Don't Gimme Excuses pt 3

Well, here you have part three! I've got some good plot going, but that is only plot number one! There will be a more romantic plot too! Can I hear an 'ooh' please?!

So read on to the quiz, I've yet to introduce Carlos, another character. See my quiz, don't gimme excuses an introduction to find out about Carlos. Do I hear any 'ooh's yet?! Oh well, contact me at sally.k.rivers(@)aol(.)com without the brackets! Thanks guys, read on! Happy festivities!

Created by: vulturemonem

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  1. I sat in silent contemplation on my bed. This was supposed to be my holiday. My holiday with Frankie. I mentally corrected myself, the Frankie I thought I knew. There were a few things that puzzled me, however. Firstly, Frankie said 'I had to do this so I wouldn't be suspected' and Matthew said 'his family's famous trick'. I felt that they were both strangely connected, but how? And what did it mean? I sighed. I knew the answer, I'd read enough mystery books to know the answer by now. I had to 'do some digging'. Where? Well, I thought, I can start with Matthew's bedroom. He has a diary right? He said he did. Then I could poke my nose around Frankies place. I felt like a criminal about to steal the crown jewels, excitement, anticipation and cold nerves. I picked up my phone as it pinged. Becky: U lost him. He deserves better. Hes got moi. I was repulsed by the text. Talk about gloating...
  2. Cici came in. "Hey Sally, we're going out. That ok?" I looked up at her. "yeah, fine. Bye then," I replied flatly. Her face fell and she backe out. As the front door slammed, a thought hit me. Now is the perfect opportunity to sneak in Matthew room. My heart raced as I stood up and headed across the small landing to his room. I opened the door and slipped in. I took a photograph of the room. I could put back anything I moved later, when I'd finished. I sat down and opened the wardrobe. Nothing. I opened his chest of draws. Again, nothing. Would he be stupid enough to put it under his bed? I knelt down on hands and knees. Apparently. It must be a male thing. I thought as I pulled out a book wrapped in brown paper. I pulled it off and my heart sunk, it was a very old dictionary, Latin to English ye oldee. Really? I put it back carefully and put things back, referring to the picture on my phone. As I was leaving, I tripped over something. I knelt down. It was a key. A small, gold key, perfect size for a diary. So he DID have one. And so began my hunt again.
  3. I decided to look a bit more carefully in his chest of draws, that was where I kept mine. It didn't take long to find. I picked up a strangely heavy shirt, and out dropped a red, leather book. I put his clothes back and sat down on the floor as I blocked it. It made a satisfactory little click and fell open. I flicked through, not bothered with past girlfriends and fashion labels. Not that he was that kind of guy, but what the hell? I didn't want to know his private life, only the bit that suited me. I stopped when I saw a newspaper cutting. My eyes filled with tears as I saw the headline, "Mother Killed by Tube Train". My mother. A little girl stood on the platform, laughing at the screaming people around her. She didn't understand. She called to her mother, clapping her little hands. She frowned when she didn't hear a reply. She was picked up by a strange man. She didn't like him. He was holding her wrong, it hurt her. She began to kick and cry, calling her mother, confused as to why she was letting her get hurt by a strange man. Then, she was taken by a pair of gentle, female hands, unlike her mothers but protective. She looked up. Rosie was talking to a man in a uniform about something. She remembered only snippets of the conversation, "Hit" "Child" "Husband" "Strange looking man". As the tube train left the station, the little girl screamed, an ear splitting scream. A scream that would make the toughest man cry. For she saw the bloody, mangle body of her mother. She began to cry and scream and punch. Rosie grabbed the policemans arm at the gory sight and held the little girl to her breast.
  4. I let a tear roll onto the article. Then I read the diary entry. 'Something isn't righ about that story. I know I was only about six when it happened, but I'm interested. Particularly as my sister has become best friends with the girl in question. But what doesn't make sense is HOW it happened. She can't have fallen. The photo she took moments before she fell shows her standing at the BACK of the platform. Even if she fell forwards and staggered, she wouldn't have FALLEN onto the track. And the witnesses said she didn't move. So....?' Here the entry finished. I flicked over the page to the next entry. 'Well I have some more pieces of this jigsaw. According to Rosie, the girls guardian who was also a witness, the just after Clara, the girls mother, fell, Sally was picked up by a man. This man was standing behind Clara and Sally that day. So I reckon the didn't fall or jump, he pushed her. But to what ends?' I turned the page. 'Massive. Breakthrough. I've traced this guy, he's called Daniel Witherspoon. He's dead now. He was found dead outside the station, committed suicide they believe. How the police could have missed this I don't know. But he was a rich man. He had a son, called Frankie. Doesn't ring any bells does it? Frankie Witherspoon? Nah! But I'm ready to delve deeper...' Below was another entry, dated a week later. 'Oh. My. Fricken. God. Sally has just said YES when FRANKIE WITHERSPOON asked her OUT!!! I've told Cici. She needs to know, she can protect her. But a new witness, has said that a little boy ran forwards. I'm betting that Daniel made Frankie push Clara. Talk about foul play! There we are, mystery solved. Evidence needed, a few signatures from witnesses, birth documents and a diary and writing match from Frankie and it'll be case closed. But how do we tell Sally?' I looked to the article stuck in. "A Normal Life? She Has to Live With it" I remembered the press coming as soon as I was sixteen. I had refused to make a statement, so they made it look like I was some kind of invalid that couldn't lead a normal life because her mother died. A victim of depression they called me.
  5. I couldn't help it. Tears trailed down my cheeks. I flopped onto my face and sobbed into the carpet, slamming my palm into the floor. I was sobbing so hard that I didn't hear the door open and close, the growl of fustration. The yelp. The feet treading up the stairs and the figure enter the room. I felt a hand rested on my shoulder. I whipped around, my eyes wild and furious. Matthew glanced and the diary discarded on the floor and back to me. "Did you read it?" he asked quietly. "Enough to know what you're keeping from me!" I yelled, aiming a punch. He caught my hand which made me more furious. I lashed out, kicking his thigh hard. He pulled me into a tight, firm hug and stroked my hair softly, whispering soothingly. After a minute or so, I calmed down. "Sally, do you know where we've been?" he asked gently. "I don't think I got that far," I replied. "We went to get evidence against Frankie. I have some there, but for justice, we need HIS diary, proof of who he is, signatures from witnesses and," here I cut him off. "And a handwriting match, I remember," I whispered. He nodded. "Sally, are you okay? I- never mind, it's not relevant," he said. "I'm okay, I think." I leant into him and sighed. Matthew had an effect in me that I couldn't name. He knew how to control me when he didn't know me very well, I felt comfortable being myself around him, despite my shy trait.
  6. He helped me up. "I'm sorry you had to find out this way Sally, we were going to tell you once we had all of the evidence. Anyway, you can come with us next time! We have something for you Sally," he said, leading me down the stairs. Cici was in a strange position, obviously hiding something. She grinned and moved aside. I let out the only girls squeal I have ever let out. A little puppy was bounding around, happily barking. I scooped it up, it was a beautiful olden Labrador, female. Perfect for taking to work, easy to train, loyal and well behaved. I gave them both a one armed hug and smiled. "What will you call her?" Cici asked. "She has sepia eyes, but that doesn't suit her. How about Sadie?" I looked to them for their approval. "Perfect!" Matthew said. I looked to the pup in my arm, it let out a small bark, as if to say, "sounds good". "Hello Sadie!" I cooed.
  7. Well, I know it wasn't many QUESTIONS but it was my longest yet, and I think my best. I love doing a short story where I can get halfway into the plot in part three. But I hate to disappoint, there is more to the story than the mystery of her mothers death plot. Romance? Oh yes there IS!!!
  8. So, I'd like to shout out to Nataleegayle, 5thMarauder, MissPrissyCat and xxbluitxx! Oh and HogwartsLove and McQueen for being great supporters of both of my series!
  9. Please comment and contact me at sally.k.rivers(@)aol(.)com without the brackets.
  10. Well, how was it? Good? Ok? Cringe-worthy?! Just comment what you thought, I love to hear from my readers, what do you like? What do you hate? What do you want more or less of? Keep going, keep flying the clouds!

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