Delinquents pt 6

thanks for reading. A new character is revealed in this chapter. So now there's one more character that I need to introduce. Just one more. Thats about it.

Stupid paragraphs. Why do I need to write two? This isn't very smart. What if the writer has nothing else to say? Is this paragraph just to make writers look bad?

Created by: chopinssonata

  1. I glanced around and saw that those three were still arguing. I checked my analog watch, I've been asleep for three hours. How are they still fighting? They're worse than siblings. Usually, siblings have a fight about something stupid for 30 minutes and then pout in separated rooms alone. These guys didn't know when to stop. I guess I'll have to sort their issue for myself. "Quiet down now!". I half-yelled and gave them a soul crushing stare.
  2. I'd learned that stare from my mother when she was sitting on the couch, Saturday nights with a bag of chips curled on the couch. She'd give us that look if you tried to change the channel, eat some of her chips or even get close to her. She really did love watching her soap operas. They quieted down and I dragged them all to our cell single-handedly.
  3. I threw them onto their correct beds. Yes, literally threw them. "Listen up, you can't fight like that. Do you not want to get a new cell? Well, then you need to get along for that to happen. Being in a confined space with people is really tiring, and they can get on your nerves but that's no reason to fight with them. Believe me, I know.".
  4. "What do you mean when you say 'you know'?". Asked Clarke as he leaned on his side staring at me and waiting for a reply with those sad eyes of his. "Look, bunking with the three of you isn't easy at all. You're too loud, you're quiet and you're just plain rude sometimes.". I said as I pointed toward each one of them. Sure on my part that was extremely rude but, I don't have anyone to vent with, like Matthew.
  5. They were simply stunned, looking at each other confused. "Well, we're sorry you feel that way about us.". They said with anger in their tones. I lay in my bed not able to sleep just like that kid in the Polar Express who couldn't sleep when he found out there was no Santa.
  6. After they went to sleep, I crawled out of bed, out the cell door and into the hallway trying to breathe. I walked near the office of the building and hear talking. Curiosity did kill the cat but, I heard a voice I recognized. It was Matthew's. But why was he here? He hadn't been captured like I had. Had he?
  7. It was nice to see him again, despite the fact if he was caught. All the memories of talking at night and venting with each other. I listened at a corner waiting to hear the rest. "You sure you wanna do this?". "Yeah, I'm her guardian angle. I need to watch her and keep her out of trouble.".
  8. Who else could he be talking about? I'm the only girl in this correctional facility. But why was he my guardian? What did I do to have someone watch me? "They're receiving a new cell tomorrow since they won a contest. You'll be starting as their new roommate after tomorrow.". "Later.".
  9. As I walked back, the lights turned off and they stopped talking. I went into my cell and jumped into bed. I really couldn't sleep now. Matthew was your guardian Angel. How had I not known? All of a sudden there was a tap on your shoulder. None of the guys were up I just shrugged it off. There was another tap on my shoulder.
  10. "Look, I swear this isn't funny anymore.". I said as I rolled over to reveal the true culprit. It was Matthew, Matt for short. I can't believe he was here, in my cell floating right next to my bed. "Why are you even here?". "_______, you know why I'm here. I saw you listening in on my conversation with the warden. You're not very good at it, I could see your orange jumpsuit sticking out.". Shoot. He definatlry was the Matt I knew and loved. As a friend, of course.

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