mysterious love story pt 14

yo peeps. I came back from a writers intermission. Having writers block is a writers worst nightmare. I mean, you just sit there with your mind blank.

Anyway, I'm coming out with a new series called NEVERland. It's based off or the disney movie Peter Pan. Except, it has romance, comedy and a dark twist to it. I'm putting an excerpt from the first part for the parting words. if your intrested, read it.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. The next day, you packed all your belongings and headed to your next portion of the journey. "How long will this trip be anyway?". "As much as I am for adventure, I'm dead tired.". Those two really knew how to complain. "You were the ones who said you'd join in on this expedition. Don't you two even think about backing out now.". That comment shut them up immediately. There was a silence, but not a good one. What was I (the author) meant by that, was that the silence was deadly.
  2. Almost as deadly as after a shooting. That kind of silence. That silence that makes you feel as if your life could be taken away at any moment. Nothing attacked. That same silence. You continued on, feeling the growl of your stomach. "Lunch Break! You unpacked the sack of food and distributed it evenly.
  3. After lunch and another 30 minutes of walking, you saw a beam of light not far ahead. You broke into a sprint heading toward the light. There was a ladder this time leading from above the tunnel. You started climbing up trying to avoid the rusty edges. Once at the top, you weren't outside but, in another building. Just a bunch of blank white walls and a cement floor. 'There must be a panel somewhere'. You thought as your hands glided along the walls.
  4. The twins and Eli did the same. There weren't any uneven spots but, a slight discoloring. You had to squint your eyes to see the difference but, it was still different. Especially to you, telling colors was a challenge. Sure, you knew the colors of the rainbow but, blue always meant blue. Not teal, not aquamarine. Usually girls knew this kind of thing but, face it, you weren't a percent girly.
  5. You pushed the panel and it opened like a door. You stepped out and it revealed to be somewhere you knew perfectly well. The place you were in right now was your old home. That same yellow cottage on the rolling hill. This was home, not the place where you were relocated. The bookcase was in the same place as it was last time you had tried to pulled out that same novel, Gone With The Wind.
  6. The trembling of the bookcase shook before moving automatically aside. You bent down on your knees putting in the code trying to figure out the last of the numbers. 34-29-12-54-89. You leaned your head against the safe while slowly turning the dial. Minutes later you had found the number. 78. The safe door creaked open. Eli and the twins craned their necks forward to observe what was inside. All that was left inside was a ripped piece of paper.
  7. "Good job. Look for the next piece. It's hidden somewhere in Europe. Remember, time is precious.". The tattered note said. The other side contained words. Some sort of document. "We need to get back now! And tell the others after we finish searching the house.". You pulled out your phone and texted the guys. "Found something be back as soon as two days.".
  8. You looked through the house and nothing could be found besides an antique key in your parents bedroom which you put onto a chain along with the others. As you left, you spotted something in the shredder. You emptied the shavings into your backpack and headed to the panel and into the tunnel once more.
  9. While walking back, there was that same deadly silence. Except now there was a feeling of being watched, being followed. You kept walking as if you didn't notice. The last thing you wanted was your follower to think you were onto them. Of course you were but, you didn't want them to think that. In an act of impatience, you turned around and took a peek. Behind you was a green slimy slithering saltwater crocodile.
  10. You backed away still facing it. "Guys. A little help here.". You said in a calm voice trying not to upset the creature. "Yeah, what it it? holy carp!". They said as they faced the crocodile. We walked backwards staying calm and preventing any wild outbursts. The slime continued to ooze out of crocodile. Almost in a spewing fashion.
  11. The only bright side to the situation was the color of slime. The crocodile must've been about 15 feet long. The heat from its body was not released form sweat glands, considering it doesn't have any. The heat came from out of its mouth that had hundreds of jagged teeth ready to pierce flesh and blood. The same kind of teeth of a cold-blooded reptile. Literally.

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