Delinquents pt 8

2 in one day really is a record. You guys are awesome. My quizzes seem to be a little popular. But, I'll take it. So, thanks a lot and well, enjoy the quiz.

I'm thinking about having a writers intermission after the 10th of Delinquents, 20th of mysterious and 5th of NEVERland. I mean, that's 35 quizzes right there. Post your thoughts.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. That amazing difference was magnificent. I had sprouted transparent wings that showed off colors like a glass prism. Depending on how the light hit it, was what colors my wings were. This didn't even answer a single question. In fact, it only added to the never-ending pile. There was a wave of purple emitted from me and everyone turned back into their human forms. There was a clatter within the kitchen. I looked over and saw Angus, the warden's nephew. He wasn't very tall but, he was taller than Clarke, so that said something. Angus was Scottish so his voice sounded a little weird.
  2. Angus had sharp and defintley a distinctive honey eye color and his neutral brown hair made him stick out beyond everyone else. His eyes were open to the extent that it appeared as if he couldn't blink. His mouth hung open so much that even a fly could've flown in. He didn't look like it but, he skipped 5 grades and could recite pi at the top of his head. I tried to stay away from people like him now. He wasn't like us. He was human.
  3. I know that humans were part of the few races of different species but, there was some kind of law prohibiting humans from contact with a human that was made a year ago. There was a bright flash that stunned us all. Not the "amazed" kind of stunned, the "Holy carp my eyes burn!" type of stun. We were transported to a court room. It seemed normal but, we were no longer on Earth. Here all of us were, here in a courtroom with a jury and a judge.
  4. Me and my bunkmates weren't sitting in the stands. We were standing in the defense box staring at Angus who was trapped inside a cage with too many bars to count. "You are here to justify your reason for exposing a different species to humans.". Said the judge as he cleared his hoarse throat. "In my defense, he wasn't supposed to even be there. Today was a school day.". I explained to the jury. "Are you telling me that it is NOT your fault? Cause if you are then I suggest you tell me whose fault it was.". They demanded in a threatening tone.
  5. I didn't rat people out. That's not the type of person I am. "I didn't start the fight. Why is he locked up in a cage? He did nothing wrong! He's human, he has every right we do!". I protested. "That's where your wrong. You did cause supernatural species to be exposed to the human race.". He accused once more. We continued our heated argument until almost everyone fell asleep in the stands except for my cellmates and Angus. Even though they weren't asleep, I could tell their eyelids were heavy and threatening to close and never open again.
  6. They probably wanted to see what will happen, Angus most of all. He was tired but, that didn't stop his eyes from being held open with as much fear as if he were a deer stopped in front of headlights from a car. "What exactly are you?". They pushed even further into my life. It's not like my life was that important. "I'm ________ _________. I'm unknown. Since we're asking questions now, tell me what you are.".
  7. I often find myself in positions similar to this. I'm either talking back to an adult, kicking butt verbally but mostly physically or giving smart allic answers to people who I should "respect". Apparently my question stumped them which kept their annoying voices quiet as they processed what happened.
  8. A muscular gaurd who was about 50 moved closer and uncuffed my wrists from the chair and brought me closer to the stand of the judge.The guys flinched and rose trying to escape from their binds for they knew, nothing pleasant would come. A touchscreen pad slid out from the stand.
  9. It said "DNA sample here". This must be a DNA scanner. But what kind of DNA sample are they going to use? hair, fingerprints or facial recognition? Well, it turns out it was all of them plus a blood test. First came the blood sample. A man with a white lab coat and sterile white gloves came out with a needle 6 inches long. As the needle was inserted in my skin, I felt a cool air and then my blood being pulled toward the needle. The wound instantly healed when they pulled it out but, they put a bandaid on it for sanitary measures. They plucked a couple of hairs from my head, took my fingerprints and lastly took my picture so my facial features could be analyzed. "You are a ......."

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