NEVERland series pt 3

yo peeps. The popularity of my quizzes are going up. As I get closer the pt 5, I get closer to my writers intermission. Pretty fun. I'm only doing that becasue I need more time to think of what will happen next.

Plus, writers are people too. I need a break of writing. Although, it's fun, it takes lots of energy and time. Anyway, check out wattpad. I have a username called chopinssonata1849. It's just like the user I have on gotoquiz.

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I didn't know what was more frightening, her venomous purple lips or her look in general. She wore black combat boots that complimented her pale skin perfectly, black hair held back with a ponytail, venomous dark purple lips and her outfit constructed of mainly bones. She really was frightening.
  2. Tinkerbell wasn't that sweet fairy in the movies. This was Tinkerbell gone bad. "Hello, Peter. I can see you have another girl by your side. What happened to Wendy?". Her remark and question struck pain into his eyes. "She's dead. But, you know that don't you? Tinkerbell". He said. Michael was shaking and still hanging onto Peter's arm even though Michael was now taller than Peter.
  3. If this weren't a situation where anyone would die, then I would so laugh. "I'm _______. Not some crazy slut who thinks she can rule Neverland. I have more guts than you'll ever have.". I spat at her. Her face became a neon red as she grew as mad and the color of fire. "You have no reason to call me a slut. Look at the one who's surrounded by people of the opposite gender.".
  4. I wasn't too shocked. I always hung out with guys, even when I still lived on Earth. Guys don't cause drama. I glanced over to see what Peter and Michael were doing since I hadn't heard a peep out of them. The color into Peter's eyes faded and they looked a dull brown now. Peter slowly began to age.
  5. Michael threw a shard of glass toward the witch and it sliced part of her arm. Her wound healed instantly but the skeletons next to her aged even more.
  6. That's why Neverland is aging. She's consuming all of it's energy to heal herself. "Get back!". I told her as I grabbed a sword out of a skeletons body and held the blade extremely close to he neck. With even the slightest movement, I could have slit her throat. "Aw, that's no fun. Call me when you do something fun.". She said before she disappeared. That girl really has some nerve.
  7. I looked back at Peter to see that his eyes weren't dull anymore, they had emotion in them. But he was still aged. I led them outside and we fished for food. The vegetation wasn't growing anymore. It had all died. The ocean even lost it's blue-green color. It still supplied fresh fish and seaweed but, it wasn't the same.
  8. The planet, or should I say star? Was losing life as time went on. What would happen when the planet lost all life? Would Tinkerbell just move to another planet/ star or where would she go next?
  9. That's when the thought hit me. I knew exactly where she would be going next. I was scared knowing where she'd go next after she sucked all of the life out of this place. "John!". I screamed rushing over to him.
  10. "I know where she's going next.". My body shivered. John gave me his thin coat assuming I was cold. I wasn't. It was the fear. "Where is she going?". He asked in a calm voice trying to calm me down. It didn't work. "She's heading to Earth next.".

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