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  • you woke up remembering the conversation from yesterday."good morning today we're going to get the new room."said a familiar voice.i turned around,it was leon.why is he still trying to be nice?you figured they would all be mad at you for a while for them to forgive you.You didnt feel good so you laid back down trying to fall asleep,then you felt a tap on your shoulder."I said good morning." It was leon again,but when you looked at him,he had blood-red eyes and his fangs were showing,and he had a evil look on his were about to scream,but he covered your mouth with his hand.he came closer and you punched him in the face.he was a vampire so it didnt hurt him but that did knock some sence into him.his eyes changed back to his normal color.he looked in a mirror and dropped it."i-i-im so sorry" was all he could manage to say.

    Ok thats my idea for the made like a hundred quizzes so your probably not going to be able to read this

    From,solo fan katqueen45


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