet and opened up a day care center that he called Neverland. This was a perfect fit for Michael considering he loved kids and wasn't very educated. His business became popular right away and he was always busy with the kids. Did I tell you we're engaged? The wedding won't be for a while because Michael couldn't find a loophole within his packed schedule. I told him that I'd wait. Michael and I have moved in together and keeps trying to convince me that we should have children. I wasn't budging an inch. Finally after the wedding I got sick of him asking so we made a deal. We would adopt. He wasn't exactly happy about it but, he accepted it. We now have a daughter named Wendy. We named her after her deceased aunt. Although, yet again I had to argue with Michael on that one. He wanted her name to be 'Teddy Bear'. That's where I put my foot down. I told him no and to think of a normal name. Sure, we have our arguments but, I will always enjoy my time with Michael.
  10. Peter Pan Peter was against leaving the Lost Boys alone. So, he actually got a job that could involve all of them. They became actors to the Peter Pan Musical that moves around the entire world. So much irony if I must say. He and I eloped while he and I had been brought on a trip to Madagascar due to the musical. In a way, Peter and I became parents to the lost boys over time. They were the same age and the same physically but, not mentally. The twins went back to Angus and met him once again. Once you see the resemblance, it's utterly unbelievable. They definately are siblings. I continue to travel the world with Peter and the remaining Lost Boys still waiting for a new adventure to come along.
  11. That's all folks.

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