NEVERland series pt 7

Welcome pt 7 of the NEVERland series. It isn't very long but, as I've said before, I'm trying to extend the length of the series as much I can. Unfortunately it will be ending.

On the bright side, I have more series coming up in November after I finish these. I predict at least one of the series will kick off in late November.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Police officers circled around me like hawks ready to devour their pray. I didn't want to get into more trouble by adding the charge of assaulting a police officer and attempted murderer. That wouldn't help me at all. I let them search me and handcuff my hands. Tinkerbell smirked and that really made me mad.
  2. I wanted to strangle her until her pale face became purple. I was shoved carelessly into the police truck which already had a young juvenile delinquent. That's when I knew I recognized his face. No way. Out of all times, why did I have to face someone from my past?
  3. "Hi Angus!". Angus had neutral brown hair and a distinct honey eye color. Apparently, his aunt was the warden. "________? What are you doing here?". "It's a long story. How have you been?". "I'm fine. But why are you here?". I thought for a few seconds not wanting to give anything away.
  4. "I don't want to talk about it.". He nodded as if he understood. We continued to ride in silence. When we got out of the vehicle, we parted ways. I was assigned a cell and not even given one phone call. Although, who would I call?
  5. My parents have probably figured I had run away. There's no way I could call Neverland and tell them to come get me. That wouldn't happen. Plus, no one would believe me if I said I needed to murderer Tinkerbell, the fairy every child loves in stories.
  6. As I entered the room, I was paired with a girl who had short black hair and a purple looking eye color. "Hi. I'm Violet. You must be my new roommate.". I nodded. After dinner she showed me the kitchen where we had to complete our daily jobs.
  7. It was just the two of us. It was kind of relaxing considering every other inmate gave me dirty looks. "You know, the good thing about dishes is that you have privacy.". She said as she got closer. She grabbed my neck and forced my head underwater in the sink. I flipped her onto the counter. "Why did you do this!". "There was a price on your head.". She came at me with a knife. Before I could asked her who sent her, I instinctively threw the knife strapped to my thigh at her like a dart. She was killed instantly.
  8. CLiffhanger
  9. question fillers
  10. Last question filler.

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