NEVERland series pt 4 and 5

Hi guys. I know I haven't updated but, I wanted to focus on getting this all on the site in one day. So, it's already the 5th. I am going to continue the series.

After my writers intermission, I'm going to add a new character, new setting and more romance. Sound interesting? Oh yeah, I need at least 10 comments to continue writing since it's similar to a season finale on TV except, it's writing.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Once all the life was drained from Neverland, she would head to Earth. Then other planets and so on until all the life was drained out of this galaxy. "Calm down, take a deep breath. Surely she can't be the one doing this. You know she was once good right?
  2. Things probably aren't as they seem.". He was now stroking my arms trying to get me to calm down. It was nice of John but, it didn't help the fact that he didn't believe me.
  3. But I figured one person might. I walked up to Michael and told him the story. He believed me instantly. He may have grown physically but he didn't grow mentally. I'm not saying he's stupid, just uneducated. He tried to convince the lost boys but failed miserably. I guess this is up to me. Michael suggested we use the cannon on the pirates ship.
  4. For it was the only functioning cannon on the island. When I stepped on the boat, I heard the boat creak and the saw the skeletons hunching forward and coming to life. How could this even be possible or humane? Some bones cracked as they continued to rise up.
  5. Michael stood behind me with a baseball bat preparing for a fight, even though his face really said he didn't want to. The skeletons kept their skeletol forms. I tried to fight them with my bare hands byt that didn't effect them. They're dead, they can't feel pain. I pulled out a rusty dagger still in the corpse of what used to be a pirate.
  6. Some bones fell but not enough to stop the monstorous creature. We were able to knock down about two-fifths of the dead army of 500. We continued to fight, wheezing for air. No luck yet. When we had assumed all was knocked out and the battlefield was clear, we prepared the cannon for fire.
  7. But all movement stopped when I felt a bony finger tap my shoulder and a cold chill ran down my spine. I turned around and there was Peter, John and the lost boys carrying the hand of a skeleton. "Look what the tide dragged in.".
  8. "Look, I'm sorry I didn't believe you.". "As am I. I did some research and it's possible Tinkerbell could steal the life force from Earth and other planets as well.". Said John who pushed up his thick glasses. I felt another bony finger touch my shoulder. "Guys, that's not funny anymore.". I said not bothering to look behind me. "That's not us.". I turned around to see.....
  10. who do you like?

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