NEVERland series pt 1

IMPORTANT NEWS! PLEASE READ! Okay, so this is sort of a pilot except in quiz form. In a way, it's like the first episode of a telivision show except for a quiz.

This takes place after the first movie. So, your favorite book as a child was Peter Pan. As you grew up, out of all books it still remained your favorite. You are eventually kidnapped by the lost boys for a reason they can't explain in this summary becuase it's too long already.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. Have you ever heard of that story about Neverland? With Wendy, Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael? Well, that story isn't all that it lets on. The time there does stop and there is a Captain Hook. But, what you don't know is that Neverland wasn't a happy place. I was kidnapped by a group of bandits called the Lost Boys. They were my age but they didn't wear those stupid animal costumes like they do in the movie. They all had badges pinned to their clothes. The way to Neverland wasn't through a boat in the clouds but, simply a cannon shot near that same star in the story. This is not the Neverland I read about.
  2. So here I was tied to a boat that was floating on the black ocean. What made it black? I really don't know but, by the looks of it there wasn't even the slightest hint of blue in the body of water. There was Peter, Peter Pan. He was leaning against the edge of the boat. It almost looked like he would fall out. I almost warned him about being careful but I kept my mouth sealed. I really couldn't care less if he fell into the water and was eaten alive by the sirens. His wavy deep ginger hair looked even brighter with the suns unique lighting.
  3. Time stopped here in this vast land but, it was always sunset. Or was it when the sun came above the horizon and showed its shy face to the world? It could've been both but, this was always the prettiest time of day. No matter how beautiful the sunset, this didn't solve my issue being tied here. "I can see you're finally awake.". He said offering me a cup of water. That moment, we both noticed one thing about each other. He realized that I couldn't drink water because my hands weren't free. I noticed that we were on a pirate ship. His clothes were that same green tint it was in the movie but, I had a feeling he was a pirate. That Disney movie didn't tell the complete story.
  4. He didn't untie my hands but, he did put the cup to my mouth and poured some into my mouth. Moisture filled my dry mouth. Peter was pretty smart. It was a smart move not to trust a stranger who you've been holding captive for the past couple hours. For all they knew, I had a machete behind my back and I was going to strike. Of course I would never do those things unless they were necessary but, they didn't know that. I really did need to be away from home. Nothing was wrong with my family but, things just got too bland. My sisters and brothers never behave. I can't wait for an adventure to start.
  5. The least they thought I knew, the better. I really didn't know much, so it wasn't that hard. "Why did you bring me here!". I said in a demanding voice more than a clueless one. "You're in Neverland. Where no one grows up.". "But in all the stories, you're a lot younger. And why are you two here? where's Wendy?". I said as I motioned toward two boys. One had thick black glasses and medium brown hair with chocolate brown eyes and the other was clutching a teddy bear with blue eyes and light brown hair. They were John and Michael Darling from the story. But why were they here?
  6. "Shouldn't you have gone home with Wendy?". I was on fire with all these questions. John stepped forward to answer a couple of my questions. "We tried to return to Neverland a couple night after that but, when we were flying, her dress got caught in the propeller of an airplane. We made it back but Wendy didn't. There's been some kind of glitch in time. For some reason, time was always stopped and until now, we've started aging. We knew that you were the only one that could help us.". He said a-matter-factly as he pushed up his glasses. "Did you try forming an alliance with Hook?".
  7. "He and his crew was murdered immediately after Wendy died. No one ever killed anyone before. This is all so new.". "Well, that's life. Any idea on how he died?". "No. Tinkerbell was the last to see him.". This raised so many questions. Maybe even a suspect could be added. I didn't want to say anything without solid proof. "I think it's about to get some sleep.". I said marching into the nearest cave. I plopped myself down as if the floor was a sofa but, it was the same as the couch I had at home. I instantly fell asleep exhausted and ready to start solving this mystery.
  8. "We can't leave her alone. Someone needs to watch her.". Said Peter. I heard many people volunteer but, one voice stuck out. It was Michael's. Or was it Georges?. Anyway, their voices sounded almost the same except Michael's was a bit higher. 9 hours later and I woke up with someone shaking me awake. My eyes flew open and I was alert for anything to happen. It turned out to just be George. I looked beside me and saw Michael sleeping on the other side of me. Today, Michael was in some kind of pink bear get-up. I had to admit, it was adorable on him although I wasn't sure if he'd be offended or pleased. I sat up and assessed the cave. I followed John outside to reveal those same stormy clouds.
  9. "What's for breakfast? Do we get to hunt or catch something?". I asked eagerly. "Sure. How about fish?". "Sounds great. I know how to make sushi.". I said as I pulled up my pants and sleeves. We headed toward an ocean that wasn't completely black. We waded in the water for a while until we almost gave up. John was practically spazzing in the water trying to catch a fish until I made him stand on land and create a spear and basket to hold the seafood. I put my head underwater and caught fish and crabs that I soon threw into the basket John had made. Once we were done fishing and I was still in the water, I splashed John from behind. He came into the water to splash me back but, I had ducked underwater.
  10. We finished our splash fight and swam back to land and came to where Michael was still sleeping. John started the fire and I skinned the fish and crab. As I slowly roasted the fish, we decided to have a conversation. "Why are you both the same age? aren't you supposed to be 5 years apart?". "We were, but time began and we all aged at different times.". I was going to say 'wow, sucks for you' but, that wouldn't really help his situation. "Look, the fish is done.". We woke Michael and began eating in silence. There wasn't anything awkward about this moment but, I was too busy shoving fish constantly into my mouth without leaving the room to talk without fish sliding out of my mouth.
  11. As we finished eating, John spoke up. "I say, we need to go meet Peter. That's what he told us to do after we had breakfast.". I nodded and caughtously followed them toward an underground hideout. The Sirens were singing their enchanting song. Luckily I was the only one who heard it because every guy would be head over heels and be killed when the Sirens dragged them into the water.
  12. who do you like

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